Cute stuff that APH Finland does for his s/o:

♥ He sends positive text messages to Sweden all day long. Could be anything like: “I love you”, “You are so hansome”, “I know you can do this…”

♥ It’s supportive when Sweden doesn’t want to talk. He just hugs him or gives him random kisses until he is ready to do it (It took him some time to do this since he is a very talkative person himself)

♥ Loves to bake sweets and prepares some for the breakfast or for Sweden to take them with him.

♥ Learns how to play in the guitar Sweden’s favourite song so he can show him later.

♥ Cuddles with him even though he doesn’t really feel cold. He enjoys the warm and how safe he feels near him.

♥ Watch romantic/fluff movies that Sweden likes instead of the horror movies that he prefers. But he loves seeing Sweden smile for a while so…

♥ Takes random photos of Sweden and the boys and then posts it in the social media. 

♥ Organizes a pijama party for the whole family. Maybe some videogame or story telling (which he loves doing) or stuff like that.

♥Gets upset and is ready to fight anyone that messes with Sweden.


♥ He loves him.

Imagine your OTP
  • Person A: *sighs sadly* My partner broke up with me... Now I have nobody...
  • Person B: *slides in*
  • Person A: I'll never find someone else...
  • Person B: Greetings, friend. It is I.
  • Person A: I'll forever be alone...

me: *discovers new fluffy ship*

me: aww~ they’re so cute and adorable and nice and fluffy so cute and perfect such a wonderful ship–

brain: yes but what would happen if one of them died? or got into a tragic accident? how would the other react? what if one of them cheated? but accidentally? imagine the angst! imagine one of them being depressed! getting drunk over the other! suicide themes! blood! d e a t h! a n g s t! imagine them in an au where they’re forced to be enemies! imagine one dying in the others arms! person a’s death was caused by person b!

me: …wow okay chill.