some background:

i’m currently 21 and this is my second semester learning the ropes of design. i switched over from biochem last year. had hopes of dental school, but decided it wasn’t for me. anyways, i’m taking an ‘industrial design materials and tools’ class this semester and this was one of the projects. come up with your own life size coffee table & lamp. had one month from start to finish. took roughly the first week to draw everything out/come up with calculations, angles, and buy materials. then spent the rest of the time cutting, gluing, and sanding. the table itself has been coated twice with a satin clear coat. this is my first time building anything so i thought it went quite well, but would appreciate comments/criticism. each piece of wood has 4 different angles, some have 3. the lamp is right on top, made from tempered glass and wood. i chose to create an oil lamp.

inspiration came from Hellman-Chang. my concept was to infuse nature with modern.

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