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Sturgill Simpson - Living The Dream (Live @ Summer Solstice)

Living the Dream
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That old man upstairs, Lord, he wears a crooked smile,
Staring down on the chaos he created,
He said, Son if you ain’t havin’ fun just wait a little a while
Mama’s gonna wash it all away; she thinks mercy’s overrated 

I’ve listened to this song on repeat all day. Jason Isbell tweeted a couple weeks ago that Sturgill sounds exactly like how you would expect a man named “Sturgill” to sound, and he’s very right. 

Metamodern Sounds In Country Music comes out next Tuesday, May 13. Be sure to check it out. 


Country like I say it oughta be


Sturgill Simpson’s latest video, for his downcast cover of When In Rome’s 1988 hit “The Promise,” portrays the country singer as a struggling light in a murky void.

Watch it here and on All Songs TV