suchong has, without a doubt, one of the BEST audio diaries in the entire bioshock video game (aside from steinman and atlas) just listening to these gives me chills. seriously love how messed up this game is

First Appointment with The Medic Man [1957]

Well, she certainly was rather forward. Suchong gathered that already. 

He was tall, for a man of his descent, but only a solid five feet and nine inches, maybe pushing on ten depending on his posture. He wore glasses, the bridge of his nose long and defined, but round at the tip with evenly full lips on the top and bottom.

Suchong was older now, eleven years aging him, but he hadn’t taken on middle age looks till recently. Not that he minded. Looks mattered little him. His eyes were still bright, if not bold and extremely focused behind the lenses. 

“Right, yes. Of course.” He looked her over once before assuming she was a Ms. Mamie Jane. She had booked an appointment with him on his ‘medic man’ days. Two every couple weeks, spaced out to when Steinman needed his help. How constricting, but he was silently thankful it was only a two day gig. He was no medical doctor—he preferred genetics over this—but he was completely qualified to do the slack Steinman and his clinic workers couldn’t when things felt especially tight.

“Suchong ready for you. What you need from Suchong?”

He was a fair deal taller than she was, standing at only five foot exactly - though she would always claim to be five foot two or three. She was a fairly average looking young adult, with a somewhat round face and body, with a mole on her right cheek. Her hair was a dull, darkened blonde that was to her shoulders in a ponytail, and her eyes a darker shade of blue. And with wearing a large, over-fitting sweater and a knee-length skirt, she certainly didn’t look like anything spectacular. Nothing like what she was planning on looking like.

Since she was acknowledged, she stepped further in, closing the door behind herself and hustling over to a small stool, pulling her skirt underneath herself as she sat down. Despite having grown up with strict manners beat into her, she certainly didn’t follow most of them nowadays.

“I’m gonna get gettin’ surgery in a few days,” she started off, watching him closely. An Asian man as a doctor? Really, she hadn’t heard of such a thing. But this was in Rapture, where anything was possible. “With Dr. Steinman,” she made sure to include, “for this mole, and a few sagging spots here.” She pointed to the mole and her left cheek - though whatever she saw as sagging wasn’t very visible.

“I was told I needed to get some sorta treatment before I could go in. To make me stronger so it won’t be as painful to get done,” she continued, talking quite fast. “Will you be able to help out? I saw that you worked with him on the paper outside…" 

BioShock: Burial at Sea (Part 2) in a Nutshell
  • Elizabeth:Oh, hey, I'm in Paris! Paris with chronal innaccuracies that is.
  • Sally:Hey, you kind of ruined my life, so I'll do the same to you!
  • Elizabeth:Seems fair.
  • Atlas:Wake up lassie!
  • Elizabeth:Uh, sure. Oh, there is Booker!
  • Atlas:The dead bloke?
  • Elizabeth:That's right, I killed him. Oh well, all is fair in love and DLC...
  • Atlas:I'll probably kill you or something.
  • Booker:Hey Elizabeth. I'm a hallucination now!
  • Elizabeth:Wait, what?
  • Booker:The tables have turned! or you went crazy. I forget.
  • Atlas:I have a job for you, but I'll betray you once you do it.
  • Booker:Take the job.
  • Elizabeth:Are you crazy?
  • Booker:I think you mean "Am I crazy?". The answer to that would be a strong yes.
  • Elizabeth:So now I need to find this "Suchong" guy.
  • Booker:The typical mad scientiist with a wacked out accent.
  • Elizabeth:This place is just full of them, isn't it?
  • Booker:Check out that wall.
  • Elizabeth:Hold on, that looks like me.
  • Booker:It is you. But dead.
  • Elizabeth:Hey look, I have a nosebleed! Flashback!
  • Booker:Now you know what it feels like.
  • Elizabeth:Can we get on with being betrayed by the fake irishman?
  • Booker:Guess what?
  • Elizabeth:What?
  • Booker:It's time for character development!
  • Elizabeth:Look how thrilled I am.
  • Suchong:You must fix my machine, Erizabeth.
  • Elizabeth:What did you just call me?
  • Suchong:Erizabeth. That is your name right?
  • Elizabeth:What.
  • Suchong:Erizabeth.
  • Elizabeth:Elizabeth.
  • Suchong:Erizabeth
  • Elizabeth:Repeat after me: E-Liz-A-beth.
  • Suchong:E-Riz-A-beth.
  • Elizabeth:This is somehow racist isn't it?
  • Suchong:Yes. Now go get me a hair sample. It isn't like I'm going to betray you.
  • Elizabeth:Time for traumatic memories as I have to track around looking for a sample of my own hair!
  • Booker:See what it's like to be in my shoes?
  • Creepy Twins:We are going to turn an innocent girl into a killer because we are the good guys.
  • Elizabeth:I got you your stupid hair sample.
  • Suchong:Time to betray you!
  • Elizabeth:Every time!
  • Atlas:Oi, did you get me the stuff and the things?
  • Elizabeth:Here you go, I raised the city!
  • Atlas:Time to betray you!
  • Booker:This happens a lot.
  • Elizabeth:I told you so!
  • Booker:Technically I'm a projection of your own mind.
  • Elizabeth:Then shut up, hallucination!
  • Atlas:Tell me what I want to know!
  • Elizabeth:Never!
  • Atlas:Well, I've always wanted to be a brain surgeon!
  • Elizabeth:Ow.
  • Atlas:Talk!
  • Elizabeth:Never!
  • Atlas:I feel like we've been over this before.
  • Elizabeth:Booker, A little help?
  • Booker:I thought you wanted me to be quiet?
  • Elizabeth:Well not now.
  • Booker:I'm going to abandon you now.
  • Elizabeth:You can't! You're a projection of my own mind!
  • Booker:Pshhhh, see ya!
  • Atlas:If you won't talk, I'll practice on Sally then.
  • Sally:I'm creepy.
  • Elizabeth:We noticed.
  • Suchong:I'm experimenting with little sisters.
  • Little Sister:Hey Suchong, I'm annoying.
  • Suchong:I seem to be impaled. Note to self: Big Daddies can be protective.
  • Elizabeth:That happens a lot.
  • Atlas:Thanks for the information. I'm going to go ahead and betray you again.
  • Elizabeth:Oh come on!
  • Atlas:Also, my Irish accent is terribly fake. Time to hit you on the head with a wrench!
  • Elizabeth:Well, it's the end of the game. I've somehow gotten into a plane and I'm flying to safety. No, wait, we're crashing. Hey, that guy looks like a video game protagonist though.
  • Jack:...
  • Elizabeth:A real talkative fellow. I'm sure well be good friends.
  • Jack:...
  • Elizabeth:Never mind, I'm dead. You realize that I failed to do what I set out to do?
  • Jack:...
  • Elizabeth:But this game leads up to the first, so the title of BioShock Infinite finally makes sense!
  • Jack:...
  • End.
  • Listen

Voice Acting: Dr. Suchong - Bioshock

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Hey, I’m Asian, so it’s okay for me to play an accented Asian guy.  Actually, Suchong’s great not because of his accent but because of how conniving and unapologetic he is.  He can talk about doing the most horrible things without even the slightest indiciation of guilt or indecision.  What a guy that Suchong is.