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Spring Awakening Theater Headcanons

These are super quick and lame, I just needed to get them out of my head. There might be a part two?

  • Wendla and Ernst are positively sluts for musical theater. They duet all the classics and cry over sad shows together, and are constantly quoting shows that no one else has seen.
  • Melchior student directs the plays his junior and senior years, and it’s a few of the best plays the school has ever done. He’s never been a fantastic actor, and sometimes he struggles to share his vision with his cast and crew, but everything really comes together during tech week. Plus everyone respects him and his decisions.
  • Georg works as backstage manager and the main set designer. He’s actually ripped from all the physical stuff he does, and everyone finds him really attractive as he’s drilling and cutting lumber while shirtless in the summer months.
  • Moritz dabbled in acting for a while, but was only ever in ensemble. So he decided to learn how to run the sound for the shows, and he’s done it ever since. He only messed up once during Little Shop when instead of playing a doorbell noise, he played one of Audrey II’s laugh tracks and scared the shit out of everyone on stage.
  • Martha runs lights, so she and Moritz spend a lot of time in the booth together. Melchior thinks he knows how to do lighting, but he really has no idea. So Martha gives him her general vision for how everything will flow, and they work together to fine tune everything. During the state musical competition, she won the award for Overall Lighting Design.
  • Anna and Thea hold down the ensemble. Their freshman year they were both obsessed with Smash, where most of the best characters were in chorus, so they honestly don’t mind being in the background. That means Anna takes funny pictures and backstage “all-access” videos and Thea can eat during any down time and spread gossip like a drunk hairdresser.
  • Otto floats between acting and crew. He’d rather die before singing, so he’ll run tech for the musical, but act in the other plays, mainly in ensemble or as the butler with stellar comedic timing. He’s mostly there for the free food and because all his friends are in theater.
  • Hanschen prefers more serious plays, but he’s actually a very comedic actor without even trying. He doesn’t understand why people laugh at what he says. He’s very intense, and is that one person who’ll patrol the backstage area glaring at people who are whispering too loudly for his taste.
  • Ilse isn’t really into theater, so she helps sell tickets on performance nights and sometimes she’ll design the playbill cover. She also brings Wendla flowers every single opening night without fail, and then they go get frozen yogurt.
  • Ernst is a wonderful actor. He looks like he’s twelve, but most of the leading roles fall to him anyway, with Wendla as the leading lady. Their skill is renowned across the state, and they’ve already been spotted by performing arts colleges.
  • During one of their plays, Hanschen and Ernst got to stage a swordfight. As they were showing the choreography to Melchior, Ernst got distracted by the corded muscles in Hanschen’s arms, and Hanschen’s metal fencing rapier caught him across the face; bruising his eye and half of his cheek. Hanschen had never felt so bad in his entire life (even though it wasn’t his fault), and doted over Ernst for the next few weeks, and Ernst definitely milked the attention for all he was worth. Whether it was getting a smoothie from the kitchen or having sex on his couch, Hanschen did everything Ernst asked of him, as long as he sounded hurt and batted his eyelashes.
  • Moritz stays behind and helps Melchi close up the theater and sweep the stage. Sometimes, if they’re still on a rehearsal high, they’ll sit in the back row and talk over the show, or make out for an hour, depending on how tired they are.
  • Georg and Otto make Starbucks runs for those early morning Saturday rehearsals, so they know everyone’s favorite drinks by heart.
  • Ernst always has mocha frappuccino, no whip, and Thea just gets hot chocolate, since she hates coffee. Melchior gets earl gray tea since he’s highly allergic to chocolate (and fun, according to Georg). 

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It's gotten really scary on campus lately, don't you think?

Well, I’ll admit having so much media attention on Friday certainly… stirred things up a bit? Hah.

But hey, is everything okay with you? If something in particular has happened on campus that you’ve experienced or witnessed and you’d like to let us know about it, we’ll always do what we can to help. Or, if you don’t necessarily want assistance or advice, you can message us on any of our social media or come talk to us at the Center any time and we can just be there to listen. :) 

So let us know. Are you okay?

-Mod Genevieve


Also… for anyone who may need this information, here are some invaluable UT campus resources to find safety, or to combat any bias or harassment directed at students.

teacher: so class, what did you guys do this summer?

me: i went to a concert which i lost my virginity at

teacher: uh.. excuse yo-


teacher: go to the office.

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Sooo, at my high school I'm not able to audition for our fall play due to time commitments, but the director told me that he would be ecstatic if I would student direct. How could this help me later in the business? ( I want to go into MT!) Thanks!!!!

Oh, it can be really helpful!  I assistant directed a show my senior year of high school because I didn’t get in, and I really learned a lot!  It was very interesting being on the other side of the table, being a part of the process and watching how it all works without really being in the mix in terms of acting.  I learned a lot about the process, and even though I wasn’t personally performing, I think it did benefit me as a performer!  It’s also great to have on your resume for college auditions!

Auditions for Wizard of OZ start tomorrow

Im not trying out though

I’m student directing! :D (Ill also be assistant lighting designer, but that wont be til later)((Ill be running back stage during the performance as well)

Super excited and a tad nervous to get this going. Hopefully everyone does their best tomorrow!

And hopefully we can figure out what to do with all the scenery.  It’s all HUGE and a lot of it only gets used once or twice. We’ve cut as much of it as we can and there’s still a lot of it. >< So Ill be directing all that the night of the performances and such. Back stage stage manager. Even when I’m supposed to be student directing I can’t get away from stage managing. XD (not that I mind cause I love my usual job <3)


No matter how good you think you are, NEVER put on the audition form that you don’t want several roles.  One is fine, but put a reason for it.  If you put that you don’t want three out of five main roles, thinking you are going to box the directors into making you your desired part, think again.  They will notice what an asshat you’re being.  They will consider that into which part you get.  They will think that you’re being a little shit and don’t deserve anything good.

So, the point is don’t be a bitch about which role in a show you’re getting.  Don’t try to force the directors into something they don’t feel is a right choice.  They know what they are doing, don’t do their job for them.  You’ll get either a shitty role, or one of the roles you didn’t want.  And if you try to quit, then chances are they will have no issues with letting you walk right on out.



“One and the Same” is finally finished after several rounds of filming and three rewrites!

Check out my film debut as Lizzy, and go leave appreciative comments on the YouTube page because Becca went through hell and back to make this and it’s turned out so wonderful and she deserves to know that <3


When people think of watching Stage Theatre, they think Broadway; Lots of lights, big stages, and endless budgets. But those who practice theatre know that most of the time, its anything but glamorous.

            Students at Universities all over the world realize the hardships of theatre because they have to face them every day. Often times, they are on their own to put up productions without support of anyone but their fellow actors, stage managers, and designers.

            “Student shows here just aren’t as glamorized,” said Jessica Otterbine, a two-time student director, “Everyone wants to do the Main Stages. They have bigger budgets, and the faculty directors, you know, people who… are professionals.”

            She continued, saying that students need to be able to put on their own shows because this is what they are training to do. If they don’t get the opportunity to get hands-on experience in college, then they can’t be the best you can be.

            However, that’s not to say that faculty and Universities should take a ‘hands-off’ approach in order to let the students work.

            “Its just unfortunate that we can’t get the kind of support that we really need,” said Otterbine.

            Other schools notice the lack of support as well, but not just from faculty. The Broadway Bostonian published an article on Boston University’s “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. The article comments on lack of support from audiences.

            “When people think Student Theater, they generally think off-pitch, haphazard and cheap. One out of three isn’t bad (cheap – for you and the students) but the other two just aren’t true. Collegiate theater companies pride themselves on getting talented actors and crew members, and training them to the best of their abilities For some who intend to work in theater, college is an opportunity to get some much-needed career experience.”

            They, among many others who can appreciate the talent and work of student productions, do not view student theatre as something to be looked down upon.

“I’m a huge fan of student theater…” says the author, “and not just because I’m a student. Student theater is a great way to expose yourself to a wide variety of inexpensive theater. This might seem sacrilegious to bigger Broadway buffs, but sometimes I can’t get interested in shows just from the cast recording.”

            One problem that Quinnipiac’s student theatre did not face this year is audience support for their shows. “The Clean House” by Sarah Ruhl was directed by Otterbine and sold out two out of three nights.

            “I think, in the past couple years, student productions have become increasingly greater quality and outcome.,” said Otterbine.

            Now, she says, they just need support from the University itself.

            One might ask why a student, burdened with piles of homework, hours at internships and little money would even bother taking on an endeavor like directing a student show. Otterbine, answered in one word…. Love.

            “You just really need to be doing what you love,” she said, “At the end of the day, that’s what is really important.”