it’s 3AM and i thought i’ll do an update before i go to bed. did quite a bit today and hopefully i’ll do the same tomorrow!

this o levels thing is quite exhausting.

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{ 26-9-16 } 50/100 days of productivity

went on an art trip recently and trying to fill in my art books- haven’t really gotten the time to do much revision so here’s a couple photos of things other than notes🌪 finally hit 50 days on this challenge as well~~!!! 😊😊

4/100 days of productivity
Today I’ve visited only 4 out of 6 classes at uni because of my illness. I’m just happy that last classes weren’t important, so I don’t regret missing them. So now I have more time for my endless homework and sleep :)
I don’t understand… how people can work or study while they’re sick?
(At the pic: revising seminar material before uni)


||16.9.25|| 1/100 days of productivity

Tried to get back into study mode but I don’t know… I am not diligent enough to write my OWN notes other than class notes I am required to take. I seriously admire the studyblr community so so much.

(oh and this is my first original post since I gave a little change to my blog! yee)


Ma sérigraphie pour la Maison Tellier, Amazone, est en vente au prix de 40 euros sur :



{Monday 26/09/2016}

Bullet Journal spread for this week. 

I had a breakdown at college today, I am feeling very down lately and unmotivated with my college work. So I am reminding myself to not stress and try not to get nervous or anxious. 

Ah yes. The dark side of studying.

As I write this post it’s 2:44 in the morning. The reason I’m still up and studying is due to poor scheduling and not always having my priorities straight. It sucks, but I try and see it as a learning experiences. Everyone makes mistakes and thus I do too. All-nighters are not as glamorous as people make them up to be, but in the end if you focus hard enough and make sure you catch up with all the sleep deprivation, they can be real lifesavers.

Going back to studying now.

[Sept 26 2016] 5/100 days of productivity

avocado chicken toast, planning for the week, and listening to some good music. pretty quality way to start off the week. also, i’m planning a giveaway at my next follower milestone (super soon!!!!), so message me things you would like to see in my giveaway! :-)

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