OMFG This happened to me today! Richonners Unite!

So I was talking about episode 708 of TWD with my colleague/friend, and how excited I was when the gates opened to reveal Michonne and Rick holding hands. She made a face and I asked her why. She responded: “I get why *you* would be happy about that, but I was super excited when Rick let her hand go to run over to Maggie.” When I asked her why (purely out of friendly curiosity), this biatch replied: “Because I really want Rick to get back to his own kind, like Maggie. I get that Michonne is exotic in Rick’s eyes, but you can’t turn an animal into a housewife. Phases come and go and so will Michonne.”

I can’t believe that I’ve been working with this ignorant chick for 5 years! Like what the hell?

Real talk tho, she about to end up missing..


So against my better judgement (and the advice of my wonderful fellow richonners/richonnettes), I spoke to my coworker and former “friend”. More like I listened to her speak because she begged for the chance to explain her previous statement after she figured out that that was why I was pissed at her.

She said that when she called Michonne exotic, she meant that as a compliment not just to the character and the actress Danai who plays her, but to all black women as she thinks of women of color “in high regards”. When she called Michonne an animal, what she really meant was that Michonne is a fierce warrior type woman who fights like an animal, and that she (my coworker) has a hard time seeing Michonne in a more domesticated housewife and mother figure role. She feels like because Maggie, Rick and his children have a similar look, they can be more cohesive as a unit, and Maggie would fit the domesticated role better.

But here is the fucking kicker; the best for last. When she said that Rick should be with his own kind, she was actually trying to convey her disappointment in the show. She feels like the show is trying to push the affirmative action/interracial agenda, and while she’s fine with that because she understands the need for diversity, she feels like they’re pushing it too much. She wants Rick to get back to basics and restore his image, and she feels like he can’t do that if he’s behaving like the others below him.

The others being: Glenn/Maggie, Abraham/Rosita, Abraham/Sasha, and Tyrese/Karen. They were enough in her eyes to create diversity and equality in the show. And with Richonne as canon, and now that it seems like Carol and Ezekiel (or Morgan alternatively, but both men of color) might get together, she thinks it’s too much. She wants the writers to dial it back a bit so they can focus on “other” things, whatever the hell those other things might be.

At this point, I am SO done with this bitch. The fact that she justified her hate with MORE hate, is enough to make me cut ties with her for good. I’m keeping a log of everything she says from now on, and if she keeps it up, I will go to HR.

Thank you all for your support and love! I appreciate each and every one of you so very much! I might have lost a friend, but I feel as though I’ve gained many new, beautiful ones in return.

And for those of you that are curious, I did ask her what animal she had in mind when she said that Michonne was a strong warrior who fought like an animal. But I’m not going to say which one came to her ignorant ass mind first because I’m pretty sure Tumblr will crash soon afterwards, lol.

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I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. I was talking to a guy I’m (was) cool with in my band class, he’s a little lighter than me. I simply said “Good morning” and he yelled out “I DON’T LIKE DARK CHOCOLATE!” Everyone and the band instructor laughed and I just sat there like “are you serious?!” I’m so done with ignorant black men.