Dearest Study Abroad Fashionistas,

There’s nothing like a little Music Festival to get your Italian vacation off to the right start!! <3

One of the best parts of studying abroad is the ability to get on a train and go: wherever, whenever. Summer is the perfect time to do just that, because not only does the weather, even if it is brutally hot, permit you to jump on and off il treno without a care to any high heeled stiletto boots or scarves in your way, but it leads you to a variety of outdoor activity destinations!

The Lucca Summer Music Festival is one such outdoor activity. When I heard the Killers were playing in Piazza Napoleone I rounded up my friends, bought my ticket, and immediately started thinking about what to wear!

A small town known for its mura, and the place where I used to ride my bike as a child, Lucca is a small Tuscan city. Its summer music festival, along with its own version of comic-con for Italian illustrators earlier in the year, is one of its top sources of revenue. Indeed, true to the promise of crowds, before the concert my friends and I searched and searched for a place to eat, only to be turned away from so many places!! Ugh- there is NOTHING worse than being in Tuscany and not being able to munch on some affetate or focaccia!    

Finally, the lone man in our group took it upon himself to walk in to what seemed like a dark hole in the wall restaurant. Great, I thought, will my Fashionista self survive? Upon entering however, I saw a group of Italian construction workers at a table and knew we had happened upon an authentic, fabulous place that we would remember forever!

Called Rusticanella 2, the trattoria offered aperitivi, pizze, and foccacie: perfect spuntini on a blisteringly hot night before rocking out to some serious Las Vegas talent! <3 Our server, Oliviana, was brusque at first due to her many customers, and then super sweet as she took our orders and served us. To top it all off, the vino di casa was the perfect thirst quencher! You must visit Rusticanella 2 the next time you are in Lucca! Click here to see their website!

Now, darlings, apart from the food and how adorable Brandon Flowers was (he even sang a little bit of Dean Martin’s Volare during the concert to celebrate a joint Las Vegas-Italian connection!), I must tell you about my dress!

Taken from my mother’s closet a few years ago, and taken in appropriately by my stateside tailor extraordinaire, I turned heads in this dress in Paris, and decided it was the perfect way to let all my chic Study Abroad Fashionista roots hang out and rock out! A little boudoir, a little haute couture, the dress screams 90s Tom Ford appeal, and was the perfect way to stay cool, literally and figuratively, on a hot Lucca night.  I wanted to show off the neckline and beat the heat, so I teased my hair and put it up in a bun with every bobby pin I could find in my suitcase. Flat gold Dolce Vita sandals matched my gold Michael Kors clutch, making for a very understated but bling color palette.  The result? A very Fashion by Felicia Killers ensemble! :) 

The best part of the evening, however, was being able to enjoy American rock music in an Italian medieval square with my best friends in one of my favorite dresses while drinking my favorite Italian indulgence Esta The. :) The best thing about being a Study Abroad Fashionista, darlings, is joining all these different cultural parts of yourself into an international experience of a lifetime.

Now that’s Fashion!



Greimas postulates the situation of a foreigner who learns to speak Italian as an adult. The fact that the foreign speaker receives compliments on the quality of his spoken Italian should not lead him to forget the mental restrictions that accompany them: the foreigner speaks Italian well precisely because he is a foreigner. There is, therefore, no way in which the comparatist can aspire to becoming a native nor should he want to…In other words, even if the merger of the-comparatist-as-observer with an-other-as-observed were not a futile attempt, it should be resisted for then the comparatist would no longer be in a dialogical situation; he would not have the possibility to translate the others’ experience into the language of his own culture.

While we don’t usually condone Lindsay’s fashion choices on this blog, Study Abroad Fashionistas, recently she took to the streets in an outfit we would wear if we were studying in London or Paris!

Black cigarette pants, black oxford shoes, and a trench. Of course, the piece de resistance is the pair of sunglasses ;) 

A true outfit to see you through exams, and those moments when you just want to enter the library incognito- 

Che Fashion!!

Felicia <3