I do love Tyrian Vantases and I do love Purple Captors and no, I am still not writing this story.

miss-ari  asked:

oh noooooo *wails* i hadn't taken into account the different lifespans at all oh no i do not like this au anymore it is already more painful than i bargained for i am going home i will not even ask about the shippy shenanigans. i mean it!!! i'm not going to, i'm not asking now or ever and i shan't ask about psii (or whatever his name and title would be in this au) either and yes i am totally pitching a melodramatic little hissy fit in your inbox. >////>


His Sufferance had one other companion beyond his lover and his psionic lusus-troll; the only of his close friends still living, a massive and almost skeletal purple-blood with blank, purple eyes.  He has never been heard to speak, but somehow the emperor struck up a close bond with him and in return the purple-blood rules his blood-caste with an iron hand and deals out any punishment the emperor sees fit.

If you were ever the unlucky recipient of the emperor’s personal ill will, you might receive a personal visit from the Ψiilence.

Travel in groups of odd numbers—he only kills in twos.

anonymous asked:

on sufferanceverse, does Nepeta hide her blood colour?

I’d say Karkat would probably take her in in that universe, and she would really have no reason to hide it!  He ‘collects’ people because they’re interesting to him and then he gets attached, so really her mutant blood in that universe would be an asset! :D  

Oh noooo though the His Sufferance visits Karkat’s palace for a checkup on how Karkat’s part of the empire is running and sees Nepeta and he just goes really pale and has to leave in a hurry with no explanation why ahhhhh TToTT