A Bugs Life AU

horsejesus as the stick bug
chinnery is the ladybug cause tough
doobs-the-name and m0n0x1d3 as the pill bugs that dont speak english
rainbowgasms as the mystic praying mantis
Me as the Moth lady
awkwardsympathizer as the black widow
zoichikanoe as flick
azucats as dot
smotheredcheesefries as Hopper (the most bara)
turkeyhole as the caterpillar
And zacho as the beetle

Alek the ant sets out on a journey to find the strongest warriors to defend the shota ant kingdom from the angry bara grasshoppers who want all of the food. Along the way he finds a strange arrangement of people who seem really cool but are HUGE NERDS and make a mess. Erica the ant believes in the power of the shota and together they defend their food from Simone the defensive eater grasshopper.

Ok thanks

Just found this awesome (horrible) dress I made for turnabout in highschool.


I totally too a piece of lingerie and somehow made it more whoreish and itchy :p

Also, nice myspace mirror pic, right?!?!

Every time I visit the burbs it’s like nostalgia overload. All my old art, some crazy clothes, my sailor moon backpack…

I just walked a dog and took out trash for my mom. They throw out as much trash in a week as I do in a month XD oh god that is a fight for another day.