a non-cutesy self care guide, for when you need to bounce back after being really dysfunctional


  1. Wash your hands with warm water and soap. 
  2. Trim, file, and buff your nails and toenails. 
  3. Trim any hangnails. 
  4. Push back your cuticles.
  5. Put hand cream or moisturizer on your hands and/or feet.
  6. If you have any rough skin, buff it off with a pumice stone. 
  7. If it’s your style, give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure. 
  8. Roll out your ankles, flex and point your feet a couple of times. 
  9. Stretch your calves, hamstrings, quads, shoulders, triceps, upper back, lower back, chest, or any other part that feels tight. 
  10. Roll your neck in circles in both directions. 
  11. Shake out your hands and roll your wrists. 
  12. If you want to, shave anywhere you want to shave. 
  13. If you have any sore muscles, massage them with your hands or a foam roller. 
  14. Go through your normal facial care routine. Splash water on your face, put on moisturizer, use a facial cleanser, or put on a nice mask. 
  15. Take a warm bath or shower. Warm, not scalding hot. 
  16. Take a cutesy, Instagram-worthy bath with a bath bomb, or use this guide for what to put in your bath.
  17. Wash your hair. Shampoo and condition if you want. 
  18. Dry yourself off gently with a soft towel.
  19. Put on clothes that make you feel confident. 
  20. Eat something, preferably healthy.
  21. Drink a huge glass of water. 
  22. Use the restroom, if you’ve been holding it for a long time. 
  23. Use a warm washcloth and wipe off the crusty bits around your eyes and nose.
  24. Blow your nose. 
  25. Take any medications or vitamins if you need to do so.
  26. Have a warm drink. Avoid caffeinated drinks if they make you jumpy.
  27. Comb or brush your hair, then style it in a way that makes you feel most confident. 
  28. If you have open cuts, put on bandages; if you have mosquito bites, apply anti-itch cream; etc.


  1. Delete unnecessary photos and apps from your phone.
  2. Close all apps running in the background of your phone.
  3. Close all of the tabs open on your computer.
  4. Delete unnecessary files from your computer.
  5. Organize your files.
  6. Check emails, and clean up your inbox. 
  7. Clear every notification on your phone.
  8. Take everything off your desk and wipe it down. 
  9. Put all papers where they need to go. 
  10. Put all books on your shelf.
  11. Reorganize your shelf by author, series, rainbow colors, or whatever else you prefer. 
  12. Untangle all of your cables.
  13. Make your bed.
  14. Change your sheets, pillowcase, and duvet cover.
  15. Put all scattered clothes in a laundry bin.
  16. Do that laundry. 
  17. Turn off all the lights if it’s daytime, or turn them all on if it’s nighttime.
  18. Put all of the random junk that doesn’t have a place into a box, and hide the box under your bed. 
  19. Hang clean clothes in your closet, or fold them and put into drawers. 
  20. Open your blinds and curtains. 
  21. Straighten everything that is hanging on your walls, unless everything is slanted in a certain way for your ~aesthetic~
  22. Vacuum the floor.
  23. Clean your phone screen, laptop screen, keyboard, etc. 
  24. Put all of your pens in jars. 


  1. Take any medication you need. 
  2. Dump all your thoughts in a journal. 
  3. Make an appointment with a therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist/etc.
  4. Tbh, beyond this I don’t know about each person’s circumstances. You can check out my mental health resource tag and find something to help you.

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Mockingjay Manor - Ch 1

Revived from the dead after a wee bit of technical difficulty… Welcome to round two of everlark-your-own-adventure!

We kick this round off in style, courtesy of the hilarious and talented @burkygirl (with an assist from @xerxia31). You have 48 hours to vote on the direction of the next chapter of the story (until noon EDT on Thursday, August 31st). Remember: vote in the comments, not in the tags! And don’t forget to spread the word by reblogging. The more fans playing this game, the more fun it will be!

My skirt is crawling up again. I twitch it back into place and shift uncomfortably in my chair in the lawyer’s office. I’m not sure why I’m here, really. Haymitch Abernathy was my uncle, but mostly he was just an annoying pain in my ass who spent family diners criticizing my decisions from the other side of his highball glass.

So when his lawyer called after his funeral and said my presence was needed at the reading of his will, I was floored. At best, Haymitch only tolerated me. Why in God’s name he’d leave anything to me while that crazy wife of his had her claws firmly clenched on the wallet where he kept his dotcom millions was a complete mystery. I’d immediately decided not to go. The lawyer could call me later.

The reason for my change of mind is sitting right beside me, holding my hand and projecting an aura of confidence while Effie, Haymitch’s wife, covertly sneaks glances in our direction and thinly veils her irritation at our presence.

Peeta convinced me that it was disrespectful to not attend the reading if I’d been asked to be there, but honestly, I think he just wanted a front seat to the drama. The corner of his mouth twitches every time he catches Aunt Effie staring at us. If she was only looking at him, I’d understand. My boyfriend, with his brawny physique and golden hair, looks hot in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, but he’s devastating in his navy sports jacket, white shirt and orange tie. He shifts in his chair and winks at me. The shit. He’s loving every second of Eff-zilla’s reaction to our attendance.

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bettyjonescooper  asked:

Congtats on reaching 2k followers very, very deserved. Had to restrain myself here but could I request 3, 10, 36 and 46. Hoping you get tons of asks so that we get to see them all anyway 😉

Thank you so so much, honey!!!! I appreciate all this love! And I probably will indeed write them all since the response I got was truly mindblowing! I thought I would get like two or three asks but now my inbox is overflowing and I’m typing away like a mad woman! At least I hope I’m doing your requests justice! Hope you enjoy!! <333

I’ve already written 36, 10 and 46 so click the numbers to check them out! Here is number 3!

3.     “Keep sweet-talking and this will go a whole new direction.”

“Stop messing with it, you look great.” Betty groaned for like the millionth time, slapping his right hand inches before it went to fidget once again with the silk grey tie around his neck.  For the whole half hour they were standing looking elegant and fancy by the mahogany double entrance, her boyfriend couldn’t stop squirming around his lanky limps or nervously poking at each and every item that his outfit consisted of.

Today was the twins’ christening and Jughead Jones along with Betty Cooper were the honorees of the evening, being the godparents of the two perpetually cheerful babies.

“I can’t help it, I feel awkward.” Jughead fired back in a hushed whisper, eyeing the people that were now filling the small chapel, offering tight lip smiles to every distant relative of the Cooper - Blossom family Betty warmly welcomed with her usual dashing smile.

“It doesn’t help if you look awkward too.” Kevin chipped in from behind the couple, dressed in a maroon colored suit and killing it, waiting for Veronica and Archie to appear so for the three of them to take their assigned seats.

At Jughead’s more panicky expression, Betty threw a cold glare over her shoulder at her best friend, silently demanding for him to shut up, the perfectly coiffured guy raising his hands in fake innocence. “Juggie, it is just a small ceremony.” She spoke in her most sweet and sugary voice, her French style manicured nails running over his tie as her fingers fixed it with great care. “It’ll be over before you even notice it, I promise.” She smiled warmly at him, his blue eyes scanning her face and contagious grin for a moment before he went back to his nervous mode.

“What if I forget my words? What if she starts crying and I can’t shush her? Oh God, what if I drop her?” he rambled in panic, eyes nearly falling off their sockets at the possibility of the last sentence as his mind created the dreadful image.

“What if a meteor strikes in the middle of the christening and all of us go spiraling in pieces all around the universe?” Kevin’s snarky voice interfered again the couple’s conversation, him taking great joy at pestering a rarely anxious Jughead Jones, and this time Betty pressed hard the heel of her left midnight blue sandal against his black polished Oxford shoe, the boy yelling in pain and Betty offering him a “you deserved this” side glance. She then took her boyfriend gently by the elbow, leading him further inside the church at a small corner.

“Juggie, listen to me.” She spoke softly. “Polly picked you to be Lizzie’s godfather for a reason. First of all because you’re good with her, you’re good with children. You are the one that made her laugh for the first time, the one that she is always giggly and hyper around. I swear she’s my biggest competition when it comes to your attention.” Jughead cracked a small smile at that and Betty giggled, remembering the numerous times the small child would complain against her mother’s arms or throw a tantrum if Jughead was in the room and he was not holding her, instead being preoccupied with cuddling his beautiful girl. At least Betty knew her niece had good taste in men.

“And she chose you because you are you;” he ran her hands up his arms until she laced her fingers behind his neck, rocking against his body “sweet, caring, loyal, protective, with the highest moral code of all of us and the most passion and drive to succeed, always standing independently on your own feet.” Betty listed some of the many pros of Jughead’s character, seeing him leave a cooing sigh at her encouraging words, trying to ease his nerves. “You’re the most suitable one for the role, Juggie. Lizzie is going to be so lucky to have you in her life.” When Polly had proposed him being a godparent along with Betty for the twins, he was not sure he could handle such responsibility. Now with her in his arms and the way he appeared in her eyes, he knew he was going to be just fine.

“You really think so?” he breathed, double-checking and prepping him up for the big event.

“I know so.” She confidently replied in a heartbeat. “Plus, I can’t tell you enough how damn handsome you look in this suit.” She added secretly, green eyes giving him a once over for the nth time that day and the corner of her lips tugging up in appreciation at the sight.

Jughead raised his eyebrows, in shocked amusement. “Are you shamelessly flirting with me under the watchful eye of God, Elizabeth Cooper?” he gasped in fake offence, tightening the hold of his arms around the silk material of her elegant dress at the small of her waist.

“I’m just appreciating the beauty in the world.” She shrugged in a what seemed like innocent girly manner but he knew better. “And damn baby, the way this button-up clings against your abs can only be considered as a masterpiece.” She hummed in appreciation and bit her lip as her palm delivered a heavy caress over the bark blue silk that was glued to the front of his muscular chest, feeling her cheeks heat up and not be able to restrain herself from letting her hand linger dangerously close to the waistband of his grey slacks, making him hiss and exhale a deep breath to now calm his teenage hormones.

Keep sweet-talking, Betts, and this will go a whole new direction.” He warned feeling his self-control slipping, as he took hold of her wrist to remove her hand from that code red area against his body, the fact that she also looked like a bombshell in her off shoulder baby blue dress and sky high heels, a total change of paste from her usual comfy sweaters and skin tight jeans, not really helping with the situation either.

“That’s what I’m aiming for.” Betty sent him a look full of promises under her thicker for ther occasion eyelashes, Jughead slightly groaning at those green eyes that always triggered something inside him. “Keep the suit when you swing by my room later tonight. I can already think of a few ways for us to break it in.”

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Cats, cats, cats! by Ithfifi Williams
Via Flickr:
Hi everyone! I hope you are doing great today? Did you know that September is ‘Happy Cat Month’? Its true! So of course I had to paint some lovely kitties on my nails! They look a bit confused, pudgy and fluffy!