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Hi! So I just read Tea for Me, Stew for You by camembert on dramione (.) org and I loved Draco in this story. I was wondering if you know any other multi-chaptered fics with Draco as like this witty, sarcastic, clever, funny guy... It's hard to explain his personality in the story but something along the lines of that! Sorry for being vague!!

Title: A Deliberate Deception
Author: silverotter1
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Romance, Mystery, Suspense
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 13,048
Summary: Hermione: When forced to work with Draco Malfoy on a murder case for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, she is supremely irritated. As their work draws them closer together, she finds it more and more difficult to resist him. Draco: A big shot at the department, he is annoyed with having to share his case with brainy Hermione Granger. Conflicted, he soon admits there is more to her than he recalls.

Title: Broken Hearts
Author: brinchen86
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 18,920
Summary: Draco and Hermione feel lonely during their Christmas holidays. Fortunately, they have each other.

Title: Broken Sentences
Author: winterpolis
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Hurt, Comfort
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,271
Summary: Hermione and Malfoy, Malfoy and Hermione. Life on the run isn’t always a matter of escaping. Sometimes it’s a matter of breathing and learning to feel again.

Title: Can’t Stay Away
Author: pips_n_chiaw
Rating: PT
Genre(s): Humor, Romance
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 18,615
Summary: Draco Malfoy’s very happiness seems to depend on irritating Hermione Granger. Just when her patience has worn thin and she can’t take it anymore, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Title: And So The Journey Of The Night Descends
Author: sadiekate
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): Romance, Humor
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,979
Summary: What do two people do on the longest night of the year? Banter, mostly.

Title: Captivity
Author: Hanako
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): Humor
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,631
Summary: Hermione should have known better than to count on Draco.

- Lisa

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If there was a bottle episode between two characters in The Weekenders, which two characters would you choose?

You always come up with interesting questions! I’ve always wished to see more of Lor and her family, so I’d probably set an indoor episode in the MacQuarrie household, but since it’s about two characters I’d choose Tino and Ms. Tonitini instead. I’d set it in something like their garage or a room they’re desperately trying to clean, and as they keep doing housework they start telling each other stories/interacting with their usual witty banter. I’d love to hear Tino’s mom describing her childhood in detail and her relationship with her mother, since she implied several times she was a smart, intuitive woman. What about you?

Kubo and the Two Strings. This movie was so completely different from anything I have ever seen before. I love the witty banter between characters and the amazing animation technique used for the film. Every frame was absolutely gorgeous and there was so much attention to detail, it was both an incredible and overwhelming experience taking it all in on the big screen. #kubo #kubomovie #kuboandthetwostrings (at Cinemark Paradise 24)

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I love the idea of pirate captain Ganondorf and link, but I've a few criticisms of the ficlet you wrote. 1. Gan's hair is entirely the wrong type of hair to be dreadlocked, though he could do braids just fine. 2. Ships don't have flagpoles, they have masts. 3. If they're anywhere close to rocks, a captain wouldn't be exchanging witty banter at the helm, and that ship wouldn't lose course that quickly unless it was foul weather.

Thank you so much for letting me know! ^_^ The only knowledge I have on ships and stuff like that is from the tiny amount I got from Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag so this info is really helpful! Thanks again! I’ll definitely keep all of it in mind for the future fics! ^_^

~Mod Roy

NAME: Carolina
GENDER: Female!

EYE COLOR: black
ZODIAC: Capricorn

FAVORITE COLOR: Reds, dark blues, shades of blacks/whites/greys
FAVORITE HOLIDAY:  most of them!
FAVORITE VIDEO GAME(S): The Elder Scrolls, Bioware games, FromSoft games, VTMB, warthunder, fallout and a few others!
LAST SHOW/MOVIE YOU WATCHED:  I was dragged to sausage party. I feel like I’ve aged 40 yrs because of that smear.


Despite her many and obvious shortcomings, Halatrix was my first and I love her lots! while she can be a fickle muse, I always have fun RPing with her!


She’s too good for me. yes


any of them! I really can’t pick. as for absolute favorite, I love it when I can play witty banter. kind of boring I know but it feels more intimate and personal between muses.


semi. while I adore RPing with anyone and everyone, sometimes muses just don’t want to cooperate. im not saying that the characters don’t like each other but it just doesn’t work :/ I also have my own personal trauma to deal with from almost a year back…


Halatrix! she’s the easiest to play for me :>


I’ve been a TES fan since Oblivion but never really hopped into the scene until about 3 years ago? I saw everyone having fun with their characters and theories and i thought “I wanna join in on that fun.” 


Probably. I just hope flares of drama doesn’t scare people away ;___;

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Your specialty as a fanfiction writer is very well-crafted hurt/comfort fics, with a good smattering of witty banter, soul-baring moments, and suspense. You care very deeply about characters and it shows through in what you write - which gives your writing the emotional depth and sway that it carries. The pacing and timing of your fics is great, and you are a very good storyteller. (Your other specialty is fluff so sweet and pure it melts hearts hee hee)

This is a really lovely response thank you.
I didn’t think I’d get any more of these, especially one that I’ve now read over and over again with a permanent smile on my face.

I can’t stop reading the ‘you care’ bit, because that really means a lot. It’s always interesting to put yourself in a characters shoes when you write, to try and feel what they must be feeling. To wonder ‘what would they think or do?’…so I’m really really happy that that comes across. And I’m finding real life experiences are also very helpful the more I write for some powerful scenes, I guess because it’s easier to channel the emotional charge in those moments.

(Ahah! Well sometimes the sweet tooth has to make an appearance to soothe the pain a bit more so I’m glad ♥)

I’m so exhausted by watching people in relationships think that jabs and light insults about your significant other is somehow a good basis for a relationship and falls into the, “witty banter” category or something? Also hating similar things as a means of bonding?

It takes up so much energy and brings so much unnecessary negativity into your relationship. Just fucking love and respect your partner and love things unabashedly! Wow

I was tagged by @biscuit-drivels and this was super fun!

Name 5 otps from 5 different fandoms and tag 10 people to pass it on:

1) Late Rose & Martin from the Redwall series

They were my first OTP and still have a special place in my heart. To this day if I hear/read the Noonvale song I will cry. They were two very different characters but always seemed to balance each other out which made for a lovely relationship.

2) Robin & Marian from BBC’s Robin Hood

Yet another early OTP of mine! Marian is one of my all time favorite fictional characters and her banter with Robin was always super witty and adorable! 

3) Fitzsimmons from Agents of Shield

How could you NOT ship them? They are literally referred to in the show as “Fitzsimmons” instead of Fitz and Simmons. I remember watching the first episode and hearing about this mysterious “Fitzsimmons” and thinking it was one person. They are super close and finish each other’s sentences. They are just TOO CUTE!

4) Ned & Chuck from Pushing Daisies

Their relationship is also super adorable and has an interesting dynamic since they can’t touch (it’s a long story). They also balance each other out well since Ned is shy/super cautious and Chuck is the opposite. However despite having differences they have enough in common to make it work. 

5) Catherine & Henry from Northanger Abbey

I had SO MUCH TROUBLE trying to pick just one OTP from Jane Austen novels. I mean Anne & Wentworth, Elinor & Edward, Jane & Bingley-how do you choose? I ended up just going with the couple from my favorite book. I just can’t even put into words how much I love these two. Also I would totally marry Henry if given the chance :)

*Honorable Mention*

Since I can’t pick just 5 I’ve also added Ella and Kit from Cinderella (2015). They are both kind and lovely characters who deserve the best when it comes to relationships. Also the acting done by Lily James and Richard Madden made their relationship extremely believable despite the lack of time to develop a relationship-but they were able to do it! 

If you see this and want to do it-consider yourself tagged!

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I dunno about everyone else, but I’m kinda feeling shafted over this season of rvb. I was expecting a bunch of different animation styles, and a bunch of interesting stories about the rvb universe. The only one that’s even gotten close was Felix and Locus’ two episodes. We’ve yet to see an episode with Sis, or Junior, or 479er, or even Allison. Fuck I would have loved to see an episode about Allison. And we’ve had more machinima episodes than not. And while the Maine vs Carolina thing was epic, it wasn’t even really an rvb episode, it was just ScrewAttack doing their Death Battle, with some witty banter thrown in. Give me York’s life after Freelancer. Give me CT’s side of PFL. Hell, I’ll take an episode showing how Carolina found the Reds and Blues, and got them to break Epsilon out. I dunno, half these felt more like PSAs than actual episodes.

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Hi, can I get a spn ship please? My name is Brooke, I'm heterosexual. I'm 5'10, I have hazel/ green mixed eyes. I'm funny, out-going, energetic, loving, protective, loyal, sarcastic, caring, witty. I enjoy watching Netflix, reading, cooking, hanging with friends and family and my cat, drawing/colouring, sleeping. I like classic rock, classic cars, (i fell asleep listening to highway to hell once 😜) that's about it :) - Brooke

I ship you with Dean Winchester! The man is outgoing and energetic like no one else. He absolutely needs someone else who’s going to be protective given the trouble he gets himself into. Plus the witty banter would be pretty fun between the two of you! Loyal, Netflix, and cooking? Count the man in. He’d listen to music with you and hey, maybe he’d even drive you around in Baby for a little while!

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wait wait wait i have unfortunately never seen broadway newsies but jack falls in love with katherine on first sight and when she tells him to leave her alone he doesn't i thought i could get behind their relationship but if thats what its like idk

yeah its not? Super stalkerish but he sees her in the street, they exchange some Witty Heterosexual Banter, she brushes him off, and then he happens to run into meddas theatre while shes there writing a review, he sneaks into her PRIVATE BOX, she tells him to leave like 3 times i think, he stays anyway, sketches a portrait of her while singing about love at first sight, drops it on the chair, and walks out

and then shes like in love w him i guess

Read and Reading 8

I’ve really been book-binging lately. I picked up a Kindle Fire a couple of weeks ago, then accidentally subscribed to Amazon Kindle Unlimited and discovered that WHOA I READ ENOUGH THAT THIS IS ACTUALLY A REALLY GREAT DEAL. Even if it’s better for me than for the authors. I’ve actually purchased a couple of books after reading them on Unlimited, just because I liked them so much and wanted to support the author.

…Need to do better on posting reviews, though. At least I managed to sell @saunterleftside​ on The Cloud Roads last night. :D


The Duchess War, Courtney Milan - I picked this one up after hearing Milan namedropped everywhere for historical romances, but was pretty disappointed in both writing and characterization. The witty banter…wasn’t, and the characters repeatedly hammered the same themes without ever managing to make me care.

The Ghost Bride, Yangze Choo (reread) - I still love this book, set in a vividly drawn 19th century Malaysia with a fascinating take on Chinese folklore. Li Lan is courageous, kind, and entirely real–and, okay, I adore Er Lang. I’d love a sequel.

Handcuffed to the Bear (Shifter Agents #1), Lauren Esker - I did not expect to ADORE this book. Smart characters who can be funny without being quippy; a fun take on both federal agencies and shifter mythology; great sense of atmosphere and place; and a romance that believably showed characters liking and respecting each other as much as they lusted after each other. I ripped straight through the series…

Guard Wolf (Shifter Agents #2), Lauren Esker - the first two-thirds was sweet and funny and thoughtful (werewolf secret agent with major PTSD gets saddled with a box of abandoned werewolf puppies, enlists koala-shifter CPS social worker with major depression and body-image issues to help!), the last third was CRAZY (secret labs! wildly illegal and unethical experimentation! gunfights and drop-bears!) I LOVED IT ALL. Returned the Kindle Unlimited copy and bought my own.

Dragon’s Luck (Shifter Agents #3), Lauren Esker - KOREAN-AMERICAN GECKO SHIFTER SECRET AGENT WITH A SERIOUS CAFFEINE ADDICTION. DRAGON SHIFTER GAMBLER ROGUE OUT FOR REVENGE THROUGH POKER. And he has a special power to manipulate luck, which I gave to a character once in a story and really enjoyed seeing explored in an alternate form here. I just love these books okay.

Chasing Bigfoot (Shifter Agents short story), Lauren Esker - sweet little short story without much plot but with a great sense of atmosphere. Mostly it was lovely seeing old friends again.

Laura’s Wolf (Werewolf Marines #1), Lia Silver - picked these up after seeing them recommended in a Lauren Esker footnote – and loved them just as much, though the mythology’s quite different and there’s a much stronger focus on the effects of PTSD and the slow healing process. (There’s a pretty sweet and steamy romance, too.) Loved how kind the characters are, and how thoughtfully the author deals with their issues. (Turns out the author is actually a therapist specializing in PTSD, and I’m even more impressed by how she managed to write a great story without ever turning into Message Fiction.)

Prisoner (Werewolf Marines #2), Lia Silver - I liked this book even better, for entirely idiosyncratic reasons – the hero is a dyslexic/functionally illiterate Asian-American werewolf Marine who lives on coffee, loud music, terrible humor, and loyalty (SOUNDS FAMILIAR?).  The heroine is a genetically engineered assassin. Together, they plot to escape the secret government agency holding them captive!  

Partner (Werewolf Marines #3), Lia Silver - this is really the second half of Prisoner, and manages to still couple laugh-out-loud funny bits with thoughtful, serious characterization and issues. I reallllly don’t buy the secret-government-agency plotline resolution (or that bit of the worldbuilding at all), but it hangs together well enough to pin the story on. :D

Envious Casca, Georgette Heyer - Exhibit #234 in Why Does Georgette Heyer Love Rude Heroes So Much? Mari Ness at has a good point that Stephen’s rudeness has its root in not arrogance but anger, which I somehow find more excuseable; and I did like Matilda. I figured out murder, motive, and means about halfway through, but it was still fun and not frustrating reading along.

They Found Him Dead, Georgette Heyer - and here’s the counterpoint; Jim Kane was not a rude hero at all, and in fact I liked him quite a lot (though he’s MUCH less memorable than either Timothy or Rosemary, and in fact I had to go look up his name for this blurb.) The murderer kept me guessing for quite a while too, though I still figured it out before the end. 

A Blunt Instrument, Georgette Heyer - speaking of nonmemorable. I read this one a week ago and couldn’t put a character or plot in place without looking it up. One I did look it up, the bits I’d enjoyed jumped out at me–Hemingway’s frustration with Constable Glass, Neville Fletcher’s absolute obnoxiousness. Another Heyer romance I don’t believe in at all; I totally read Neville as gay. And I spotted the murderer from the first page…

Duplicate Death, Georgette Heyer - mostly I enjoyed this one for seeing Hemingway’s reunion with Timothy Harte, all grown up and still determined to solve mysteries. Otherwise…eh. 

Death in the Stocks, Georgette Heyer - possibly I was getting burned out on Heyer mysteries by this point, but I liked this one much less – ALL the Verekers were awful, though occasionally amusing. At least Giles has a clear idea of what he’s in for, even though my opinion of his taste and good sense took a steep dive. The murder plot held together very thinly, too. Not a favorite.

Brat Farrar, Josephine Tey (reread) - I’d read this book years ago and forgotten both title and author, but @meeichnerreviewed on her blog By Singing Light and so I had to reread immediately. The Kindle conversion is not good (italics are all underscores, for example) but the book is still excellent – and reminds me quite a bit of Mary Stewart’s The Ivy Tree, though Brat is more sympathetic and actually The Ivy Tree absolutely infuriated me. I don’t believe the romance in Brat either, but at least I can headcanon that Brat went off with Bee to raise horses and be cheerfully asexual together.


Nine Coaches Waiting, Mary Stewart (reread)

Three Parts Dead, Max Gladstone (reread)

The Bird and the Sword, Amy Harmon

Line and Orbit, Sunny Moraine & Lisa Soem (reread)


No Wind of Blame, Georgette Heyer

The Spanish Bride, Georgette Heyer

Four Roads Cross, Max Gladstone (and then probably the whole Craft Sequence all over again, let’s be real)