Any students looking for an apartment in London?

I booked an ensuite room at the student accommodation hall, Woodland House, in Islington. Unfortunately, my visa got refused so I won’t be taking the room. What is worse is that I have to pay 52 weeks worth of rent if I don’t find a student who would take it even if I don’t move in. So please help me share this to find potential students who can take the room. Thank you! 

Message me for more details! 

34 チョーク・ファーム・ロード。これは『ザ・ステイ・クラブ』です。ロンドンへやって来る学生のために。学生アパート。すごいですよね。ウエブサイトを見てください。

34 Chalk Farm Road. This is “The Stay Club”. It is apartments for students who come to London to study. Please check out the website.

Struggling to get my head around next years housing.

I want to move out of the whole “student accommodation” I don’t want next year to come and me just pay another like £6000 on a room for the year, I don’t want that. 
I’m looking at these things called student mortgages but because they go through your parents I don’t think I classify because my parents don’t even own there house. What I’ve thought is if I could find a 3 bed house for about £600 pcm then me and 2 friends, one being my boyfriend Arron, could afford to live there for £200 a month each for the rent which would give us an extra £50 a week for other bills or payments as well as the money we’d have aside for not paying our student accommodation payments. I don’t know, but I do know if I was to get a job, move out of student accommodation and live independently, I’d feel so much more accomplished in myself and I’d actually have money to treat myself!?

Accommodation in Dublin

LADIES STUDYING IN DUBLIN. If you’re looking for accommodation for the summer or for next year, two of my friends and I have got a flat in Rathmines and we’re looking for another lovely young lady to share a twin-room with myself in Leinster Square, Rathmines, Dublin 6. €100 a week per person. You will be sharing the flat with 2 (maybe 3) DIT drama students, including myself! All bills shared (typically €40 for 2 months).
Temporary and long term applicants accepted. Needed to move in ASAP.
Message me for more details or to arrange viewings!

gais halp im planning to go to seoul for 3 months (9 Mar - 21 Jun) and I haven’t the faintest clue on how to find accommodation like srsly i need to get my shit sorted soon (these deposits are crazy btw like 3000USD?? where do i get that as a student to begin with??)

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I looked on Manchester Student Homes and found Montgomery House. I saw the price and everything, looked at the pictures and all the specs about it and thought ‘Yeah, let’s go for it.’

I would recommend it here, I think it’s a nice place, especially for £75 a week, I think a lot of places would charge a lot more than that but probably wouldn’t provide much more than is here. The atmosphere is very relaxed and sociable, you can just walk around and everyone is like ‘Hello’ and ‘How you doing?’


Jack Stevenson, 20, Computer Science. University of Manchester.

Testimonial about Montgomery House student halls in Manchester.

Tonight is my last night sleeping in this bed. 

I’m all packed up and ready move out of halls and go home for Summer. It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, from making friends with two of my amazing flat mates, and ending on sour terms with the other 3, to living less than a minute away from all the other friends I’ve made. From “family” meals, to amazing parties - bringing in my 21st in style and being strapped to an ironing board. 

I’m going to miss most of it, but living in halls just isn’t for me. I can’t wait to have my own place when I come back, but most importantly I can’t wait to go home to see my family and friends, especially my sister.