‘Forbidden Fruit’ 🍒
- finds their TC way too hot to concentrate in class
- fantasises about their TC 24/7
- subconsciously bites lips when thinking of TC
- enjoys the taboo and thrill of the chase

'Teachers Pet’ 🙋
- teacher always calls on them whenever they raise their hand
- confident in front of TC, seems like an ordinary student
- actually crushing really hard

'CruSHY’ 🙇
- never participates in TCs class
- stops talking mid-sentence whenever TC walks by
- hasn’t told any of their friends
- avoids contact with TC, but stares at them from afar without them noticing

'Scriptwriter’ ✍️
- fairly open about their TC
- envisions and works to form strategies to get their TC’s attention or to see them
- plan never goes accordingly
- can’t help themselves and are always watching their TC very obviously

'Sherlockean’ 🕵️‍♀️
- has stalked TC online and in reality
- knows TC’s schedule
- looks for TC in public places
- makes an effort to look good when they know they may see their TC
- accidentally mentions weird facts about TC to other people randomly

'Giving Tree’ 🌳
- favourite class is TC’s class
- constantly trying to subtly make a better impression of themselves in front of TC
- always gives their TC gifts during holidays and their bday
- would do anything to make their TC happy


K: Mostly 'Teachers Pet’ plus a few components of the others
E: Pretty much Scriptwriter and some Sherlockean

I know you love your teacher. You told me you like him but I know you love him from the way you talk about him and it is okay. I understand how you feel, the feeling of wanting something but you can’t have. You try and go for him or at least have something. I give you permission to date him or marry him, I don’t care what you do because you love him and I want you to have that.
—  My Mother talking about him & I ( @teacherobsessive )
Advice For Student Teachers (From The “Other Side”)

I started this Tumblr when I *was* a student teacher.  Now, for the first time, I *have* a student teacher!  Both experiences taught me a lot, and, as a “mentor” teacher, I’ve been reflecting on what I would pass on to other soon-to-be-teachers. 

Put in the Hours

Come early, stay late.  That’s the life of a teacher, and it’s best to start experiencing it now. Teaching is a lot more than just what happens when the kids are around.  I know you have class and assignments, and those are a priority.  But so is getting as much time and experience as possible with the kids and in the classroom.  

Be Professional

I student taught at a “jeans and a t-shirt” kind of school, but I dressed more formally than the teachers.  It’s always OK to be the most dressed up and never OK to be the least dressed up.  Think of every day almost as a job interview.  Show respect to the rest of the staff: introduce yourself to the principal, specialists, office staff, janitor, etc.  Get to know the children’s families.  If the school allows it, volunteer to help with a few little things around the school.  Just from a practical side, it’s helpful to be “known” around the school when it comes time to try to find a job.

Ask Questions

It has taken me years to realize that a lot of the “magic” you see when you watch a good teacher is really the result of a million different deliberate decisions.   “Study” your classroom by taking the time to ask your teacher why and how she does things.  If you notice she’s especially great at guided reading, ask her to break down exactly how she does it, how she learned to do it that way, and why she makes those choices.  Otherwise, observing good teachers is kind of like going to a museum: impressive, but near impossible to duplicate.

Make Mistakes…

This is your time to have a “safe space” to experiment with learning how to teach.  Design a cool lesson or try something new even if it has the chance to fail.  You now have the benefit of a lead teacher backing you up.  It’s OK if everything does not go smoothly every time: people understand that you are still a STUDENT.

…But Be Honest and Reflective About Your Mistakes

When something does go wrong, really take the time to reflect on why it went wrong.  Seek out what you could do to do better next time.  If your lesson flops, don’t try to save face by saying, “Oh yeah it was fine.”  Talk openly about what you saw happen and what you need help on.

Ask For Help

The last two points bring me to this one.  ASK your teacher for help and guidance!  That is what she is there for.  Come in the morning with a few things you really want to work on, and get pointers.  I’m sure she is busy too, but I’ve never met a cooperating teacher who does not want to give advice.

You Can Be Critical, But Stay Respectful

There’s a good chance your teacher will not do things exactly how you would do it.  Heck, I’ve seen lots of AMAZING teachers, but I have never met one I would exactly copy.  It’s ok to think and reflect on what you would do differently, but remember that your cooperating teacher opened up her classroom and space to you and probably does do many things well (even if they are her way).  There may be times when you’ll have to manage the classroom or teach a lesson her way.  It’s OK.  You’ll have many years of doing it YOUR way! 

Enjoy The Experience, And Stay Positive

Student teaching can be a really amazing experience.  You get to spend your days with students and finally start to become a “teacher.”  But like many things, it’s what you make of it.  You’re also likely juggling work and school and having those days where you feel overwhelmed and like a failure.  Do everything you can to see the good in it.  Come into the classroom excited to see your teacher and the students.  I’ve seen a few student teachers who are so negative that everyone asks, “Why do they even want to become a teacher?”  Their attitudes can pull down the whole classroom.  Work to put on a smile and positive energy even when you’re feeling “down” (this skill will come in handy when you have your own class, too!).

Today was my first day student teaching! I’m so excited to begin this new chapter in my life. This will be very hard work, but this is the kind of hard work that makes me feel lit up inside. I’m working to show people that I have the physical, mental, and emotional grit and stamina to do this. I’m working to show myself that. I’m so ready to give this my all. To be honest, the last two weeks have been terrible. I had surgery (hospitals make me feel like a mushy powerless overcooked noodle), and my sister is going through some devastating mental health issues. My problems are far from over. But here’s to new beginnings!


so I just came back from assembly and I was heading up the stairs to my science class, little did I know he was coming down the same stair case. We saw each other and smiled, I was about to say something but he cut me off and ended up talking about the same thing I was about to tell him.

Tc: I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to your email!!
Me: yeah I emailed you at like Wednesday man!! No that’s fine don’t worry about it
Tc: catch up soon though yeah?
Me: yeah sure!!

As soon as I took my last step, I looked at him and saw that he was still standing there on the stairs looking like a lost puppy. I asked him if he was okay but he ignored me and walked towards me even though he was originally going down the stairs 😂 I was about to walk off but then he called my name and told me to wait for him.

Me: are you okay there? You seem a bit lost..
Tc: yeah I’m fine, what about you?
Me: I’m perfectly fine. What are you doing?
Tc: I’m following you
Me: are you going to walk me to my science class?


Tc: Yep, I guess I am!!