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Get a job: Be a Lead Writer at Sucker Punch Productions
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InFamous: Second Son studio Sucker Punch is looking to bring on a game writer, preferably with open-world game writing expertise, to take a lead role on the next project at its Bellevue, WA office. …

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Started playing Infamous Second Son again to platinum it so I’m doing a pure evil run! I don’t like being evil but hey I gotta get that 100%

Anyway, I love the artistic and graphical design of this game, probably one of my favorite looking games in existence. Too bad the story sucks compared to every other phenomenal aspect of the game. It had so much potential, but there wasn’t even really a story at all. The Good/Evil aspect felt so hollow too compared to the great characters, voice acting, gameplay and beginning set up. 

The scene where Delsin first gets his powers and his brother consoles his panic attack is one of the greatest and emotional scenes in video game history to me. Thats why is makes it worse that the rest of the game couldn’t hold up to that.

Still a great game regardless, I just wish it hadn’t faltered in that one aspect.


hello everyone, DarkKirby14 here and with me today is the next edition of my re-run through Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus. Today, it’s time to head deep into the Haitian jungle to try and get to the mysterious voodoo witch, Mz. Ruby, whom was pointed out to us by Muggshot. Already, we have an uneasy feeling as we are attacked by the undead monsters of the jungle and then have to run like our lives depend on it from something that lurks in the deep

playthrough to this point:

While playing through Infamous 2, the player can press L3 Button to let out a Radar Pulse, revealing the location of any blast shards, enemies, and other objects of interest in the immediate area on the mini-map. By having this require a physical action rather than be a passive ability, it encourages player driven exploration for the various games collectibles, as well as not cluttering the mini-map with non-mission specific icons.


Inside the Dinosaur - Rocket: Robot on Wheels

Simple and stylin’.


Mine Blowing - Rocket: Robot on Wheels

Some music from Sucker Punch Productions’ FIRST video game. Apparently Ubisoft published it for them, too! It managed to hit the top 20 ratings of Nintendo Power’s favorite N64 games, was the first home console game to utilize a realistic physics engine as a major aspect of gameplay, and featured a soundtrack consisting of jazz, funk, and psychedelic music.

I’ve yet to find anyone else who played this underrated game, besides myself. XD


Hey guess who decided to finally play her copy of Second Son?  This lady right here.  So far I’ve made it ~50% of the way through my first run.  As with the previous games, my first go around is normal good while the second will be hard evil.  Though Delsin is very different than Cole, if you’ve played previous entries in the series, you’ll get the hang of playing as him pretty easily.  While you don’t need to play the previous Infamous games, they are briefly referenced a few times.  Also I think they’re pretty good games.


Sides and I are about to drop some trivia. Sly Cooper TRIVIA! 

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