10 Commandments of Step 1 Studying

Check out the whole post written by Tim Durso from First Aid –> HERE

I. Thou shalt memorize the sacred text, First Aid, to the best of thine abilities.

II. Thou shalt right the wrongs of thine past (a.k.a. review incorrect answers to UWorld questions) for at least one hour per day.

III. Thou shalt honor the famed mystic, Dr. Sattar, with daily reflections on his musings.

IV. Thou shalt exercise no less than three times per week.

V. Thou shalt shower with enough regularity so as to not carry an unpleasant odor.

VI. Thou shalt make a sincere effort to keep complaining to the absolute minimum.

VII. Thou shalt not burn out.

VIII. Thou shalt maintain a positive attitude.

IX. Thou shalt sustain relationships with thine friends, family, and significant other.

X. Thou shalt keep thine eyes on the prize.

Anglepoise Lamps

Designed by George Carwardine in 1932, the iconic Anglepoise Lamp has come a long way. Dressed up or down with powder-coated colored finishes, shiny chrome, or colored and frosted glass, the lamps offer shades and shapes that allow you to chose the right lamp for your space.

I love the matte black Maxi Floor Lamp used in the below living area. Standing tall and bold, it adds a another playful layer to an already young vibrant room.