Yep. UConn student section flash mob!! Cross that off the bucket list.

USU should offer a PhD program in Student Section.

“Already angered by the letter of apology their school president sent BYU regarding taunts aimed at forward Brandon Davies last month, Utah State students grew more irate when an usher warned them Wednesday not to lean over the railings or do certain traditional chants. As a result, the entire Utah State student section staged a silent protest, remaining dead quiet for the first three minutes of the game.”

(via Utah State students stage silent protest during loss to Denver - The Dagger - NCAAB Blog - Yahoo! Sports)

KU/Mizzou Lotto.

(photo courtesy of Chad D.)

This is what some college’s student section looks like on gamedays….

This is what we call Sunday morning lotto for one of the oldest rivalries in the history of college sports.

Dedication. Legacy. Best student section in the nation. ;)

Rock Chalk.


Miami Students choreographed a dance to “What the Ibis Say,” set to the tune of Ylvis’ “The Fox,” at Saturday’s football game.

Listen to the full song here: