Self-watering capillary planters

This water-saving ‘ready-made garden’ design is popular among urban gardeners here in Denmark: it’s comprised of a simple styrofoam planter, and a 40L soil bag.

Holes are cut in the top and bottom of the soil bag, and soil is pushed into three pillars that reach down into a water reservoir. The reservoir is filled with water and fertiliser through a channel on the side of the planter; capillary action (and eventually, plant roots) draw the water up.

The rate of evaporation is much lower with bottom-watered plants, and the styrofoam also keeps the water cool. The reservoir can hold a week or more of water.

A popular DIY version involves using plastic tubs, creating a reservoir underneath with bottles, or a permeable barrier.

Self Irrigating Planters Made Easy

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Meet acetone. A chemical solvent commonly found in nail polish remover. Melting a styrofoam cup is one use for it.

I use it all the time to clean my samples. I wear gloves while using pure acetone. If you drip some onto certain plastics it looks like hot wax as it melts through the plastic before it evaporates leaving ugly splotches on your sample cases.

And also I just found out that our bodies make it and it can be found in our blood and urine. It’s extremely dilute, however. You probably can’t piss through plastic.

Drakengard 3 - Three

Yay, she’s finally finished! I’m so happy about the whole outcome <3

It took so long to make the dress. Had to paint the whole pattern on by hand and took a few days to do so. The dress doesn’t have a zipper or any other closure at the back. I just pull it over my head and it stays on it’s place. It was also the first time working with horse-hair braid. That’s what makes the underside of the dress more wavy and stand up a little more :D

The shield was made using styrofoam, sanding it down to it’s form and then covered with worbla. Details are made with split-pens, worbla and deco-art.

The scissor are super thin mdf (which I probably remake one day since they’re a bit too thin), painted black and added silver by hand.

I didn’t felt like wearing the wig yet, so that will be a surprise for now ;)

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Song Kang


Chipboard, Paper, Wood, Canvas, Dried Foods

Shellac, Styrofoam, and Other Recyclable Goods

14" x 14" x 14"

“Imagine a city surrounded by coral…This cube is a study on an imaginary city’s environment. Designed to be turned and viewed all 360°, each face of the cube features a different method of observation; there are slides, a diorama, an accordion book, illustrations, and other specimens. Being a comprehensive collection of the city’s habitat and its species, the cube acts as a something akin to a scientific journal: a tactile and playful storybook.        

For detail image of the blue scrolls: “Blue City”

[ How it was made ]
South Florida News : Miami-Dade Styrofoam Ban - ALL AT SEA
“Birds, filter-feeding organisms, and fish often mistake foam particles for food and many sea birds are found dying of starvation with their bellies full o

Woohoo! Awesome news for the Miami area, which uses A LOT of styrofoam. It was already banned in the city of Miami Beach, and now it has expanded to Miami-Dade.