Tutorial: How to make your own CYBERMAT

1. You need the following materials:

  • a block of fine styrofoam (I use the green one, since it’s easier to paint)
  • a black and a silver Sharpie (optional a gold one, if you want to make your cybermat to look a bit older or maybe even fancy)
  • fine sandpaper (to smooth the shape before painting)
  • black, red and metallic acryl paint
  • a sharp cutter or a scalpel
  • tools to form or scratch the styrofoam (I personally use a bone folder and my sculptering tools for this)
  • pencils to mark things on the styrofoam
  • a triangle (to cut straight lines)

2. Draw the shape of your cybermat on the styrofoam with the black Sharpie, but be careful. This type of styrofoam is extremly pressure-sensitive until you paint it.

3. Cut out the raw shape of the sideview. You don’t have to add details yet.

4. Now add the lower view on the bottom.

5. Once you also cut this out, it should look like this:

6. Now the fun part begins: scratch and cut out the details on the entire cybermat.

And don’t forget to smooth everything with the sand paper, once you’re done cutting everything in shape.

7. Now you use the black acrylic paint as the grounding, since metallic paint doesn’t cover properly on styrofoam.

8. Once the grounding dried, you can add the first layer of the metallic paint.

9. You can add another layer if you want to make your cybermat more shiny.

10. Once all of this dried, you can add highlights with the gold, red & black Sharpies.

Now you have your own little cybermat! :D


- These little guys are pretty light and easy to carry around.

- They are waterproof (in fact, they even float on water, so you could use them in your bathtub instead of a rubberduck. ;D)

- If you want, you can carve the entire cybermat out, to add things like actual little LCD lights to make it glow, a gearbox of a matchbox car (to make it move) or you could just store things in it.

- They don’t get damaged too easily.



So what are you waiting for? Make your own cute cybermat! :D