Most Japanese schools don’t have custodians. Instead, the students are expected to keep their buildings clean. The idea is that, by taking responsibility for themselves, kids will better learn how to become productive members of society. Source

Things about uni I learned the hard way

1. Rewriting notes is useless (for me)
2. I should read my textbooks in advance
3. Syllabus of each subject is essential and it’s pretty much a study guide that tells me when I should study what.
3. When teacher says “search it up” or “please read this” or “please watch this video” you better do it …Cause it’s going to be on the test.
4. When teacher tells you to print / download some material you do it asap just in case he’ll delete it later without warning you… (one of my teachers is like that)
5. Never relay on others.
P. S.: Procrastination leads to eternal misery.

[ taken from my instagram: emmastudiess ] when you’re obsessed with stationery you can’t help but organise them into colour order…

+ ballpoint pens / mildliners / gel pens / highlighters / postit notes

GUYS!!! I TOLD H HOW I FEEL ABOUT HIM TODAY AND HE DIDNT SAY ANYTHING AT FIRST AND I WAS REALLY SCARED SO I WENT TO LEAVE AND HE GRABBED MY HAND AND PULLED ME INTO HIM AND HE KISSED THE TOP OF MY HEAD AND SNFNNS. He held me for like five minutes and was whispering to me and said, “I’ve loved you since the first day I met you, you have no idea.” and then he sighed into my hair and told me that as much as he loves me, if anything were to come from this, we would have to be very discreet about it. We discussed the possibilities, and he said he wanted to try it, but only if I felt 110% comfortable with the age gap. Guys. I’m officially DATING H. IS THIS A DREAM?!

So Matt said that it would take about a month of downtime for Grog to learn how to read/write like a kindergartner, yeah?

So imagine after the Conclave falls, they finally get some rest. They pop between Whitestone and Emon, spending a week or so in each city before returning to their other home. 

A primary school has been established in Emon, and one day Grog is walking along on his way to one of the dozens of construction sites. He passes by the school, and sees a little boy crying while walking home. He asks the kid what’s wrong and the kid says he was being bullied by the bigger boys for not wanting to kick a cat that passed through the playground that day. 

Grog of course flashes back to being kicked out of the herd for not wanting to kill Wilhand, so he tells the kid to describe the ones bullying him. The next day, he rolls into the playground in his finest badassery and finds the bullies. He gathers all the kids around - some of the teachers are concerned but the head teacher recognizes Grog and lets it happen - and makes the bullies stand in the middle.

The bullies are of course scared shitless, and the kid is worried about what he just started, but Grog doesn’t do anything. Instead, he gives a long lecture about mercy. He tells them about how, after all the hurt of the dragons, the most important thing is to be kind to one another and help each other up. He tells them not to emulate the dragons, but to emulate Lady Cassandra of Whitestone, who took in refugees when her own city was hurting, or Kerr the Blacksmith, who rose up to lead a community of peace, or Wilhand the Gnome, who all but adopted a young man he logically should have feared. He tells them that life needs things to live, and that those things are brotherhood and kindness. 

The bullies are suitably shamed, and after the lecture Grog lets the kids rope him in to playing with them. At some point, the Grog gets to talking with the teachers, and somehow ends up revealing that he doesn’t know how to read. “What with all the adventuring and world-saving, didn’t have much time to keep up with my studies,” he explains.

And that’s how, much to everyone’s amusement, Grog comes in the next day as the very biggest new student in the classroom, and learns how to read along with his new lil buddies.

What to do during a tet spell!

Aaahhh! Your patient with tetralogy of fallot is having a tet spell and turning blue!! What do you do?!

Don’t panic. I know, tet spells can be scary! Any time a patient is turning blue before your eyes can be terrifying. You don’t have to worry, though, because there are things you can do!

1. Calm the patient. If the tet spell was triggered by crying, see if there’s an obvious source of the crying. Wet diaper? Wanting to be cuddled? Tet babies are still babies with normal baby wants. 

2. Put the patient in knee chest position. 

3. Give morphine.

4. Give oxygen.

5. Start patient on propranolol.

  • Him: I'm fascinated by the way you dress
  • Me: Why?
  • Him: Because you embody some timeless class that a lot of woman don't have anymore. Nobody fucking paints their lips red just to come to class anymore, it's all about sweatpants and hair in a bun now, which can be fine but shows that you just don't care. That you don't care about yourself or how other people treat you. You on the other hand look like nobody can mess with you, yet you are the sweetest person with everyone. Your look demands you to be seen and respected, that's the way it supposed to be.
  • Me: Wow, you've been thinking about this a lot haven't you?
  • Him: You fascinated me
  • Me: That's good, I guess?!?
  • Him: It is, but it also makes things complicated
  • *what the fuck do you mean P, do you mean that it makes things complicated because your my teacher or.... `*
  • *and it think it's important to mention that i dress like pin up girl every day (think Dita Von Teese)*