This is an amazing video, great cinematographer and truly inspiring…


7am to 7am, Durango to Denver and back. 12 hours of driving, dodging sleep and deer. 3 hours standing in line cracking jokes with the couple in line next to us, the “I said beep BEEP” guy, sick-inducing supper before the drive home, a few hours of sleep, back to work.

I was able to make it to the Johnny Cupcakes Coffin Tour Denver stop this Thursday, and spend a bit of time visiting with a couple apparel designers I’ve admired for several years. I’m always inspired by their attention to detail and quality, amicability, passion to create, and drive to hustle. To be able to meet them and see these characteristics manifested in person yesterday was such a great opportunity, and totally worth napping in creepy gas station parking lots on the way home. Thanks Boyce, thanks Johnny, for the conversations, advice and encouragement! /


My sister bought me so cool s u f f o c a collectables for – I don’t know what for. Birthday, I’m guessing, since it was last month. Well, whatever it is for, I truly appreciated it.
I’ve been a fan of suffoca for a few years now, so the gift was meaningful (even though she doesn’t think I was too excited about it). 

Thank you very much, my dear little sister!

Audio Squid


I headed to Hitchin last weekend, friends of ours Audio Squid hosted their launch party at Bar Bliss last friday night. The night was massive, filled with exceptional sets and people! Due to the airconditioning being off, the night turned into a sweat box.. coupled with the grimy bass sounds from Leech and Panico’s set’s blasting out, I think the people really let loose and let the sounds take over. I don’t think I stopped dancing the whole night, you may be able to spot me in this skillfully crafted video by our fam Suffoca, synced with the classic Rakit (Herbdout) - No Body Knows track featuring our man Suffoca himself.. Check it

Squid from Suffoca on Vimeo.