Hetalia Ship Fans
  • Gerita fans: Remember how they literally spend every waking
  • second of their lives together?
  • Spamano fans: Remember how sad Romano got when Spain left to fight England?
  • Franada fans: Remember how France took in Canada even though nobody can see him?
  • FrUk fans: Remember that one film line that said they love each other? Sexually.
  • UsUk fans: Remember how sad England got when America fought for independance?
  • Ameripan fans: Remember when America stayed at Japan's house and suggested to bathe together, even though it's not Western culture to share baths
  • GiriPan fans: Remember how Greece always gets upset when Turkey tries to go near Japan?
  • TurGre fans: Remember when they were kids and all?
  • LietPol fans: Remember when Poland asked to see Liet's junk, and that other time when Liet stopped Prussia from executing Poland?
  • DenNor fans: Remember when Den fought Sweden under impossible circumstances just to look cool in front of Norway?
  • SuFin fans: Remember how they're married and adopted a kid?
  • PruHun fans: Remember when Prussia helped Hungary discover her true self?
  • AusHun fans: Remember how they literally spent years together fangasming over Chibitalia?
  • RoChu fans: Remember how Russia used to stalk China?
  • RoBel fans: Remember that time when Belarus cut down a door in order to get Russia to marry her? Oh wait.
  • HongIce fans: Fuck you. Fuck you all.
  • PruCan fans: YOU think you have it off bad??????
  • Any ship fan involving minor characters that have probably only appeared in the manga: *distant sobbing*
10 More Soulmate AUs That Have Probably Already Been Posted (And If So, I'm Sorry)

1. The only color you can see is the color of your mate’s eyes.

2. Whenever your mate says your name, you will turn towards the direction they are in, no matter how far away you are.

3. Everyone has half of a symmectrical mark on them (butterfly, heart, diamond, spade, etc) and the other half will appear when you meet your mate.

4. Their hobby that they excel in has always been something you wish so badly you could do but fail epically at.

5. There is a bond between you and your mate in which you can sense each other’s emotions.

6. As a continuation of number 5, you can also send each other emotions to comfort the other or confess your love before you know anything about them.

7. If your mate is listening to music, you can hear it faintly, as if it is playing outside.

8. On your wrist you are born with a number. This is the amount of times you and your mate will see each other before you actually meet.

9. Your favorite outfit will be the one you meet your mate in.

10. After you meet your mate, it is physically impossible for you to tell anyone else you love them romatically.