“Cholos try vegan food”

This is my life.

“Geniale Dilletanten” [Genial Dilletantes]: Subculture in Germany in the 1980s at Haus der Kunst, Munich

“Geniale Dilletanten” [Genial Dilletantes], the deliberately misspelled title of the concert held in Berlin’s Tempodrom in 1981, has become a synonym for a brief era of artistic upheaval in Germany. The intense cultural activity of this period developed particularly in and around art schools and was marked by cross-genre experimentation and the use of new electronic equipment; musical craftsmanship was frequently spurned. The emergence of new record labels, magazines, galleries and clubs, as well as the plethora of independently produced records, tapes and concerts, illustrate the growth of self-organisation and the do-it-yourself spirit of this period.

The History of Hippies, Yoga, and Vegetarianism

If you think you know the history of the Hippie movement, Yoga or vegetarianism in the West, and you haven’t read Gordon Kennedy’s Children of the Sun, think again. Packed with photos the late 19th century (including many of young men with long flowing hair that look as if they were t…