Stupid stupid dumb photo

My Facebook decided to warn me about @markiplier ‘s latest photo update, letting me know that the image may contain glasses, one or more people and indoor. I’m really glad that Facebook warned me about this rather than properly loading the photo because I’m just not sure if I was ready to see an image with glasses (despite wearing them myself), so thank you, Facebook!


I have reached a new level of stupid

I haven’t completed all the endings in this game yet so if the matching’s of pigeon to narrator seems weird, its because i didn’t put any thought into it

This is the first one of these photosets where I included myself (god i am an attention whore) 

This is probably the best picture that i have ever taken, shot during my trip to Denmark. Why in the world am i posting this? Because of this ;

External image

You get an opportunity to do something great once in a while, you better take it before it’s too late. Words of wisdom, i think… I’m sorry if this isn’t what you signed up for when following me, but everyone,s gotta post something really stupid once in a while too make the good stuff seems so much better.