Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd admitted that when the arrest was made, his officers knew that Ahmed had neither made a bomb, nor presented his clock to people as a fake bomb. In spite of the fact that no law had been broken, they arrested him anyway. 

So they knew the kid didn’t have a bomb but arrested him anyways? They handcuffed him for the detention? Like everything else in this horrific story of incompetence, that makes no sense whatsoever. This honestly looks like they arrested him because he was a minority and a Muslim, and after that Texas police claim to have released him without any charges as though that is a favor. #Hate it!

Yo ANTIFA, I know you think you’re helping by mobbing fascist rallies and starting fights, but really all you’re doing is exactly the same shit your political opponents want to do. In essence, you actually aren’t much better than them. And by not respecting basic human rights like freedom of speech and free assembly you’re even more like them.

“So what am I supposed to do? Just let the bastards speak?” Yeah, because when the idiots preach their shit and nobody tries to stop them or oppress them, everyone knows it’s bullshit. By trying to shut them down, you feed into their victim-narrative and make it look like they’re right. This is called the “Streisand Effect.”

Does this mean you shouldn’t counter-protest? Fuck no! Counter-protesting is great. Self-defense is great too. All I ask is that you never try to start the fights or go in with the mindset that you have to stop these people from talking. Let them talk, just get your own message out there. And if they come to fuck with you, feel free to defend yourselves.

This post used to be really short and stupid, like a “gotcha” soundbyte, and it got reblogged to hell by people replying to it. I hope that by editing it and elaborating on my points, people will see what I really think and see that it isn’t so insane or inflammatory.

I really don’t wanna argue with people or have them hate me, but I have to say what I believe. I just hope that by doing it in a smarter way, I’ll catch less heat.

Protect the Creators!

I wonder what will happen if we stop posting anything until Tumblr decides to protect the creator´s rights by making it impossible to erase the credits.

I think I have enough of stupid teens and all kind of leeches rebloging my pictures and obliterating any epigraph, text, link or credit from my works.

And I know many people feel the same way.

Then, if Tumblr  invested the same time it did in those annoying changes that nobody likes and instead tried to protect the same people who is giving life to the site by posting content and original works, things could be so much better.

So, if you are trying to sell me things, at least, treat me well.

Please, if you agree, reblog this message.

The Hype To Fight The Dress Code

In the last year I’ve occasionally seen posts or photos that have been taken regarding the reaction to school dress codes, but they’ve become much more frequent in the last few months.

High schools across the nation are under fire over their dress codes, and frankly I’m really fucking tired of it. I get that social justice extremists have no concept of common sense, decency, professionalism, or ethical standards; but I’ve read the arguments, and they’re all cop outs.

I read one article today with the headline “High School Crop-Top Dress Codes Send the Message That School Is for Boys”. Yes, because crop-tops, short skirts, and other scantily clad articles of clothing are the only things not banned from most school dress codes, right?

Here is a list of other items that are included in most high school dress codes

  • No sagging pants
  • No hats, caps, or sunglasses
  • No coats between 1st and 7th periods
  • Boys must tuck in their shirts
  • Shoes to be worn at all times
  • No chain wallets
  • No studded jackets
  • No clothing with inappropriate suggestive language on it
  • No dying hair unnatural colors

Do you know why these dress codes are put in place? For one, because it teaches and enforces a professional code of conduct. Secondly, because these things are typically a distraction of some sort, and are otherwise unnecessary.

Interestingly, though, these people who gripe about the dress code have nothing to say about any of these other things. I’m sure they would say more about their dyed blue hair, if it could have some sort of rape culture message attached to it for good measure and be considered legitimate because of it.

I’m over this “weather appropriate” argument when it comes to crop-tops and skimpy shorts. You don’t need to wear excessively revealing clothing to stay cool in the summer, especially when your school is air conditioned. It’s not like boys are allowed to walk around school without a shirt on, or shorts so short you can see their balls hanging out.

I’m even more over this “stop sexualizing me” argument. It’s the ultimate cop out from these spoiled brats. No one is “sexualizing you” any more than you are already sexualizing yourself. You’re wearing shorts that your ass hangs out of because you want people to notice it. There’s no reason to not concede this is an attention seeking piece of wardrobe. Doing so is a cop out. I don’t give a shit what you say about it. It’s an excuse to do whatever the fuck it is you want without anyone being able to say otherwise.

I get that teenagers think they know everything, but we’re talking about kids who are combatting responsible adults as being pedophiles, and perpetuating rape culture. You don’t go to school to make the rules and do whatever you want to do. You go there to learn. If your wardrobe is considered a distraction, then you go home and change it. The ability for others to learn should not be impeded just because you think you have a set of special clothing rights in high school.

Try going to your non-Hooters, non-porn job wearing a crop top and short shorts, and see how fast they send you home. Go ahead and cry that sexualizing cop out to your employer in response. See how fast you lose your job because you think you’re owed some right to dress how you want to, and people just have to deal with it.

Your attitude sucks, and you have zero class. I don’t expect teenagers to have good amounts of either one - but I also did not expect to actually see any outlets taking this garbage seriously and turning it into a legitimate talking point.

All these people talking about how they feel bad about this lion and how hunting is wrong, and how animals do not deserve this. I entirely agree with them. But yet, these hypocrites still go out and have dead animals on their plates and paying other people to raise their food for slaughter. Seriously, shut the fuck up with your hypocrisy.