I made Barrett’s cape! Then the “wizard in his own mind” stole it… >_>

Over the past two days, I successfully sewed a 1:6 scale semi-circular cape, lined and hooded, without a pattern. Black velvet forms the outer layer and the long, dangling, tapering hood, while small white skulls on black field form the lining. There’s a hook and eye for front clasp. I’m surprised at how well it came out! I originally made it for Barrett, a Zombieville denizen, but the Master got to it first. Here he is talking about it with the Stylist: 

First photo: Stylist: “So…how do you feel about the amount of skulls? Overkill?” 

Second photo: Master: “Come, my dear Unraveler — you and I both know that there is no such thing as overkill where skulls are concerned.” / Stylist: “True that…”

Third photo: Master: “I still need a pointy hat, though.” / Stylist: “I’ll see what I have in my fabric stash…”

“how are all these rookie groups skipping their what-were-their-stylists-even-thinking phases” buddy u know what it is. it’s them nct boys, absorbing every possible embarrassing look with every comeback and unit debut they have like sponges of suffering. all the grease-dreads and tin foil monkey suits the other rookies should’ve had to experience? nct really took that bullet for your faves. nct, kings of taking one for the team,, kings of making everyone else look good