Ughhh I’ve been working on this on and off too long I’m just washing my hands CLEAN of this, I just want to be free lol 

anyway, my fav thing is wondering about how Sans would have to tell Toriel at some point about his deal and what he’s been thru but I imagine it’d be pretty hard b/c he’s literally told no one aside from super vaguely hinting at Frisk 

I think Toriel would want him to be free of whatever burden he’s carrying of course but she’s super understanding and would want him to take his time, even if it takes years. 

gahhhhhh i love this ship *lies down*

I’ve been seeing a lot of dapper Sans drawings and while I love it let’s be real here, the closest thing that poor guy owns to a good outfit would be a crappy tuxedo shirt.

So heres Sans ready for a date. Hey, he’s trying and that’s gotta count for something. I bet he’s wearing special socks for the occasion too

Bonus sketch of Papyrus (with Mettaton’s help of course) helping Sans look better for next time.  


A sketch of a scene from this wonderful fic everyone should read inspired my Mettaton picture 

this part was just s cute and it was perfect for me cause I was trying to figure out an excuse to draw something with a “metta-ton” pun anyway lol

the third panel is my favorite expression i’ve drawn Sans with so far, it cracks me up every time i look at it 


commissions from superskeetospro on DA!

I imagine Muffet isn’t someone you can keep a tab with. Unfortunately Sans isn’t really used to the whole “paying up front” kinda deal so I imagine thats how he got into this situation. What Sans needs with spider pastries I have no idea

Good thing he has his brother is looking out for him, even if Papyrus reconsiders saving him after those puns haha

now they just gotta get out alive…