Subaru love


My dudes. My guys. PLEASE. Stop what you are doing and watch this video of Tendou Satori’s seiyuu Kimura Subaru. Just… it. And thank me later.

(I have not laughed this hard in a LONG time. What an absolute gem of a human being, wow)


Lost Eden Order Special Bonus Badges - Sakamaki

These badges took time for me to find actually ones that are HQ enough to use, and even then some parts had to be edited/cleaned. I’m not claiming credit for them, but I ask that anyone who renders these or uses them for cursors, to please link back to this post and include my url. If not, then please go look for another source to render.

Rejet (Subaru, Reiji, Kino, Shu

So they find a magazine of women in Bikinis and they think it’s Raito’s but Reiji says it isn’t and then SUBARU IS LIKE GETTING NERVOUS so Kino then knew it was Subaru’s AND SUBARU JUST DENIES IT and Reiji all savage just gives it to him and says to keep it in his room next time AND SUBARU’S REACTION IS JUST SO FUNNY “This………ISN’T MINE

CD Drama: 靴下を探してin逆巻家~開けてはならないパンドラボックス~ / Searching for socks in the Sakamaki Mansion ~ Don’t open the Pandora Box ~

It’s my little cinnamon bunnnnn
I’m so proud of myself for being able to draw her (T▽T)