This weekend at Draugar Vinlands, we spent 10 incredibly busy hours rehearsing, preparing, coordinating, and shooting scenes for a student directed short film. An original plot and script written in combination with the director and Jarl Ingvar, this short film stars members of Draugar Vinlands in a story about family, war, and death. We’re very excited for the final product and we can’t wait to share it with all of our wonderful friends and followers.


2014 - Protesters attacked the Office of the Mexican Attorney-General over its’ handling of the disappearance of 43 student teachers in Guerrero. One protester painted “Estado Asesino” or roughly ‘The State are Murderers’, while others threw rocks through the windows. [video]

I got the prompt: meet each other doing the walk of shame for weaccidentallykissed‘s collab project :D 

It wasn’t specific on who was meeting so I doodled Harry and Niall. Because shiny gold boots and the idea of Niall being forced out of a room in the early morning and having to grab all of his clothes on his way out. 

Mr. Payne - Liam (SMUT WARNING)
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You were late for college, as usual. This time you actually had a valid reason - your dad’s car broke down en route, leaving you to walk the rest of the way. By the time you had gotten to school you were soaking wet, tired and almost completely disoriented - mornings were not your thing.

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Teacher: Can anyone give me a sentence with a direct object?
Student: You are pretty.
Teacher: What’s the direct object?
Student: A good report card.

Auditions for Wizard of OZ start tomorrow

Im not trying out though

I’m student directing! :D (Ill also be assistant lighting designer, but that wont be til later)((Ill be running back stage during the performance as well)

Super excited and a tad nervous to get this going. Hopefully everyone does their best tomorrow!

And hopefully we can figure out what to do with all the scenery.  It’s all HUGE and a lot of it only gets used once or twice. We’ve cut as much of it as we can and there’s still a lot of it. >< So Ill be directing all that the night of the performances and such. Back stage stage manager. Even when I’m supposed to be student directing I can’t get away from stage managing. XD (not that I mind cause I love my usual job <3)


No matter how good you think you are, NEVER put on the audition form that you don’t want several roles.  One is fine, but put a reason for it.  If you put that you don’t want three out of five main roles, thinking you are going to box the directors into making you your desired part, think again.  They will notice what an asshat you’re being.  They will consider that into which part you get.  They will think that you’re being a little shit and don’t deserve anything good.

So, the point is don’t be a bitch about which role in a show you’re getting.  Don’t try to force the directors into something they don’t feel is a right choice.  They know what they are doing, don’t do their job for them.  You’ll get either a shitty role, or one of the roles you didn’t want.  And if you try to quit, then chances are they will have no issues with letting you walk right on out.



“One and the Same” is finally finished after several rounds of filming and three rewrites!

Check out my film debut as Lizzy, and go leave appreciative comments on the YouTube page because Becca went through hell and back to make this and it’s turned out so wonderful and she deserves to know that <3

Alrighty you theatre kids, I need some help.

So I’m going to apply to direct a one-act at school, and I have a couple in mind (The Game by Louise Bryant and The Happy Journey by Thorton Wilder) but neither have had all of the bells go off in my head saying “DO IT DO IT!”

Just curious if anyone knows of any good one-acts that I could check out. Please? :D


When people think of watching Stage Theatre, they think Broadway; Lots of lights, big stages, and endless budgets. But those who practice theatre know that most of the time, its anything but glamorous.

            Students at Universities all over the world realize the hardships of theatre because they have to face them every day. Often times, they are on their own to put up productions without support of anyone but their fellow actors, stage managers, and designers.

            “Student shows here just aren’t as glamorized,” said Jessica Otterbine, a two-time student director, “Everyone wants to do the Main Stages. They have bigger budgets, and the faculty directors, you know, people who… are professionals.”

            She continued, saying that students need to be able to put on their own shows because this is what they are training to do. If they don’t get the opportunity to get hands-on experience in college, then they can’t be the best you can be.

            However, that’s not to say that faculty and Universities should take a ‘hands-off’ approach in order to let the students work.

            “Its just unfortunate that we can’t get the kind of support that we really need,” said Otterbine.

            Other schools notice the lack of support as well, but not just from faculty. The Broadway Bostonian published an article on Boston University’s “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. The article comments on lack of support from audiences.

            “When people think Student Theater, they generally think off-pitch, haphazard and cheap. One out of three isn’t bad (cheap – for you and the students) but the other two just aren’t true. Collegiate theater companies pride themselves on getting talented actors and crew members, and training them to the best of their abilities For some who intend to work in theater, college is an opportunity to get some much-needed career experience.”

            They, among many others who can appreciate the talent and work of student productions, do not view student theatre as something to be looked down upon.

“I’m a huge fan of student theater…” says the author, “and not just because I’m a student. Student theater is a great way to expose yourself to a wide variety of inexpensive theater. This might seem sacrilegious to bigger Broadway buffs, but sometimes I can’t get interested in shows just from the cast recording.”

            One problem that Quinnipiac’s student theatre did not face this year is audience support for their shows. “The Clean House” by Sarah Ruhl was directed by Otterbine and sold out two out of three nights.

            “I think, in the past couple years, student productions have become increasingly greater quality and outcome.,” said Otterbine.

            Now, she says, they just need support from the University itself.

            One might ask why a student, burdened with piles of homework, hours at internships and little money would even bother taking on an endeavor like directing a student show. Otterbine, answered in one word…. Love.

            “You just really need to be doing what you love,” she said, “At the end of the day, that’s what is really important.”


It’s hard enough for us, as students, to direct other students, and you know that and you’re usually pretty good about it. So why would you do something that just makes everyone angry and uncomfortable?

title: to convince an emperor
fandom: kuroko no basket
pairing: akashi/kuroko
summary: kuroko makes the trip out to rakuzan to talk to akashi about the one thing he truly wants for his birthday.
notes: akakuro week day 2 contribution. the optional prompt is for after winter cup, so i ran with this. this story contains spoilers for the end of the manga, you have been forewarned. 

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Hey, Nevada legislators. Young people-middle and high schoolers-are invested in the bills you pass. We’re educated, intelligent, and care a heck of a lot more than you might think we do-everyone in this photo directly opposes AB375 and is under the age of 17. Passing AB375 is unlawful, segregationist, immensely harmful to trans and non binary students, and in direct violation of title IX. Nevada, we can’t let this pass. Sign this, email the people who will be making this decision, sign petitions on the UNR, UNLV, and TMCC campuses, and show up to the hearings to let them know this is NOT OKAY.