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Hello! I just wanted to drop in to see how you were doing! :D I haven't seen you posting as much so I hope it's for good reasons (or because I'm totally blind and am missing your posts?!)! :)Have a great day!!!!!

Greeting & salutations!  It was kind of you to ask.

I know I haven’t posted much at all in the last several days.  I feel badly about that, since I tend to be much more active in terms of reading stories and commenting on art and other fanworks. I feel fortunate to belong to the Hakuouki and Fairy Tail fandoms, and maybe just a wee bit to certain others. :)

Morpheus and I still haven’t reached an understanding on my (poor) sleeping habits yet, alas, so I’ve got a few things going on that have been taking a toll on my time and energy.  Not sleeping at all and then being too tired to do the things you want (like writing, for me), is frustrating!

On the “good reasons” side, I have been playing Collar x Malice, and I can understand why @shell-senji has been so keen on it.  The characters are an interesting remix of the classics with a modern police investigation background. (I know I wrote a piece on how Sasazuka reminds me of Okita, but there are differences ofc, and I’m finding almost a better understanding of his character in another character who appears quite dissimilar at first glance).

Honestly, these three and their varying expressions crack me up.  So far Yanagi (far left) is a calm, very quiet version of Hijikata and the one who parents the group, stepping in to deflect and diffuse both Sasazuka’s (middle) stinging sarcasm and Enomoto’s (right) over-the-top reactions and romantic imagination.  In fact, thinking about it, I suspect Yanagi is more of a blend of Hijikata and Saitou, but we’ll see - I haven’t played his route.

Anyway, to sum up, I’ve had some ups and downs health-wise, played some Collar x Malice, done some writing and tried my best to get a little sleep.  My apologies for being somewhat MIA, I expect to be back soon!

(a screenshot to celebrate your new username: Yamazaki being awesome)

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Besides annual appointments, my last talk with my Ophthalmologist was that my eyes are in great health. He suggested I try a neurologist to find an answer to the flashing/general weirdness. So I made an appointment to see about getting a referral. 

Sometimes I’m straight up terrified of what’s happening to my vision, but I’ve already had an MRI. I don’t see what else can be done. I’m going in purely for advice.

I didn’t include details on purpose. Details usually end in well meaning horror stories in the comments and I can’t handle that.

I’m just a pair of flailing kermit arms right now.

i went on a twitter rant about tumblr by putting my own ocs into context and i realise how similar the relationship between my main male and female characters are to touken? it’s kinda funny because i wrote this before i got into tokyo ghoul 😂😂😂 i remember one of my friends telling me some time later that my mc is a lot like kaneki and i was like LOL ya, but now i realise that female mc is a lot like touka as well in terms of her insecurities and issues. though she’s more like how touka is in tg and she’s too stubborn to change some of her ways initially.