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is it true that the english subs for the karasuno revival stage play kinda skip over some scenes? for example, the drinking scene between the adults doesn't have any subs at all? Just wondering so it's not me that made a mistake when I entered the subs into the vlc player haha also! THANK YOU FOR THE ENGLISH SUBS MASTERPOST!!!

I don’t know since I don’t watch it with English subs since I can understand Japanese but I heard from my haisute friends about that, so maybe the person who translated it, didn’t know what they’re saying and just didn’t put a subtitle on some parts.

That’s the only thing that I can think of when there’s no subs to some scenes like the one you said about the drinking scene between the adults o.o

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And you’re welcome about the English subs masterpost ^^

Double Duty | M

Yoongi & Jungkook | BTS | 10.2k Words

w: for @tendershepherd and plotted with her (and she came up with the title. bless lmao) to create this mess of sub!jk & sub!yoongi, dom!reader, ass play, pussy worship, slight mxm, humiliation… and a lot more. this is so filthy. i’m sorry. lmfao

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  • Tweek: You know when someone says they’re going to do something and you think you can trust them
  • Tweek: but then they don’t and they’re super lame instead? I hate that!
  • Craig: don’t sub-gram me , dick.
  • Tweek: Who said it was about you?! you think that EVERYTHING is about you!!!
  • Craig: because it is. God, dude.

(I downloaded a Russian keyboard and a Russian translator app that will probably give my phone viruses, they both had warnings but I regret nothing)


Crap, I’m not sure how I missed this scene on my first couple watch throughs. I think the dub must have cut it entirely, so I didn’t even know to look for it in the sub plus I didn’t actually wanna sit through the entire duel again

But it kind of changes my entire perception of this moment? I’d been conceiving of it as an act of cruelty that was inexcusable, but at least somewhat understandable in the context of Seto’s desperation to get out of an abusive situation…but apparently, in a twisted way, it was also part of his effort to protect Mokuba.

He wanted everyone to think he and Mokuba had had a falling out, not just so that Gozaburo wouldn’t expect Mokuba to give Seto his shares, but so that if things went wrong and Gozaburo wanted someone to punish, Mokuba wouldn’t get dragged down with him.

(and going by this line, they could have been in very real danger if the plan had gone south)

So Seto genuinely thought he was doing right by his little brother, and he seems suprised and guilty to find out how hurt Mokuba still is years later.

Headcanons for Sub!Kylo

(There isn’t enough sub!kylo out there)

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•you weren’t completely sure of it at first but omfg kylo the biggest sub ever

•honestly the main reasons are that he doesn’t want to scare you off and wants to make sure you are getting pleased.

•he loves when you boss him around (cause then he’ll know exactly what to do to please you)

•also when you tell him how good he is for you (honestly all this boy wants to hear is that he is doing a good job since he wants to make sure he’s pleasing you)

•he just wants to know that he’s at least good at pleasing you

•but he secretly gets so turned on when you tell him he’s been bad boy?!?

•makes little whimpers and moans in your ear

•if he is on top he’s still submissive as fuck

•he pounds into you slow and fragile, afraid of hurting you.

•you honestly can’t take the slow teasing thrusts so you eventually roll both of your bodies over so you’re on top and bounce on top of him like they’re no tomorrow

•it’s honestly heaven for him

•and every time after sex you both cuddle and it’s so peaceful and warm

•but honestly this baby is such a sub it’s in imaginable


taming of the shrew ♡ 170816
full jonghyun cut / english subtitle

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Will you upload the raw episodes before you can sub them for those of us who don't need subs?

Generally, we upload everything together at the same time as it is easier to link everything at once than keep going back and editing the document. This also helps cut back on asks as people can see we’ve uploaded something but something else is missing and they believe we’ve missed it - we haven’t! We’re still working on that particular file.

We strongly recommend if you’re going to watch the release and do not require subtitles, to use a VPN and stream the episode for free, from Tfou’s website

There are many free VPNs that are easy and simple to use, a few are mentioned in our previous post. These come with easy to follow instructions on how to use along with a very helpful help desk :) Just don’t be mad at them if it doesn’t work, it’s not their fault. Two of us work in call centres and I can confirm we suffer daily from abuse.

An update about subbing the InuYasha Stage Play.

The subbed version isn’t finished yet, but it’s just some final editing that will be finished this week. 

I am thinking about streaming the subbed version on October 20 or October 27 or 28. If there are any preferences for a date, let me know. It will however also depend on my weekend schedule which I cannot predict completely this far ahead. I have quite a busy schedule this month. 

Man, I ran just under 6 miles yesterday and between that and all those fun Chicago Marathon posts (everyone ROCKED it. Loved getting alerts on Sunday for all of you!) I really want to start training for a marathon again. But spring is so tricky! What if it’s a hard winter and I can’t run because there is snow all over the place? What if I sign up for a May race but it’s a super hot day?

What if, what if, what if.

So instead, I really just need to make a half marathon my goal race for the spring. Still haven’t gone sub 1:40 and I’m pretty sure I can.