Goddess Provision Subscription Box - March 2017

First of all, I should say that I have no affiliation with Goddess Provisions, and that I’m just reviewing their subscription box for myself and anyone else that may be interested!

So I just signed up this month and was lucky enough to get in on the March box last minute, since the theme was MERMAID MAGIC and so obviously I was super pumped about that.

My first impression is that the box itself is cute! I like the little illustrations on the inside. It’s not super fancy in terms of packaging, like in other boxes I’ve had, but it’s cute enough :)

I’ll go through each item and let you know what I got!

First, there was Moon Magic Mermaid Ocean Mask & Toner. I just tried it tonight and I really liked it. I’m picky about skin care stuff, but I felt safe in giving it a go since the ingredients are all natural. It made my skin so soft! I’ll definitely be using it again. I also really liked the way both of the products smelled - the toner has a strong smell but it’s not that sort of fake chemical/alcohol smell that toners usually have. They both smelled delicious and very natural. I’m super happy about this inclusion in the box! Bonus - I loved the cute little details in the packaging.

Next there was a suuuuper cute Cottagewicks Goddes of the Sea Candle. There are all sorts of cool little buried treasures in this candle, sea glass, shells, crystals - I’m excited to burn this :)

Check out this cute Sara M. Lyons Patch. This is right up my alley with the pastels and the hearts and sunshine bursting out of the shell - so cute! Now I’m just going to have to decide where to put it!

Here’s the Red Abalone Shell & Sage Smudge Kit. I haven’t burned any of it yet, but what a cool addition to the box - I’ll definitely be setting this up in my tarot-reading area and cleansing my space soon.

I love that every month you get a crystal or stone - this month it is Ruby in Fuchsite which just looks so appropriate for the mermaid them. Plus, what a cool and unique stone! The description says, “Rest Ruby in Fuchsite on your third eye to enhance your psychic awareness.” I may have to try that before my next tarot reading ;) (Sorry, it was getting dark in my house, and I didn’t get the best picture of this stone, it really is beautiful in person!)

Lastly, the card indicates that I should have gotten a Raw Revolution Spirulina Dream Bar, but instead I seem to have gotten this Addictive Wellness Raw Chocolate, which seems to be less on theme but I’m not complaining! I’ll take chocolate over other treats any day! The packaging says it’s gluten free, trans fat free, nut free, sugar free, soy free, dairy free, and GMO free. So obviously I had to eat one immediately. Honestly, it was pretty good! And well, I kinda feel like it was the healthiest chocolate I’ve ever eaten, so hey, that can’t be bad.

Overall I was super happy with my Goddess Provisions box this month, and I’m looking forward to next month to see what I get! I don’t know if anyone else was interested in signing up, but hopefully this can give you a good idea of what to expect if you are!


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hey everyone! i’m thinking about trying to put together a stationery/planner box to sell for $15-$20 a month, with washi tape, pens, stickers, etc. and i was wondering how much interest there’d be! message me if you want to get on the email list, and reblog if you’d be interested! thank ya ☺️


Spoiler alert if any of you bought Neko Box last time I reviewed it ;)