The girl who was lives down the hall from me vacuums at least 6 times a day, seriously. I keep trying to come up with scenarios for why a college student in a tiny dorm would need to vacuum 42+ times a week, but I’ve got nothing. What is she doing in there?

Fun times with the dudes in my student dorm.

the guys who in the same student dorm floor as i do, are probably the only people i know who watch porn as comedy.  Never thought that there would come a day where i would be watching in a porn parody of spiderman in public along with other guys and laughing my ass off.

Also they are obsessed with tea. They would sometimes talk about what are the most delicious tea the best ways of making your own flavored tea and mixing up flavors. Seriously they are  worse than the british when it comes to tea! They only just need to implement tea time and they are set.

Gonna love those guys.


To involve you all a little more I made a short sneak peek of my student room :-)

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The new semester started four weeks ago, so there are many new people in my student dorm. I’m not very good at making friends and they don’t seem too nice…

so I thought about hanging a pic of Robert on the new pinboard in our kitchen, together with some lemon-pun. It’s gonna be THIS:

Should I do it? And does anyone have a smart lemon-pun nobody of them will get?


Oh and look how adorable my dorm is! My roommate is the sweetest girl ever, she studies at Yale and is originally from Michigan. She puts up with me when I start talking about Foucauldian notions of discursive pleasure while we’re laying across the room from each other at bedtime.

We definitely have the best dorm room out of all of our friends.

That last quote means:

“I am strong because I know my own weaknesses. I live life because I am like a bull. And I smile because I know my sadness very well!”

^ I sleep beneath this.