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Harry Potter & Hermione Granger | Harry Potter

“The scar on his forehead burned so badly, that he clapped his hand to it. 

“What’s up?” said Hermione, looking alarmed. 

“Scar”, Harry mumbled, “But it’s nothing… it happens all the time now.”

None of the others had noticed a thing.


The Ultimate Mythical Road Trip Masterpost:

lancesetter  asked:

Yo dude if you want anybody to vent with, I'm always around *finger guns*

me: thanks you for my liFE 

Signs You've Been In A Fandom Too Long

So I was playing a quiz game on my phone and I got some answers wrong, so the game gave me some encouragement like “Ooo! Better Luck Next Time” and “There is no wrong answers just new experiences” or some stuff like.
So I got one question wrong and it told me “Go dust yourself off”
Me, having been in the Undertale fandom for about a year now, automatically thought of dust usually meaning death/killing.
So I was extremely horrified for a good few seconds like “WHAT?!? I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE NICE ENCOURAGEMENT!! BUT IT JUST TOLD ME TO KILL MYSELF???”
It took me a minute to realize that dust actually meant like brush yourself off.

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So I told my boyfriend that anal sex was off limits but I'd try butt plugs and stuff, so he bought butt plugs and we used them for the first time a few days ago and now I'm all down to have anal, butt stuff feels so good?? No one ever told me???

Oh shit!!!!! Sweet

DAMN im tired of getting misgendered, it happens so often even in progressive spaces, i cant tell you how many times people have told me stuff like “youre one of the rare good men” or whatever, and its always this lighthearted compliment/joke so i never want to kill the mood by correcting them, but god, it gets to be a lot

skullfest  asked:

oh good i thought maybe you got hounded by people for "pretending to be usps" or something crazy-- as is typical of this site. and thank YOU for posting great stuff!

THIS IS SO KIND THANK YOU FRIEND! Nah no one told me to and if the actual government came after me I would claim freedom of speech