Okay, we can say that there would be a great sitcom based on Rapture’s heavy hitters living in the same apartment complex, but you know what’s even better…

A reality show.

- Sander Cohen hearing Ana Culpepper’s music and losing his shit on camera (throwing things, wrecking his room) as dramatic music plays and the camera zooms in on the horrified or just plain tired faces of his performers.

- The most mundane shit causing huge arguments. Andrew Ryan takes Fontaine and Sinclair out to dinner and they order the same thing and he’s thinking it’s a conspiracy.

- Sinclair acting all buddy-buddy with Ryan and then later talking to the camera like “actually, I hate him.”

- Bill McDonough is the tired, only sane man in this show.

- Fontaine having a meltdown when Tenenbaum says the only reason she could have sex with him was not looking at his face.

- It’s the reason why he got plastic surgery cause he ain’t ugly.

- Suchong being petty af to Tenenbaum.

- The fights. All the fights.

- Ryan finding out Sinclair was giving shit to Atlas, dumping his wine on him, and calling him a snake.

- Bill having to hold Ryan back from all these fights.

- Plot-line where Jolene wants child support for Jack but Ryan isn’t paying for the man-baby. There’s a DNA test and tears on Ryan’s end.

- Sander Cohen and Ana Culpepper brawling in the Kashmir and everyone has to hold them back.

- Ryan not liking Sinclair’s new boyfriend because he’s convinced he’s a CIA hack and he makes it really, really clear and it’s over the top as shit.

- Sofia Lamb vs. Ryan in reality show format.


Check out our first full-length finished animatic lol :3 fun bioshock things


[WARNING: LONG POST. I tried to format this to be easier to read but sorry if it’s still difficult]

Thank you to @useless-uterus for helping me come up with this

Have you ever wanted to play through the Bioshock series and get absolutely plastered? Here’s the game for you! (note: please drink responsibly and only if you’re of legal drinking age. Don’t try hardcore mode if you’re a lightweight. You don’t have anything to prove to your friends, you’ll just get alcohol poisoning.)

[OPTIONAL: Make cocktails based on the vigors/plasmids and take a shot from whichever one you have equipped when you need to drink]



  • Take a drink
    • Every time the Luteces appear
    • Whenever someone hits on Booker
    • Every time you take a new vigor
    • Whenever you find a voxophone–the sample one from the vendor doesn’t count (ONLY APPLICABLE IN A NON-COMPLETIONIST RUN)
    • Whenever you find an infusion (if you have the DLC with all the infusions in the Blue Ribbon you can take a drink for every three)
    • Whenever you find gear (same rules as the last one apply)
    • Every time Comstock says something he knows about you
    • Every time your nose bleeds
    • Every time Elizabeth picks the lock on a safe
    • Whenever Elizabeth specifically says “Booker catch!” (don’t drink for any variation. Save it for hardcore mode)
    • Finish your drink for the ending


  • Take a drink
    • Every time Elizabeth throws you something
    • Every time Elizabeth opens a tear
    • Finish your drink when you find all the infusions in the blue ribbon (shotgun another drink for the gear while you’re at it)
    • Every time the Luteces say something cryptic
    • Every time Comstock says something racist
    • Every time Lady Comstock is mentioned
    • Every time Daisy Fitzroy is mentioned
    • Whenever you find a voxophone in a completionist run
    • Every time Elizabeth picks a lock in general
    • Every time Jeremiah Fink strokes his own ego



  • Take a drink:
    • Every time Elizabeth snaps at you to hurry
    • Every time you have to go off course to get to your objective
    • Every time there’s a samurai for no real reason
    • Every time Elizabeth opens a tear
    • Every time you get a new plasmid
    • Every time Elizabeth hints that she’s not from Rapture
    • Every time somebody lowkey insults Booker


  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you close a vent
    • Every time Elizabeth says something heartbreaking
    • Finish your drink for Sander Cohen
    • Finish your drink for the radar range
    • Finish your drink in baby Anna’s honor
    • Every time your nose bleeds


  • Take a drink:
    • When the mood shifts in the Paris scene (you’ll need it)
    • For dancing baguette boy
    • For any foreshadowing you spot while in Paris
    • Every time Booker talks to you
    • Every time Elizabeth says something she has no reason to know (for example make and model of bathyspheres)
    • Every time Andrew Ryan talks to you
    • Every time Elizabeth’s brain goes into puzzle mode
    • Every time Elizabeth’s strength stat doesn’t match up to what she’s doing (can’t kill someone with the skyhook my ass)
    • Every time she refers to Suchong as an ego-maniac
    • Every time she has a flashback whether or not it’s her own (or flash forward in some cases)

HARDCORE MODE: (please use a small cup for this)

  • Take a drink:
    • Every time Elizabeth says something heartbreaking

    • Finish your drink for the attempted lobotomy

    • Every time you knock someone out

    • Every time you die (only if you’re bad at stealth games but you’ll be drunk so it probably doesn’t matter)

    • Whenever you crawl in a vent

    • Finish your drink when you find your own dead body

    • Finish your drink every time you hear La Vie en Rose

    • Finish your drink if you die and you get a Lutece monologue

    • Finish your drink for the ending
  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you get a new plasmid
    • Every time Atlas says “Would you kindly?” (excluding his reveal at the end) 
    • Every time you get a gift from Tenenbaum 
    • Every time you find an audio diary
    • Finish your drink whenever a splicer yells “The bees! They’re in my eyes!” when you shoot bees at them
    • Finish your drink when Sander Cohen stops you in Fort Frolic
    • Every time you fight a Big Daddy (with a little sister. Doesn’t count if they don’t have one)
    • Every time Atlas calls you “Boyo”

  • Take a drink:
    • Finish your drink if you activate the plaster splicers
    • Finish your drink during Ryan’s monologue 
    • Every time Cohen complains about something
    • Every time Cohen mentions his muse
    • Every time Fontaine talks
    • Finish your drink when Atlas becomes Fontaine again



  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you get a flash from Eleanor 
    • Every time you find an audio diary from Eleanor
    • Every time Sophia Lamb threatens you
    • Every time you save a little sister 
    • Every other time you fight a big sister
    • Finish your drink every time you see an homage to the first game
    • Finish your drink every time you encounter a moral path (Stanley Poole, Grace Holloway, Gil Alexander–little sisters not included because you would die)
    • Every time Sinclair says something suspicious 
    • Every time you get a new plasmid


  • Take a drink:
    • Every time Sophia Lamb says something about communism 
    • Every time one of the Wales brothers says something overly religious 
    • Every time Sinclair says something that makes you remember exactly how Southern he is, sport
    • Every time you get jumped by a brute splicer
    • Every time you wish Eleanor was a better written character
    • Finish your drink if you get the bad ending
    • Finish your friend’s drink if you get the very bad ending



  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you get a new plasmid 
    • Every time you fight a Lancer
    • Every time you find a vacuum 
    • Every time you fight a Big Sister
    • Every time Reed Wahl calls Porter a traitor


  • Take a drink:
    • Every time there are cryptic numbers everywhere

    • Finish your drink for the climax

    • Every time The Thinker is mentioned

vexchief  asked:

Wait. What do you mean by “Ken Levine going so out of his way to pretend BioShock 2 never happened that he broke his own canon”?

Well @sir-adamus also pointed out Levine’s other reason was to keep people from expanding on Infinite as well, but yeah Levine reeeaaally doesn’t want to acknowledge B2 exists because he wasn’t involved with it.

Here’s a list of some of the things he broke in his own canon:

1) The imprinting between Big Daddies and Little Sisters.

There was an ENTIRE LEVEL in BioShock dedicated to how it works, how Little Sisters are taught to see Big Daddies as “Mr Bubbles” through psychological conditioning and a specific pheromone/scent the Big Daddies have. Big Daddies are humans who are grafted and fused into their suits and also get the mental conditioning to make them into what they are.

BioShock 2 introduced the Alpha Series, where the Alpha Daddies had a father-daughter bond conditioned between them and an assigned Little Sister. Then to give reason why it didn’t come up in BioShock, the father-daughter bond turned out to be REALLY FUCKING BAD if something happened to the Sister, ranging from the Alpha Daddy completely shutting down to going on a massive rampage. Thus Rapture went with the Protector-Charge imprinted bond between future BDs and LSs, because Big Daddies could still function if they lost their Little Sister, and could stick with ANY sister rather than just the one.

Burial at Sea then goes on to say the imprint was the “Lion with a thorn in its paw” cause, to close a loop between Rapture and Columbia. Songbird’s imprint on Elizabeth was triggered by an act of kindness when Comstock & Co. set up a scenario of him crashing into the tower. Then Levine wrote how the same applied to ALL Big Daddies and Little Sisters because BDs are a hive mind apparently.

We had an ENTIRE LEVEL on how the protector-charge bond was forcibly conditioned on both parties, regardless of if you take BioShock 2 into account. It’s like Levine was going the extra mile to take that back and say “it was simple kindness” just to make a closed circle between Liz and Rapture. Maybe not him actively ignoring B2, but B2 ALSO had a level going into depth of the horrific conditioning of Little Sisters and part of its plot WAS to do with a stronger induced bond between a BD and LS. just sayin’.

2) Fontaine had a dressing room for switching to Atlas. Even though he made sure he was believed to be long dead before switching to his identity as Atlas. The “BioShock: Rapture” tie-in novel even explained that Fontaine went to Steinman for surgical tweaks to his face so people wouldn’t look at him and go “That’s Fontaine with hair and no mustache”, and Steinman also did surgery on one of Fontaine’s men to make him look like Fontaine. Y'know, so their proof in a time prior to the forensics of today their proof that Fontaine was dead was a corpse with his face on it.

Why would Fontaine have a dressing room. He faked his own death, he has no reason to switch between Fontaine and Atlas, even for comfort’s sake, when it is a big risk of Atlas’ followers learning the truth. Diane, Ryan’s ex, only found out Atlas was Fontaine when she stumbled in on him recording a diary in his Brooklyn accent. WHY WOULD FONTAINE NEED A DRESSING ROOM. HE CAN HARDLY CREATE MANY NEW IDENTITIES BECAUSE RAPTURE WAS INVITATION-ONLY AND ANYONE RYAN DIDN’T RECOGNISE ON THE INVITE LIST GETS THE SPY TREATMENT. THAT’S WHY ATLAS PISSED HIM OFF SO MUCH.

The dressing room p much served as a means for Liz to go “huh well i’ll be damned” and that was it. Maybe doesn’t break canon as much as Atlas’ hair changing colour, but still leaves either a big fucking hole or just makes Fontaine look a lot less clever.

3) Why would Fontaine not have choice over his own trigger-phrase? Why leave it to Suchong? Fontaine’s doesn’t trust people, he uses them. Jack is a big risk with a massive payoff and Fontaine just lets Suchong have some control beyond “grow the thing”? All to have Liz “close the loop” and give him the phrase between flashes of the future and whatnot. Again, Fontaine is looking less clever, Levine.

4) when the fuck did Fontaine have a department store the size of an entire building

5) Big Daddies, if we take BioShock 2 as canon as well, were already known and functional by New Year’s Eve. So much so there was already a Hypnosis plasmid that could work on Big Daddies, from the intro with Subject Delta.

6) Rapture was not turned into a warzone wasteland overnight. Unrest and damage to the city was a pretty slow burn, and wasn’t directly caused by one person starting trouble. Some places would probably be pristine but Rapture was springing leaks and full of spliced up people by New Year’s and citizens adopted the “Keep Calm and Ignore The Fuckery” approach. Atlas was gaining followers BECAUSE PEOPLE WERE SICK OF THE CITY FALLING APART BOTH AS A SOCIETY AND AS A LITERAL LEAKING TUB AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN.

There’s other points i’m sure but really I’ll just bring up a massive rage ball in the pit of my stomach.

tl:dr Levine broke his own canon to be petty and you should go play Minerva’s Den because it is best DLC for its contained story and it actually has Tenenbaum in it.


Voice Acting: Dr. Suchong - Bioshock

External image

Hey, I’m Asian, so it’s okay for me to play an accented Asian guy.  Actually, Suchong’s great not because of his accent but because of how conniving and unapologetic he is.  He can talk about doing the most horrible things without even the slightest indiciation of guilt or indecision.  What a guy that Suchong is.

Andrew Ryan always chooses Rapture

Andrew Ryan chose rapture over Bill Mcdonagh, his closet friend in the world. He chose rapture over Diane McClintock, his fiancé. He chose rapture over his mistress. He was willing to kill and murder family, friends, citizens and strangers in order to maintain the Rapture dream. He was willing to take away his citizen’s free will and employ monsters like Cohen, Stienman and Suchong in order to continue the rapture hallucination.
So why in the world did he choose Jack, a genetic freak who has never said a word and came to rapture to do nothing but destroy all the Ryan has built for Atlas, over rapture? After countless attempts to corner, destroy, murder, suffocate, and capture Jack, why would he suddenly abandon rapture?
Because Ryan is selfish. Because Jack is not Jack to Ryan, Jack is his legacy, his greatest disappointment, his one last tie to this world, his own flesh and blood, and the only person Ryan would choose over rapture, is himself.

It’s important to add, that Ryan’s father chose rapture. He chose it before it had a name, but Andre Ryanoffski watched his father choose Rapture over family. He watched his aunt and uncle be executed right by the train tracks. At least Andrew Ryan chose Jack over Rapture.

The Vita Chamber
Yi Suchong

Initial Deployment, Vita-Chamber/Client Ryan Industries. Stage one is complete. Sinclair and Alexander tried to explain the science to me, but Suchong does not believe them. They keep saying Plasmid reconstruction this and quantum entanglement that, and then poof, dead people come back to life. Bullshit! Of course, Ryan will only allow it to be tuned to his genetic frequencies for the testing…