Wraith as a hair dresser

Me and my sisters are making a surprise Father’s Day dinner for dad and my sisters put on Legally Blonde to watch.

The scene where they are practicing the ‘bend and snap’ technique and the one stylest comes out at the end and goes “the bend and snap, works every time” I just pictured our favourite White Court vampire saying this is his wonderful gay French accent.

Ariana was spotted in London recently wearing her lovely Floral Cat Ears Headband from Etsy ($18.00)

Xoxo, Nikki

(These cat ears come in various colors and ship worldwide)

so I decided to make a follow forever since I just recently hit 1000 followers which is crazy. I remember when I first made this blog and my old username was matteneyfan which transformed into 1d-friends-scandal then dauntless-lou-pizza and finally dauntlouis. I just wanted to thank everyone who follows me and continues following me. Also a thank you to everyone who tags me in stuff and sends me a question or even just saying I hope you have a good day those seriously make my day. And thank you for making tumblr my happy place. 

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Instalando Styles no Photoshop:

01 -  Abra o Photoshop

02 -  No canto direito da página se encontra a caixinha de Styles,clica na setinha perto da Barra de Rolagem. 

03 -  Vai abrir uma janelinha quando você clicar nessa setinha, agora clique em “Load Styles…” 

04 -  Agora ache os Styles que você baixou e clique duas vezes e eles apareceram na caixinha de Styles.

Se usar,for útil e/ou baixar, dê like e credite!