Here you go! My Full Steven Universe x BONE cross over!
(Couldn’t find a good match for Lapis or Greg, Maybe Ted and Greg?)
But yeah, it seems odd to bring up this 20 year old comic book, but the more you think about it, the better it gets

Steven and Fone: The brave hopeful hero who isn’t the biggest badass
Amethyst and Smiley: The lazy hungry slacker who has some depth
Garnet and Lucius: The big stoic badass who’s actually a big softie
Pearl and Phoney: The obsessive calculating one who has a heart of gold
Connie and Thorn: The kind hearted love interest badass sword girl
Bartleby and Centipeetle: The adorable cinnamon-roll who needs more love
Jasper and Tarsil: The hulking villain who is all beefy and angry
Grandma Ben and Rose: The strong wise mother figure
Red Dragon and Lion: The aloof powerful pet
Peridot and the 2 stupid Rat creatures: All around clods.

I might add a Lapis or a Greg but I need more time to re-read BONE