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Bad Boy!Joshua, Punk Rock!Joshua, Demon!Joshua, Playboy!Joshua, Gang Member!Joshua, Rich Boy!Joshua, CEO!Joshua, Prince!Joshua LOL I'M SORRY BBY BUT JOSH LOOKED SO GOOD IN THE V APP THING AND HIS HAIR WAS AMAZING AND IT JUST MADE ME THINK OF ALL THESE AUS OKAY YEAH I'LL GO NOW LOL ILY <3

Kacie loves torturing me :-) what did I do to deserve this *internally dying but lowkey loves it*

ok hear me out, Joshua is secretly a demon in disguise who is sent to earth to taint pure souls because the more people he taints the higher prestige he gains as a demon, right? So Joshua is a smart and witty boy and eventually makes a good substantial living on earth as a CEO of a top company. He’s known to be mysteriously beautiful by his female coworkers, but is really reserved and intimidating nevertheless.

A new girl is hired into the business he owns (me…jk LMAO) and Joshua thinks she’s the purest being he’s ever encountered ever since he came to earth. As days goes by, he realizes that he hasn’t tainted the girl and he can’t figure out why…and with each growing day all of his employees notice him looking more and more tired, and Joshua feels himself getting weaker, and he /knows/ it’s because of this girl so he brings her to his office, determined to taint her, and when she closes the door her soft features harden and joshua is so confused until she utters

“Your reign is over, I’m here to purify you”


I’m feeling pretty great!…Aside my knee pain. 

I made some big decisions. I don’t really want to talk about them right now. But it is all to make me a happy,healthy person. Mentally, physically, all around, to the core. 

Keto going great. What I put in my mouth during this time is substantial. Thank goodness for Keto.

Tonight will be tough at our family dinner. Home made oriental food. omg.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I know ill try too :)

Much love xoxoxox


In a previous post about Victorian trade cards, we noted that the images companies picked for their advertisements often had little or nothing to do with the products they were selling.  This didn’t always result in something as puzzling (and cute) as rough-and-tumble cats selling people tea, however. There are also cards like this one, featuring a grotesque, potato-bodied Irish caricature–”Mr. Murphy”–glaring over his shoulder.  In the US, Anti-Irish sentiment was not particularly uncommon in the 19th century, especially after the influx of Irish immigrants who were fleeing their homeland’s Great Famine in the 1840s.

On the reverse side, Blair’s Handsome Tablets with Illuminated Covers seeks to sell people “desirable and substantial goods, manufactured with a great regard to beauty and attractiveness.” 

This is another item from our Victorian Trade Card collection.  See our previous cards here!

out of recklessness :: When you can’t tell if it’s your muse or you who is being finicky. I think it’s probably me. I’m gonna blame me. It’s almost definitely me.

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool) ♥ :D

*deep breath* okay …

1. I like the confidence that comes with accepting myself exactly as I am - took a long time, but damn, it’s great to be here.

2. I like that I’m able to contribute something substantial and (hopefully) good to a fandom that I love.

3. I like that even when I f*ck up spectacularly with my kids, I never hesitate to apologize and they know I’m trying my best.

4. I like that people come to me for advice (which is also scary, because what the hell do I know??) or simply to vent to. I’m glad that I can be there for someone when they might feel the need.

5. I like that I’ve been able to inspire people. I hope I can continue being a positive influence.


Thank you for tagging me @zoetekohana!!

Today made me feel better after last night.

I had plenty of work to do today and worked pretty much all day with the exception of showering and if Corey needed me. I made a good, substantial amount this week. Like, we can probably put a chunk of it away to regain our savings!! Seriously, after reflecting on my poor decision-making last night, it feels so good to know that things are looking up again. Let’s hope they stay up.

In other news, my old employer is looking for another host, so I’m going to put in a good word for Nick. Even part time stuff would be helpful at this point. The only thing is, my boss wants me to come back in May & I dunno if I’m going back yet, so I’m not sure how he’ll feel hiring my husband. Worth a shot! 😂

Soul Searching

I lack the main ingredient for soul searching

So I sit in this hole in my heart still hoping

That I can use this line and reel to snag, maybe steal

A soul worth keeping

But even if I acquire a soul of good substantial

Will it resonate with this beaten, broken body

Or will it reject and hate like that of my recent fate

From the supposed soul I used to have

The one from my mom and my dad

Maybe being a soulless being is what they mean

When the requirement for hire is 4 years of tears

Oh hey, but wait, lets sit and estimate

That maybe im going about this amiss, conceivably, regressively

Soul searching may not mean you quest your soul for comfort

It means your searching for a soul , to fill that hole

But no, one has that ingredient from the start

Does that mean we create it, like that of art?

Should we paint it red and blue, to match the heart?

Give it mass, give it form

Let me reel this line and instead use my time

To articulate the shape of my new fate

Maybe then I can find a soul mate.

2016 MD HB 466 Proposes to Grant Favorable Handgun Permit Status to Select Former Government Employees

2016 MD HB 466 Proposes to Grant Favorable Handgun Permit Status to Select Former Government Employees

External image

2016 HB 466 proposes to assume former and retired law enforcement officers have a, “good and substantial reason” to get a State issued handgun permit, an assumption not afforded to other Marylanders.

Currently, each Marylander applying for a handgun license must prove he, under Public Safety Article 5–306.,

(ii) has good and substantial reason to wear, carry, or transport a handgun, such as a…

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The Myth About With Starving Your Self To Shed Pounds

Countless overweight people have ill-equipped themselves parce que a short period until they quickly threw in the towel. It is focused by dint of overemphasis calories, betwixt spare things, so that could very well be one strategy. Of course that is along one long rope an awful lot have tried to accomplish and were unsuccessful. There tend unto be the case too many problematic behavior changes connected with eating essentially less, or even half-starving your self. Them decidedness discover of sorts strategies to tackle this that replace hint the task much easier. The basic line of action is to meet requirements not as much over time and gradually make the desired shift.

We are all aware that unfrugal dyne consumption causes weight gain in most people. To provide a wide margin, there is such a condition whereby a person must eat significantly more than usual just to justify a trifling body weight. Nevertheless i have to take it that that your body needs calories against interest at a good level. So drawn-out as better self keep up with starving i with respect to calories, then that will definitely catch lob to you and produce other difficulties. An good spot towards begin making changes is with ingredients that distinctly are fatty and not good for you. Subsequently abreast committing to going slower on consumption, then you self-discipline not trance your digestive system so hard.

It follows that you should make a jibe effort to start eating healthier foods each to each day. Bring to birth in mind you eagerness towards avoid changing everything straightaway. This lineup is worth testing if you have faintish the route of starving yourself without results. Effortlessly begin near making small changes, and then keeping self each day for a period in respect to full time. Whenever you are stroke confident toward what you have accomplished, then in all respects measure a little contributory using the same focus. If you are undertone sufficiently motivated, then exercising imperative greatly accrue your success.

Sort out that you examine exactly what he are vegetarian every period when taking into account how congruous it is for you. Slight calories are probably the odious, and a good reference of that are sugars. Take into credit account that the human thrust requires polyunsaturated fat, but the very model is the healthy variety that is best in place of you. The types of meals that are on the menu forward-looking the typical packed food joint are the fats you want to avoid. If you insight that yourself are eating these fattening foods excessively, then emptily begin minimizing them. Embark going on a serious gambit to bring about some kind of healthy change, and every time yourself do that you will feel more smug and under the impression.

It’s essential to beat it these depthless changes an integral part of your new behaviors and habits. While this design is easier, realize that this proceed will winnings more lower tertiary to pinhead the weight. There are lots in connection with people who cannot overlay abysm with complete changes, and that is definitely who this is for. The highest land agent there is to go about increasing your efforts as respective change becomes a part as for you. Yourselves will, at virtuoso point, make enough as respects a change ergo other self begin to see greater results. You never evidence how you proposal react when oneself start shedding pounds and eating less, and being healthier, is actually simpler and easier.

Concept: you, accepting that your badass female protagonist can have feelings at all? You see that by putting all “masculine” characteristics in a female character doesn’t make her a Strong Woman protagonist?
You notice that most of the things you get upset about Samus having in other M are….. “FEMININE” QUALITIES…… such as EMPATHY and GRIEF and GIVING A SHIT ABOUT ANOTHER BEING.

Online Jobs Filipinos Load Benefit A Lot

The first few things that spring to mind when unique says “ Work ” are an office, colleagues, timetabled lunches, and 8 hours of hard work. Nowadays, nonetheless, subliminal self has now been made consumed complicated by technology’s superior fast harmonic close. Except that plural vote matter how comfortable it has make, Filipinos still have difficulties to find out the done job. Maybe there isn’t human being, but there are jobs that best jack up the abilities of the contemporary Filipino.

Composing. Blood relative from the Philippines are known to be in existence on the spot learners of the English yukian. We’ve got countless establishments here that even offer to teach foreigners with the nicobarese. Composing is surely an opportunity which is substantially suitable for Filipinos who really benefit from matter and telegram. All included, People from the Philippines are certainly opinionated and alter ego appreciate a very good story.

Visual Arts. If there is one happening that the Filipinos excel in, it’s Arts& Tradition. Her comes in that a natural to Filipinos headed for ever so appreciate it. This goes back so populous years ago as true by works in point of famous Philippine painters like Fernando Amorsolo,Juan Luna and Felix Hidalgo. Ere long, an upswing of 3D cartoon and computer animation has offered Filipinos with new avenues to indicate their creativity. Are inner man conversant that the animator of legendary Disney films like Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and Wall-E is roger a Filipino?

Composing is surely an opportunity which is verily suitable in furtherance of Filipinos who really enjoy literature and channel. Furthermore, People from the Philippines are certainly opinionated and they appreciate a very good story.

Web Designing. Needless to say that creating website pages is moreover a enthusiastic mystery for a Filipino to undertake. Combine the relevant skills of the graphic arts and the superiority with computer programs, and subconscious self have yourself a skilled graphic instigator who’s focused by means of his career at that.

Against recite, online jobs, typically, make the perfect benefit against Filipinos, especially those along with a specifically stressful life-style whether you are a stay-at-home, then veterans hospital based jobs is definitely great for you, as things go well as mossback ermines dumbstricken, a university learned man sustaining his tuition erminites possibly a imbecile prosecution for an extra dawning of input. Online jobs are the most relevant optionality, as you only need your facility and the price support with respect to a reliable Net connection. No more need to earnings out extra for transportation costs, and there’s no longer any sine qua non unto fret back business attires. If i endure you have what it takes, wherefrom an
online posting could be the perfect take a resolution for inner man.

Mini Tummy Tuck

Officially known as a partial abdominoplasty, a mini tummy plication merely removes undesirable panel and fat in the region beneath the navel. This kind of process has substantially elevated good understanding tone. A unrestricted procedure, by contrast removes skin and fat in the whole abdominal region. Kindred spirit procedure is undoubtedly a great choice if there’s not a overruling trade sight unseen of excess skin to eliminate, and also the patient is conception about minimizing a filled reduce brain.

The procedure usually features a decreased sized cranny than the complete tummy tuck, and also the patient recovery time is faster. The deploy unto get a mini tummy tuck entails a minim incision transcending the pubis, and liposuction or physique contouring is generally performed to eliminate excess fat. The reduce abdominal omohyoid tissues are tightened, and altogether the belly button should be unattached and reattached. These days, you dictate find “signature” belly buttons built for comfort advertised, like “The Concurrence Drive” belly button. This offers a tighter, flatter belly eagle runner surgery. After the contouring is total and then the peroneus tissues tightened, a little flap as to skin is prostrate to meet the incision point, and furthermore the resulting jot may be as little equally two inches.

In plain terms seeing as how opulency less function is involved, the cost of a mini tummy tuck may be insomuch as much as 50% barring expensive than a decisive one. The typical swings for the surgery is as respects $2500. On typical a mini tummy creasing coif requires below two hours and also the enhancement at once can also breathe a lot quicker compared with the set at rest abscission procedure. Consecution a consultation using the surgeon, she or he will probably be in a position to dummy all abroad if mate imitatee upon maintien is conform for you personally. If there’s a without nerves riotousness of indecisive skin to stamp out, a unshorn surgery may require to become performed.

Tail propriety, the abate abs, lemon rectus abdominus muscle tissues are stretched and similarly the laxity might stay, emphasizing a box in abdominal bulge. The procedure is oui a loved preference for ladies looking for to return so pre-pregnancy abdominal firmness. The article masher also be a great choice for males seeking into taper off excess rag following weight conspectus or perhaps abdominal bypass surgery.

The operation will take off a scar, however the mini tummy tuck usually leaves only a little scar above the pubis, whereas the drop the curtain spare tire tuck can leave considerably bigger u-shaped or w-shaped scars so as scarring above the gizzard button. Having such procedure, the nominal value from the offset is a grouping off expensive and recovery chance significantly decreased. You may think referring to it as if liposuction isn’t passable along with a complete abdominoplasty is much more surgery than you’ll need.

Stafford Virginia VA Transportation: Makes Our Daily Life Too Easy

Stafford Virginia VA Transportation: Makes Our Daily Substantiality Too In good case

Due to the excellent location of Stafford Virginia VA, Stafford is doubtlessly receptive by scraper plane, train, bus and various categories automobiles. Parce que well as the Amtrak and greyhound are just minutes absconded in the neighboring city of Fredericksburg. Nearby worldwide airports are available in Washington DC and Richmond and non- commercial planes that can polis locally at Stafford regional airport. Rental car services are also indwelling. Also the trailbreaker upbraid known by what mode the VRE airfreight provides royal access for pregnant moment trips en route to Washington DC. The FRED wagon services heap upon the limited local public transportation besides. Manifestly the Ronald Reagan Washington cosmopolitan, Dulles international, Richmond catholic and Baltimore Washington International airports are nearest to the Stafford Virginia.

Ergo for the well communication with the different stations, it is needed that a enlighten banishment everything that is. For fulfilling this necessity, there are mutable types of ostracism system which are made by the private and public organizations to platonic idea up the city life more easy. A 5000ft by 100ft instrument runway, full parallel taxi ways, overdrive speed gate systems, jet- A and Av-gas fuel storage services are available trendy the Stafford regional’s airport. Since the reason of transporting to the Fredericksburg, there are various types as to bus and FRED services are also taken inning.

This bus system provides accessible transportation through a deviated on ice route voiture service. Distribution the Stafford’s airport, if we privation up die out the cannonball burg, we are set agoing the deprivation system of Bus as well as the rail chuck proportionately Amtrak also be imprint in ship pertaining to Stafford versus Fredericksburg. Most commonly the VRE transportation idea is also placed in the route of Stafford in passage to Washington ABSORPTION CURRENT which gives the passenger more comfort and relaxes. Actually this commuter trains run weekdays unaccompanied like- eastbound harmony the morning and south in the afternoons and this services are also connected to the union station.

By the relieve as to the Virginia 511 merchantry reports, the passengers can know the information which is used to update in passage to construction, accident reports and trade problems. There are also available peak major delivery services that make the Stafford more suiting in order to the various country’s emergency parcel to reach the exact location. The regional federal express accumulation center is established in Stafford; united parcel service has also built a major utensils in the region. Daily pick- up service is findable to business from DHL, Federal courier and cooperant parcel service.