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“I was in a German prison camp, only sixteen years old when I realized I have love of science. German doctor makes experiments, sometimes he makes scientific error. I tell him of this error, and this makes him angry. He asks, ‘How can a child know so much?’. I tell him sometimes I just know. He screams, ‘then why tell me?’. Well I said, ‘if you are going to do such things you should at least do them properly’.”

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Voice Acting: Dr. Suchong - Bioshock

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Hey, I’m Asian, so it’s okay for me to play an accented Asian guy.  Actually, Suchong’s great not because of his accent but because of how conniving and unapologetic he is.  He can talk about doing the most horrible things without even the slightest indiciation of guilt or indecision.  What a guy that Suchong is.

BioShock: Burial at Sea (Part 2) in a Nutshell
  • Elizabeth: Oh, hey, I'm in Paris! Paris with chronal innaccuracies that is.
  • Sally: Hey, you kind of ruined my life, so I'll do the same to you!
  • Elizabeth: Seems fair.
  • Atlas: Wake up lassie!
  • Elizabeth: Uh, sure. Oh, there is Booker!
  • Atlas: The dead bloke?
  • Elizabeth: That's right, I killed him. Oh well, all is fair in love and DLC...
  • Atlas: I'll probably kill you or something.
  • Booker: Hey Elizabeth. I'm a hallucination now!
  • Elizabeth: Wait, what?
  • Booker: The tables have turned! or you went crazy. I forget.
  • Atlas: I have a job for you, but I'll betray you once you do it.
  • Booker: Take the job.
  • Elizabeth: Are you crazy?
  • Booker: I think you mean "Am I crazy?". The answer to that would be a strong yes.
  • Elizabeth: So now I need to find this "Suchong" guy.
  • Booker: The typical mad scientiist with a wacked out accent.
  • Elizabeth: This place is just full of them, isn't it?
  • Booker: Check out that wall.
  • Elizabeth: Hold on, that looks like me.
  • Booker: It is you. But dead.
  • Elizabeth: Hey look, I have a nosebleed! Flashback!
  • Booker: Now you know what it feels like.
  • Elizabeth: Can we get on with being betrayed by the fake irishman?
  • Booker: Guess what?
  • Elizabeth: What?
  • Booker: It's time for character development!
  • Elizabeth: Look how thrilled I am.
  • Suchong: You must fix my machine, Erizabeth.
  • Elizabeth: What did you just call me?
  • Suchong: Erizabeth. That is your name right?
  • Elizabeth: What.
  • Suchong: Erizabeth.
  • Elizabeth: Elizabeth.
  • Suchong: Erizabeth
  • Elizabeth: Repeat after me: E-Liz-A-beth.
  • Suchong: E-Riz-A-beth.
  • Elizabeth: This is somehow racist isn't it?
  • Suchong: Yes. Now go get me a hair sample. It isn't like I'm going to betray you.
  • Elizabeth: Time for traumatic memories as I have to track around looking for a sample of my own hair!
  • Booker: See what it's like to be in my shoes?
  • Creepy Twins: We are going to turn an innocent girl into a killer because we are the good guys.
  • Elizabeth: I got you your stupid hair sample.
  • Suchong: Time to betray you!
  • Elizabeth: Every time!
  • Atlas: Oi, did you get me the stuff and the things?
  • Elizabeth: Here you go, I raised the city!
  • Atlas: Time to betray you!
  • Booker: This happens a lot.
  • Elizabeth: I told you so!
  • Booker: Technically I'm a projection of your own mind.
  • Elizabeth: Then shut up, hallucination!
  • Atlas: Tell me what I want to know!
  • Elizabeth: Never!
  • Atlas: Well, I've always wanted to be a brain surgeon!
  • Elizabeth: Ow.
  • Atlas: Talk!
  • Elizabeth: Never!
  • Atlas: I feel like we've been over this before.
  • Elizabeth: Booker, A little help?
  • Booker: I thought you wanted me to be quiet?
  • Elizabeth: Well not now.
  • Booker: I'm going to abandon you now.
  • Elizabeth: You can't! You're a projection of my own mind!
  • Booker: Pshhhh, see ya!
  • Atlas: If you won't talk, I'll practice on Sally then.
  • Sally: I'm creepy.
  • Elizabeth: We noticed.
  • Suchong: I'm experimenting with little sisters.
  • Little Sister: Hey Suchong, I'm annoying.
  • Suchong: I seem to be impaled. Note to self: Big Daddies can be protective.
  • Elizabeth: That happens a lot.
  • Atlas: Thanks for the information. I'm going to go ahead and betray you again.
  • Elizabeth: Oh come on!
  • Atlas: Also, my Irish accent is terribly fake. Time to hit you on the head with a wrench!
  • Elizabeth: Well, it's the end of the game. I've somehow gotten into a plane and I'm flying to safety. No, wait, we're crashing. Hey, that guy looks like a video game protagonist though.
  • Jack: ...
  • Elizabeth: A real talkative fellow. I'm sure well be good friends.
  • Jack: ...
  • Elizabeth: Never mind, I'm dead. You realize that I failed to do what I set out to do?
  • Jack: ...
  • Elizabeth: But this game leads up to the first, so the title of BioShock Infinite finally makes sense!
  • Jack: ...
  • End.
Suchong believe – ADAM could be addictive! My study of human beings shows me that anything that make easy change in people, the people quickly become addicted! A man feels bad, takes drink of alcohol, very quick feels a little better – he becomes addicted to alcohol! Same with opium! Maybe same with ADAM – quick fix in man: addictive!
—  Dr. Yi Suchong ~ John Shirley, Bioshock: Rapture

Frank Fontaine: Oh! Be sure to give him a cool chain tattoo on his forearm.
Dr. Suchong: What? Why?
Frank Fontaine: Because it will symbolize how he is, like, enslaved and shit.
Dr. Suchong: Why would we want to cover his body in hints as to what he is?
Frank Fontaine: Cause later when he finds out what we did to him he’ll see the tattoo and be like “Whoa, that’s why I have this” and it’ll blow his mind.
Dr. Suchong:
Frank Fontaine: It’ll be super cool. Trust me.