Style Setters


*claws my way out of procrastination by using the pretty setters squad as motivation*

anonymous asked:

Hello, I saw you already draw the setters squad, but can I request for the setters squad plus Kageyama pls, btw, I love your art, your dog AU makes me really happy <3

Sleepy puppy pile. The setters need some rest.
Once more in sketch style, even if this piece took ages anyway; but i take it would’ve taken even longer in regular lined style. 
Thank you for requesting and your kind words!! >>Full size version here!!<<

More of the Haikyuu!! Dog AU
Request here!


Albus Severus Potter - The Sarcastic One

Bethany Ella Harris - The Trend Setter

Rose Minerva Weasley - The Reader

Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy - The Writer

Who Are They? Part 1 / 6

Okay that was a great episode and all, but what the heck happened with Shirabu’s backstory?

So they left out the part where Shirabu is the only Shiratorizawa starter player who is not on a sports scholarship. He studied his ass off to pass Shiratorizawa’s notoriously difficult entrance exam, just so he can get a chance to play volleyball with Ushijima and once he got in he drastically changed his setting style to fit with Shiratorizawa’s style and took away the starter setter position from Semi:

In the manga, this part really nails down the studious, hardworking, obssesive, and scary intense part of his personality, which is the part that makes Shirabu such an complex and interesting character. The combination of his reserved, modest style as a setter and his super intense, obsessive, salty, no-chill attitude is what makes him another one of Furudate’s great dynamic characters. Without this part, he just seems like a subservient pretty setter in the rival Big Bad team, he seems like a flat character and we all know that Furudate-sensei doesn’t do flat characters.

Everything else in this episode is freaking fantastic (Megane!Oikawa and Iwa-chan fuck yeah), which is why I’m afraid that what they did to Shirabu’s backstory would get overlooked. Whether or not you’re a huge fan of Shirabu or Shiratorizawa, we can all agree that the best part about haikyuu is the characters and leaving out such a important part of Shirabu’s backstory just doesn’t do Furudate-sensei’s character-building skill justice.

Pant suits were not accepted professional attire at the College in the mid-sixties until I went to Florida to attend an NLN convention. Someone talked me into purchasing two suits, one was plum colored and the other was lavender. Riding to the airport to get the return flight to Iowa City, Anna Coles, Dean at Howard University, and I entered into an agreement to wear a pant suit to work on the following Monday morning.

With great trepidation and a vast sense of unease I donned my plum colored suit and set out for the day’s work. When I opened the door to that long, second floor corridor there was a stunned silence on the part of all the individuals who suddenly stuck their heads out of the office doors. The message was flashed down the corridor ‘The Dean has on a pant suit.’ No sooner had I survived the shock of being the style setter (everyone appeared in pant suits the next day!) then you informed me that the President had called to ask me to attend  morning meeting with the Dean’s council. You looked at me, I looked at you. You said, 'What are you going to do, go home and change your clothes?’ I said, 'Indeed I am not, I am dressed for the day whether the President likes it or not.’ I went to the meeting and when I walked in all the men applauded!


Laura C. Dustan, R.N., Ed.D. to Etta H. Rasmussen, April 13, 1981

University of Iowa College of Nursing, Iowa Women’s Archives, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City.