Strymon Timeline

probably the most compact pedalboard I’ve ever had. I’ve been in and out trying multiple combinations and it turns out I don’t need much more than these babies to get the sounds I want and like.

I have my solo project called I Buried Paul – / – for all sorts of slow, sad and often noisy sounds.

Hagstrom Viking Baritone (in B or Drop A) -> Korg Pitchblack (not pictured) -> MXR Super Comp -> Devi Ever Soda Meiser -> Strymon Timeline -> EHX SuperEgo -> Boss RC-2 -> Fender Blues Junior III

Pedalboard made using those IKEA shelves, power comes from a OneSpot (except for the Timeline which needs its own thing to avoid unwanted noises). 

thinking of adding the Strymon’s Multiswitch below the Timeline (on the floor), for more control over the loops. I like them slightly out of phase for extra weirdness ;)

Submitted by republicofperkele

Very nice! How does that Blues Jr take all that low end? Wuff. Pretty cool board though. I definitely think external control is the key with stuff like the big strymon pedals, eventide stuff, etc. Too clutch to have that control. Also, Ikea shelf boards for the throwback win!

Thanks for sharing.

Fender jazzmaster modern player > VPjr > TC polytune mini noir > boss OC-2 > walrus audio iron horse > adventure audio siamese growler > earthquaker talons > earthquaker dispatch master > strymon timeline > strymon big sky > (not pictured: TC ditto x2 and vpjr as expression pedal) > Mig 100 and avatar 2x12 

Submitted by bringforththelight

Noice! I was rocking a Sovtek MIG100 into an Avatar 4x12 for a second there. Great setup and an awesome board to boot. So rad.