“Become Fearless”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHnTeyMAf80 Everyone should watch that.

Regardless of how you feel about Arnold Schwarzenneger as an actor or his personal life, the man has achieved more in his small time on this planet than almost any one in existence.

Wasted potential is a tragedy. If you have a dream, you need to believe in yourself. You aren’t guaranteed another life, another tomorrow, or another chance. You are here NOW on this planet. NOW is when you can make a difference. Look inside your own heart, and listen to it.

Don’t let negative, hateful, or jealous people discourage you, it is your success, your future and your dreams you are fighting for, not theirs. During your journey, never forget those that have helped you, and those that you can help along the way so that they too can follow their dreams and help others themselves. It isn’t always easy and it shouldn’t be. Expect and embrace the difficulties and defeats and overcome them. You are comprised of not just the good you have experienced or the strengths you possess but also the bad you’ve endured and the weakness that you contain. It makes you an individual. Use the lessons you’ve learned from success AND failure to achieve what YOU desire. Fight and work hard for your own future.

Most importantly, when you reach your destination…extend your own hand to pull others up, not push them down.


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I keep seeing blue herons this week. Blue heron sends a message of patience and striking as soon as opportunity comes your way. This woodpecker feather came to me this week sending me the message of opportunity knocking at my door soon. The Tarot advised me this morning that a message is soon coming my way speaking of a new opportunity and venture and to jump in and charge ahead. I’m ready, Universe! Is opportunity knocking at your door? Keep a piece of carnelian and golden quartz with you if you are embarking on a new venture.💥🔥💥 (The Linestrider Tarot, Animal Spirit Deck)

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