As it is, when the two of you get out of this alive, that’s where you’ll end up anyway. Don’t be nervous about it. She’ll say yes. She’d say yes if you asked right now. She’d wear a God damn ring from a Cracker Jack box if it was all you had, trust me on that. She’s your forever girl.

At least those are the things I’m gonna tell you the night before you propose, nervous and pacing and wanting to practice on me. Then again, maybe I won’t live to see it. Sometimes I hope to God I won’t. When it comes right down to it I don’t know that I’ll be able to do it. I don’t know if I’ve got it in me; I don’t know if I can just stand there while you seal the deal. I’m no good at watching you walk away from me.

The God’s honest truth is that I ain’t ever gonna love again. She’s your true north. I know what that means, because you’re mine.

  • Steve: i hate the stupid outfit, i am a glorified puppet, i am a dancing monkey, and i am wearing tights, couldn't even give me a nice cotton/nylon blend for pants
  • Bucky: hey, steve babe, ur umm, ur gonna be keeping that outfit right?
  • Steve: i have always loved the outfit, i wouldn't want any other outfit, i'll wear the tights all the time, i don't even need other clothes

how much do u think Steve and Bucky’s teachers would have hated having to teach a class they were both in, bc u know they’d be such little shits trying to entertain each other and being unintentionally disruptive, like do u think they’d have checked the schedule and gone into the staff room like “please guys ive had a long day, im tired, im on edge, someone, anyone, please cover for me, i can’t deal with Barnes and Rogers today, ill do your marking for a week. no ill do ur marking for a month. please.”

Avengers Of The Caribbean - PART THREE

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Summary: Time to meet the crew and stuff.

Warnings: Swearing. Fuck.

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The humid air wrapped around you and through your thin tunic. Seeing the deck of the Shield ship in daylight was odd. It didn’t look anything like it did when you boarded last night, the wood was lighter and you could see all the intricate details carved into the wood banisters. Your gaze swept upwards to where the sail hung, its cream color was stained from its years at sea but it still looked wonderful whipping in the wind.

Movement above you caught your eye at that moment. In the crow’s nest there were two men looking down at you and the captain from above.

“That’s Clint and Sam, at sea they go by Hawk and Falcon,” Steve says beside you. You kept your eyes upward toward them as the waved. “They’ve got eyes like birds, saved my life and my ship more times than I can count,”

You brought your eyes back down and Steve was smiling at you, you grinned back.

A boy, young by the looks of it, was jogging towards you from the head of the ship. His curly hair bounced and the grin on his face nearly reached his ears.

“Good morning, Cap!” He said, chipper as anything.

Steve looked between both you and the boy. “This is Peter,” He said. “He’s the Cabin Boy. Need something and he’ll fetch it, want to send a message and he’ll send it,”

“Nice to meet you…” He dragged the last word and waited for your response.

“Y/N,” You told him. “The names Y/N,”

“And it’s a lovely one,” He smiled. You almost laughed at how chirpy this kid was, remembering the dark and violent moments at sea you could imagine this boy being any help.

“Is there anything you need, Captain?”

“Not at the moment, Peter,”


Peter began jogging past you again toward the quarterdeck where the wheel stood tall.

Steve tapped your shoulder to bring your attention back to him.

“Does he run everywhere?” You jokingly asked.

With a knowing smile, Steve nodded. “Would you like to meet the ladies of our ship?”

“Of course,”

Natasha was beautiful and kind, she greeted you warmly when Steve introduced you. She was the sailing master of the ship, she drove the thing and had safe keeping over all the maps. From what you’d been told, she navigates like a pro and could steer you all through a hurricane without a problem. Wanda was the second woman aboard the Shield. She too was good looking and sweet, and surprisingly the ship’s chef. Yes, she was sweet and did the cooking for all of the crew but you still saw the pistol sat beside the cooking pot and the knife in her garter.

It took you all of five seconds from the moment Steve asked if you want the job to say yes. There was no real question of whether or not you’d take the job. All you’ve wanted for the past six months is to get back on the open water, back with a crew, drinking beer and singing until the sun rises. Of course there was the factor of Bucky Barnes, commanding gunman that held a pointless grudge against you but you weren’t about to let him fuck this up for you. So, with your chin held high and a grin on your face from ear to ear you said yes to the Captain.

The sun had nearly set completely. A dark orange glow coated the ship as you all sat atop the deck, Steve and Bucky were drinking whiskey up on the quarterdeck where the wheel was situated. Clint and Nat sat on the deck floor, their backs rested beside the canons. Yourself, Wanda, Peter and Sam sat on boxes of cargo under the main mast, chowing down on fish and drinking Maria’s famous beer.

It’s quiet apart from the water that hits the boat, Steve and Bucky’s occasional laughs and the distant sound of the towns rustle and bustle. Sam looks at you from over is pint. There’s a gleam in his eye and a smile forming on his face. He opens his mouth in a wide grin and begins to sing.

‘I am not a pirate but I long to be, sailing by the stars across the seven seas…’

Sam’s voice gains the attention of Nat and Clint and they stop talking.

‘Living with no earthly cares, my mates and me…’

You watch Steve and Bucky lean over the banister and look down at Sam. Then Wanda from beside you joins in.

‘The envy of all worldly men, who are not free…’

Then Clint and Nat sing along too.

‘A song to sing for beggars, a song to sing for saints…’

Steve starts to sing too and Bucky along with him.

‘A song to sing for wealthy men all wrapped and bound in chains…’

Peter joins in at that point, till everyone’s chanting and smiling and trying to get gulps of beer down them between verse breaks. You try not to notice Bucky watching you but you do. He’s smiling in fact and not just at the song, you can tell he’s smiling at you too.

PART FOUR HERE (When I post it)

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Bri, do you have any headcanons about little things Bucky does that make Steve stop and think, "God, I love you so much! I can't believe I'm yours" and vice versa? ^-^

Things Bucky does that gets this reaction from Steve:
- He sets an alarm for 8.30am every morning, and every morning he pulls Steve closer to him and hides his face in Steve’s shoulder and asks Steve to turn the damn thing off before pressing a kiss to Steve’s neck and going back to sleep until 10am.
- He watches the science channel a lot, and then he gets really excited about topics on there like space travel and discoveries of new species and the dangers of climate change and he researches them and every so often he’ll just drop a random fact like “Hey Steve, did you know that 20% of the earths animals are ants? Do you think Scott knows? We should tell Scott.”
- He loves to bake and Steve loves watching him bake because he gets flour everywhere, in his hair, smudged on his face, all over his apron, and he’s just carefree and happy. Also he always brings the cakes over to Steve with a piping bag of icing and a smile so that Steve can decorate them.
- Sometimes Steve’ll come home to Bucky napping on the couch in one of Steve’s jumpers with their golden retriever puppy Apollo napping on Bucky’s chest, and Steve basically melts he’s so fond

Things Steve does that gets this reaction from Bucky:
- He’s not a great cook but he tries to cook them dinner at least once every week bc Bucky cooks pretty much every other night of the week and Steve insists on it bc “it’s romantic or some shit buck, now shut up and let me cook…whatever this was supposed to be”
- He draws Bucky all the time but tries not to be obvious about it, but it’s pretty obvious when he keeps looking up at him every two minutes but Bucky loves it
- He bites his bottom lip and frowns a little bit when he’s concentrating hard on something, which Bucky thinks is adorable in itself, but what he loves more is watching how Steve’s face softens when he looks up/over and see’s Bucky
- He never goes to bed without telling Bucky he loves him, even if he’s away on a mission, he’ll text it, if he’s been gone all day and Bucky’s in bed when he gets home, he kisses Bucky’s temple and tells him anyway.
- He’s always surprised when kids recognise him or call him a hero and there’s a moment of hesitation before he reacts and smiles really big, and Bucky loves that moment where Steve realised he had an impact on this kids life and can’t quite believe it

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Imagine Steve knitting and Bucky just finds that adorable teased him. But ready to kill a motherfucker if they say anything negative to his sweetheart.

Imagine Steve knitting jumpers for the team and they each get one with the first letter of their name on the front, like Mrs Weasley does in the Potter books/films for her children and the others, namely Harry and if you’ve seen the play, I believe she may have done for Hermione and her children. 

“Stevie, what is this?” Bucky asked, opening up a gift wrapped parcel on his desk in their office on their floor, “my birthday isn’t for months and Christmas just went by…” 

“I know. I know. I was gonna give it to you for Christmas with the other presents but I hadn’t finished it in time. Just open it,” Steve said, smiling shyly. Bucky gave him a smile before opening up the parcel. 

“Oh, sweetheart,” Bucky grinned, holding the jumper up, “I love it so much, thank you baby.” 

Steve blushed and happily crawled onto Bucky’s lap, “really?” 

“Yeah,” Bucky mouthed at Steve’s earlobe, “kitten.” 

Also, just imagine Steve wearing Bucky’s. Bucky is not afraid to say that seeing Steve in his clothes is a major turn on.

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"Hallelujah," by Leonard Cohen or your choice of 37473289 covers.

Bucky didn’t realize how big the hole in his heart really was until he remembered his family. His family. His family. His father’s work-roughened hands and big smile; his mother’s constantly-tapping fingers and her quick, low conversations about her community work; his little sister’s squeaky, obnoxious laugh.

It was odd, how you didn’t realize your insides were a black hole until you knew what gravity was.

Sense memory, he was learning, was his most powerful ally in capturing the spirit of the Barneses. Sure, he could recall his family’s faces, their voices, their body language, but put a bowl of kreplach under his nose and suddenly he was home, kicking Stevie under the table while his mother sang and cooked and pretended to ignore them.

Oh, how she could sing.

He wasn’t ready for it, when Steve said, “Hey Buck, this is a new one you haven’t heard.” He’d looked gleeful, skipping through the tracks on his iPhone to play the music he’d found. “The song is new, but the singer’s voice… reminds me of Raizel.”

He wasn’t ready for it, when the violin started.

He wasn’t ready for it, the throaty voice singing in Hebrew.

He wasn’t ready for it, how her first Elohim sounded just as it did when his mother sang.

He wasn’t ready to sing his first hallelujah in almost 90 years, but there he was, holding Stevie’s hand, and hoping his broken praise was good enough.

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  1. The Weeknd - Sidewalks
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  3. Mumford and Sons - The Cave
  4. Stevie Wonder - I don’t know why
  5. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under The Bridge
  6. Troye Sivan - BITE
  7. A$AP Rocky - LSD (Love Sex Dreams)
  8. Twenty One Pilots - Ride
  9. Dizzee Rascal - I don’t need a reason
  10. Coldplay - Christmas Lights 

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