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Signs as Classmates
  • (Inspired by @rucashello)
  • Aries:Yindra
  • Taurus:Yogi
  • Gemini:Clarissa
  • Cancer:Jeffrey
  • Leo:Wyatt
  • Virgo:That girl who showed up to Mr. Matthews class on the first few days of high school and never came back because she recognized he was a shitty teacher
  • Libra:Sarah
  • Scorpio:Jade
  • Sagittarius:Haley
  • Capricorn:Dave
  • Aquarius:Nigel
  • Pisces:Darby


As much as I hate to say it, reblogs really DO help me, guys. More than you know. ;~;




Two magicians shall appear in England…
The first shall fear me; the second shall long to behold me;
The first shall be governed by thieves and murderers;

the second shall conspire at his own destruction;
The first shall bury his heart in a dark wood beneath the snow, yet still feel its ache;
The second shall see his dearest possession in his enemy’s hand…

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke

Angular and elegant, he was precariously thin, with nervous hands and a shrewd albino face and a short, fiery mop of the reddest hair I had ever seen. I thought (erroneously) that he dressed like Alfred Douglas, or the Comte de Montesquiou: beautifully starchy shirts with French cuffs; magnificent neckties; a black greatcoat that billowed behind him as he walked and made him look like a cross between a student prince and Jack the Ripper

Francis Abernathy

(The Secret History - Donna Tartt)


I’m printing a short run (100 each) of these for the upcoming Lilac City Comic Con in May; I’ve been meaning to put together a series of these for forever (the next run will be superspy stuff—Bond’s PPK, the You Only Live Twice gyrojet pistol, and Scaramanga’s Golden Gun for sure, and probably the U.N.C.L.E. Mauser). 

5 x 7 on nice 16 pt matte stock (with some additional stuff on the backs). My plan is to sell ‘em for $2 each, or all three for $5 at shows. 

So, yeah, if you like nerd weapons and are attending the Spokane Con, you should stop by and pick up a set. 


I’ve been working on a Star Wars themed punk jacket (because I couldn’t resist the urge to make rebel jokes) and I’ve run out of studs so here’s the progress so far. It’s not finished, I need a crap-ton more studs on the back and possibly a few more patches on the front.

The jacket was thrifted from a charity shop. Patches and studs from ebay. Badges from a stationery store in the sales. Ships and figures and stuff from toyshops cos I’m a goddamn adult who buys tiny spaceships from toy shops.