• natgeo Video @ladzinski / Waves, played in reverse, rolling under a vibrant sunset on the stunningly beautiful island #Martinique at the foot of Mont Pelée. Mont Pelée is the island’s prominent volcano and last erupted in 1902, destroying Saint-Pierre and killing over 28,000 people in 2 minutes! 🇲🇶

Ed singing Supermarket Flowers, Live @ The BBC One Show TODAY.  It’s so beautiful……………………………………

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Animals (and CGI) are EXPENSIVE. A movie won't happen because no one would ever want to shell out the money for that questionable a success. Nah, if it ever gets touched again, it will be something much lower risk. I'm half-expecting a comic series, whey could do so much with that.

Yeah, I’ve been known to joke that That Fucking Hawk (aka the questionably-talented actor who played Tobias and presumably shat on Brooke Nevin an untold number of times) was personally responsible for driving the show off the air, because I have no idea how much of their minuscule budget AniTV blew on that stupid bird but it was probably a huge proportion.  Honestly, I’ll never know why the show actually delayed restoring Tobias’s morphing power for so long compared to when the series did it, given that they did save themselves a lot of money (and a lot of narm) by having Visser Three and Ax pretty much always walk around in human morph, and could have done the same with Tobias as well.  

Honestly I’d love to see an animated adaptation of Animorphs (I’m thinking something like Avatar meets Attack on Titan but with transformation sequences straight out of Akira) if I had my druthers, because that would eliminate the budget issues while also cutting down on the likelihood of whitewashing.  There are also a lot of concepts that a live-action show would necessarily struggle HARD to be able to convey (I still cringe thinking about how AniTV shot Jake’s conversations with Temrash 114 while he was a controller) whereas there are lots of Anime and cartoons that successfully convey multiple characters inhabiting one body through various unreal animation schemes that get the point across.  Anime also have a good history with conveying huge discrepancies between appearance and character (I’m thinking of how sweet and adorable Alphonse Elric always seems despite the animators only ever drawing a huge suit of armor), whereas live action adaptations continuously struggle to convey that pretty people can be evil and ugly people can be good (*cough* fans are still trying to redeem Loki post-genocide *cough*).  

Mission: Improbable

There are 4 days left until Avengers Assemble season 4!
To celebrate, here’s some fluffy silly stevetony fake dating <3

“You want me to do what?” Steve was certain he must have misheard.

“Date me,” Tony said with a cheeky grin.

Steve felt his cheeks heating. “Well gosh, Tony-”

“Just for one evening!” Tony interrupted. “I’ve got an important mission, and I need you to pretend to be my date.”

To pretend, Steve thought, with a rush of something that could have been relief. Of course. Why else would Tony be asking him on a date?

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Can you do 12 & 18 for Shawn or harry, whichever one you have more inspo for

Authors Note:

Requested || Based off of #12 & 18 prompt found here 

“I’m pregnant.” .. “It’s okay to cry…”

He lives for being free, touring the world, singing, and doing what he loves the most, performing to his fans, there is absolutely nothing he would rather be doing. Even after five long years, five albums, and many achieved awards, he is still as lively, and as happy as ever, not to mention— married and loving it. 

You’re always jet setting to many places around the world, it is at a point where you spend more time in other countries and cities than you do your own. 

You and Shawn have joked about selling the house because the two of you spend more time in airports and in hotels that you are barely at the house, in fact, his little sister has basically moved in, taking the guest bedroom and making it her own when the two of you are away. Shawn was apprehensive about her being on her own, but he had to learn how to loosen up and not be the over protective older brother, at eighteen, you assured him that she would be fine house sitting the house. You both always managed to call her daily to check up on her despite her parents doing the same thing. 

You also quite like that Aaliyah has taken over the guest room, you love having her around when you are actually home, she is like your adopted teenager that you love to death. 

The hotel room is quiet and cosy as you stay curled up between the white duvet, snuggling into the freshly scented covers, Shawn’s figure standing at the window that has the view of the city—a view he has struggled to pull his eyes from. 

“I think we need an apartment with a view like this, what do yeh say?” He peers over his shoulder to look over at you with his darling smile and bright eyes, “Breakfast on a patio, overlooking the Eiffel tower, I think that is a wonderful idea. Wouldn’t you like to wake up to crepes, strawberries, croissants, Tartine, and a café au lait?” He names off a few of the wonderful choices of foods’ he has managed to taste in the short time he has been in France. 

You screw your nose up for a moment, burying your nose into the covers, the thought of food not settling too well with you. 

“Mhm, lovely.” You lie, not wanting to even think about Croissant aux abricots, Pain au chocolat, or whatever other kind of buttery pastry and jam that Shawn is more than likely thinking of at the moment. 

He shuffles away from the extended window, striding towards the bed, “Okay, what’s up with you? Usually, you are begging me to go with you to try new breakfast things. You don’t even seem remotely interested at the moment.” Shawn stands at the foot of the bed, cocking his head to the side as you continue to snuggle up to the covers. 

“Just tired,” you mumble, 

His brows knit in a frown, “Hmm, you sure? You kinda look a bit… off." 

With a heavy sigh you speak, "Thank you for saying I look terrible, Shawn.” you mutter, watching as he instantly shakes his head, “Don’t bother justifying yourself,” you chuckle, calmly amused by the expression painted across his face. 

He sighs and curls his lips into a pout, “I didn’t mean it like that, you know I always think you look beautiful." 

"You have to say that, you married me. Don’t you have a Q&A to get to?” you change the subject, not wanting to really discuss the fact that he always thinks you look stunningly beautiful, even when you are dressed in nothing by a pair of pyjama pants, and an oversized t-shirt, with your hair a mess. 

To him, you are everything he loves, no matter how you look. 

“I do,” he nods, “You trying to get rid of me?” he raises a brow, crossing his arms over his chest, 

“Nope, just askin’.” You respond, watching as he moves away from the foot of the bed and makes his way over towards his jacket that is draped over the chair. 

He hums as he grabs his jacket, sliding it up his length arms, “You wanna come? It is a short Q&A before my concert, I don’t even have a meet and greets today.” He informs you, flashing you his bright eyes that denote that he really wants you to attend, even if he won’t say it. 

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Victuuri Vampire!au Story

…nobody asked for. lol *sweats nervously* I’m just so heavily into immortal things and please, be warned that the things written below is far from pure or realistic. aaa I still hope you enjoy some of my hopeless daydreaming if you like anything related to vampire😂 At least, it’s about eternal love.

+ + + + +

- Victor Fedorov quickly becomes one of the most decorated figure skaters in history starting with his first gold medal in 1896 worlds merely at his age 16 and wins 5 more, just counting internatinal competitions. He was loved all the time by so many people around the world for his dazzling face and smile, just as much as his skating career. However, much to everyone’s shock, he ends his own life only at his age 28 from a death leap, reason still covered in veil.

World never found his body.

- In 2010, some rumors appear out of nowhere around the social media claiming that recently, a few people in St Petersberg witnessed a stunningly beautiful man with a perfect body line, blue eyes shining like a light bulb at night, skin like that of a porcelain doll skating on a local frozen lake… doing something close to 5-turn-flip in the air. Of course, most of the people laughed at or ignored them until literally no-one could gather enough data to prove what they saw. All the pictures or videos taken were strangely blurred.

- 2 years past the “Skating porcelain doll” incident, the rumor is brought back when Yuri Katsuki, top male figure skater in Japan, GPF bronze medalist at his age 19, brings out his new coach on the ice rink, Victor Nikiforov… looking more like a snowy pale super model, tagging along and staring at the young skater like a blind man searching for sun, which was truly something for everyone to notice since Yuri looked very much ordinary when compared to his stunning coach himself.

- Much to everyone’s disappointment, this gorgeous coach refused to answer a single thing about himself and the only thing they knew for sure was that when the two were together, Yuuri was a blushing mess and Victor was a smiling idiot. Victor was constantly said to be quite a resemblance to one legendary figure skater back in 1st generation, even sharing his first name “Victor.” The truth was that he didn’t have a single official skating career yet he skated like magic. He was also well-known for his strength and ability to safely carry his student in less than a minute from hundreds of reporters and fans.

- Yuri Katsuki, already a rising star standing along the line of skating legends, soon wins 3 consecutive golds at GPF adding onto both single and free skate World records. He happily gets married to his coach at 24, Victor, and plans to retire after one more year as a competitive skater. Tragedy begins when Yuri dies at his impossibly young age, 25, from congestive heart failure.

- A war breaks out when Victor literally steals his husband’s body out of the hospital the moment Yuri gives away his last breath. Victor didn’t seem to blink his eyes even once during Yuri’s last days, sitting alongside his bed like a stone statue, said the nurses around that time in disbelief. He jumps out of the window with the corpse from 3rd floor before people could even process what was happening and there were no more witnesses on the street.

He comes back before the cops could find him, which was still a week later -all of the bereaved familiy close to fainting and all the friends gathered up fuming… but again giving everyone another round of nightmare: The body was perfectly preserved without even a drop of formalin in presence, flawless face like a sleeping prince wearing pale make-up just like his husband, lips red like fresh blood, laid in a ridiculously expensive coffin filled with white rose.

This incident made quite a lot of people tearful rather than angry, knowing how madly Victor was in love with Yuuri all this time and how the tragic fate literally crushed him down into a madman. Even several wailings began when Victor’s will was found in the husbands’ later perfectly empty house, two days after Yuri’s funeral. World never found his body.

- Yuri Katsuki’s coffin gets robbed right after the day of Victor’s disappearance.

+) - The Comics are taking place after all that happened above. Sorry for the long post and my English!

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Hi Emily, I'm planning to move to England! :D any advice?


hmmmm well the advice would probably vary PRETTY WIDELY depending on where you’re from, but here is some VERY SERIOUS basic stuff:

  • your relationship with tea begins the moment your flight touches down. you will be repeatedly offered tea, the procurement of tea will frequently be prioritised by those around you, and discussions surrounding tea will occur ad nauseam. if you wish to blend in, I suggest you develop a taste for PG Tips. the less milk you have in it, the more respect you earn, but if you have no milk at all, that’s weird and will be a conversation topic. two sugars in it will get a raised eyebrow; any more and you will be discussing diabetes for the next half an hour. asking for a herbal tea will likely put your host into a state of either smugness or panic, depending on whether or not they still have that fancy berry blend they got six months ago on a health kick. if you don’t drink tea at all, you will confuse people. this may be your preference.
  • talk about the weather. in any scenario. at any moment. to fill a silence, remark on the weather.
  • try a cream tea, absolutely try a cream tea. scone, yes. jam, yes. cream, yes. in that order. do not believe anyone who tells you the cream should go under the jam. this is crucial.
  • the order of supermarkets from cheap to posh is Lidl, Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer; unless your name is Moneybags McGee, don’t do your weekly shop at M&S. be seduced occasionally by their delicious cakes, but do not succumb to the temptation of their full range.
  • Halloween is not such a big deal here, especially outside of big cities, because people are too shy to put on costumes and prat about. if you love Halloween, you need to find a Halloweeny clique and fight for your right to party.
  • you will frequently be greeted by a question that sounds like “higheryawright?” this is, in fact, “hiya, are you alright?” you should under no circumstances reply to this question with how you are actually feeling. saying you are “good” may seem like you’re bragging. it’s best to go with “not too bad, not too bad”, along with a knowing look at your interrogator. they will give you this look in return, a wry smile, like you’re sharing a joke. this joke is that life is shit, but you say it’s not too bad, and you keep going at it.
  • if you put up two fingers with your palm facing inwards, towards yourself, like an American peace sign, that is swearing in the UK - like a slightly softer fuck-you than just flipping up your middle finger. I used to think all the American people I knew who threw up peace signs in photos with their palm inwards were trying to be really edgy and flip off the camera. if you want a UK peace sign, you need your palm facing out.
  • the weather. I’m serious. check the five-day forecast and you have conversation topics sorted for the week.

this was all a little tongue-in-cheek friend, THE UK IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE TBH we have big diverse open-minded cities and beautiful countryside. and it’s full of people, which makes it the usual human blend of terrible and stunningly beautiful and boring and awe-inspiring. it rains a lot, too. 

if you want some more specific tips/answers, feel free to ask!! I’m here for being a resident Brit ;D <3