listen I’m actually kind of terrified of ghosts but for Holtzmann I’d do my best 🚫👻

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This video is the f*cking strong!

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do you like uke yamamoto and uke enma??? ;O that is what i get from you rposts

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,No offense but I’ve gotten these asks since I’ve been on Tumblr, and I’m really tired of them because I’m not like this/into this stuff.

I don’t like “Yaoi” or “Yuri”, Seme/Uke stuff, etc., I support gay relationships, ”Yaoi” relationships aren’t healthy at all, they’re fetishized and of course unhealthy.

I support gay, healthy relationships, whether it be between two boys or two girls.

People use “Seme” and “Uke” as who dominates the other while the other just takes it, that is no healthy “love”, where one uses their partner for whatever they want.

I’m 100% sure if they really love each other, they would treat each other will mutual respect, they wouldn’t treat one of each other like an object or a toy, they would love each other how people should be loved, not to display fantasies people wish for in their relationship, or how people just find two guys or girls making out hot.

I just really hate this type of “relationship”, it’s not a relationship to me, it’s not okay at all, I can’t stand it.

I don’t like “Uke Yamamoto and Enma”, I don’t like Uke or Seme anyone, I don’t like forceful relationships, I don’t like anything of the sorts.

I like relationships, straight or gay, that love and respect each other, not ones where one has to be a “top” or “bottom” and that’s it.

I’m sorry if this comes off as really mean or rude, I really am, but I’ve been assumed I like this stuff too many times.

I ship lots of things, but when it comes to Yaoi, Yuri, Abuse, Incest, and Pedophilia, I cannot stand it.

I’ve been forced to at and shown this stuff since before I was even classified as a teenager, and I’m still only 15 years old, so please, don’t bring this up to me anymore, I’m really uncomfortable with it, thank you.

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Hey have any of you had this happen where you were cosplaying with almost no money to start with? Like you couldn't buy the best costumes or wigs? Anything like that? (Idk how else to say it)


all. of. us.

Seriously, most of the people here started cosplaying during their teen years where VERY few people can LEGALLY work…therefore, not having much income to purchase cosplays.

—- Borrowing cosplays, buying wigs for $10 off other friends who did cosplay, doing casual versions of stuff, crafting props and accessories using dollar store stuff….


here’s a lazer gun I made outta duct tape, paint, sharpy and a watergun:

It’s suppose to look like this:

- Emmark

Fanfic Author Appreciation Day

Yeah, it’s late, so what. Why would you think I got distracted re-reading things while writing it? Ha. Ha. Haaa… >.>

@darthumbreon is, of course, the first person to go on the list because I love Lux and she has provided (many times, in many ways). Also we went from me yelling happily into her comments section to good friends and collaborators.

@beckyh2112 is currently writing something practically designed for me - what with the arranged marriage and culture clash. Details like language issues, cultural customs, clothing styles, religious friction… DELIGHTFUL.

@snowsheba updates daily (HOW???) and does a great job of writing Hana “D.Va” Song as imperfect but still awesome.

@thestanceyg just finished a fun Darcy and Criminal Minds crossover, and also writes cute Sam/Darcy stuff.

@arcaneadagio made 13 chapters of chat-log entertaining. Normally I would stay away from that.

@allthemarvelousrage writes the good Toni Stark stuff, also has your back for OT3s.

@amusewithaview writes so many soulmates! Some excellent Darcy/Bucky, and also why I’m enamored of Darcy/Sam.

@awww-brain-no provides such good Darcy content, also feeds my weakness for Darcy & Coulson platonic soulmates.

@val-eris has a little bit of soulmates, a little bit of friendship, a little bit of family, and a lot of Darcy - all that good stuff that draws my attention. That little extra “long lost family member” only seals the deal.

@fitz-mack-attack does that thing I love where Darcy is Tony’s daughter well.

@prisficart pulled me in with Darcy & Coulson friendship, but is currently alluring me with Harry Potter-Labyrinth crossover.

Wyste has some of the good soulmates with identity issues stories. Tends more to the DCU than I usually lean, but I got brought in by the Darcy/Bruce Wayne|Batman.

@laporcupina keeps the characters well rounded, and has a good hold on their individual voices. I love all of Freezer Burn.

gonna remove my character page for awhile

also changing the fruitkids blog to private for awhile, i might delete it

the reason is im going to be working on my characters arcs and info, i shouldnt have rushed and made their stuff final and public, so im probably gonna keep changing the fruitkids story too. if u wanna learn about them from now on message or inbox me, or even email me if u want (gaccocat01@gmail) 

sorry folks