Our next stop was in Sedona, Arizona.  We found a solid spot on some BLM land tucked just West of the town of Sedona.  Lilah figured out her love for backcountry cooking and we enjoyed a few (lot) of cold IPA’s.  Before heading out of town I got a quick ride in Chuckwagon - Mescal, which is a super fun mountain biking loop close to town.  We finished our time in Sedona up with a hike up to Bear Peak, which rewards you with outstanding views of the nearby rock formations.

Super Best III ~ New Versus Songs

                                             Ayato vs Laito

【愛の檻】Ai no Ori―Ayato & Raito Sakamaki 《Versus Song Super Best III》 

                                          Kanato vs Subaru

【カレイドナイト】Kareidonaito― Kanato & Subaru Sakamaki 《Versus Song Super Best III》

                                          Shu vs Reiji

【 絶対感度のリビド】Zettai kando no ribidō―Reiji & Shuu Sakamaki《Versus Song Super Best III》