Ship To Wreck Cover by Claudia Boleyn (original song by Florence + The Machine) 

Arranged and performed by Claudia Boleyn. Mixed by Nick Wood. 

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WOWZA. chgreenblatt, creator of Harvey Beaks, gives us a fun & easy tutorial on how to draw our favorite bird pal– HARVEY!! 

You can also learn how to draw Fee Foo and watch other Harvey Beaks videos, click here! New episodes return Saturday, July 18th at 11am!!! 


Tiana - Lighting Assignment

New York Film Academy, New York City, USA

© Tiana Noujaim All Rights Reserved

Les Paul (1915-2009) by Erik van Rosmalen
Via Flickr:
A re-upload, as a tribute to the inventor of eight track recording and the electric guitar: <b>Les Paul</b> <i>1915-2009</i> ======== A shot made in the studio for another school assignment. We’re supposed to create an advertisement/advertorial for use in a magazine. <b>Part 1</b> of the assignment is to create the main illustration, which sets the mood for the product, <b>part 2</b> is a product shot, made with a Technical Camera. <b>Part 3</b>: put them together and create an advertorial… My product is a blues harp. And this is the scenery. And yes: a lot of black, but I need to put my text somewhere don’t I ;-) Parts 2 and 3 will follow! Note that I’m still working on this, just wanted to share. This one is practically unprocessed. The light is also still a bit too hard I think. So be gentle (not too gentle, please…)! UPDATE: I’ve also uploaded <a href=“”> bw-film version</a> of this shot. I think I prefer that one…!


The BKM Adult Programs crew swung by FAILE’s studio in Greenpoint to check out what the artists are working on for their upcoming exhibition at the museum. We played some of their arcade games from Deluxx Fluxx & chatted about their inspirations, and upcoming summer programs.

FAILE, who explained that they are interested in revamping “discarded histories” to create something new and beautiful, shared some of the interactive elements of their work–from old fashioned puzzle boxes to 80’s style pin-ball machines that visitors will be invited to play at the museum.

We’re excited to create public programs that explore their process and the various decorative art and cultural influences in their work–especially since our encyclopedic collection has many examples of the cultural and decorative work from which they draw their source imagery.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in the works:

There’s no need to wait for our August brooklynstreetart​ walking tour, now that the weather is warm, you can really appreciate some of NYC’s finest graffiti and street art on a stroll through any Brooklyn neighborhood.

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