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I don't get why people think that Sucker Punch is sexist TBH. I'm a feminist and I fucking love wearing those types of outfits. I guess something can't be empowering to women if they aren't cladded in a shit ton of armor and unisex clothes because using femininity as a weapon has to be a bad thing. :/ *sighs*

That movie is difficult. I am of the opinion that it did not set out to be the male fantasy movie that a lot of people thought it was. I really do think it was meant to be a critique of the female action hero and how that’s been portrayed in movies. The “fuckdoll” as it has been so aptly named. This video, I think, explains it well. Was the execution of Sucker Punch the best? No. But I don’t think it’s a sexist movie because I understand what it was trying to do.