Strung Out

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by Anonymous

Dean is kidnapped, immobalised and thoroughly taken advantage of. He’s being purposefull kept in such a state of a hightened pleasure that it takes him a long while to even figure out how to escape.

Words: 2317, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

Finally got my tablet working again, so I finished these!  [HD] [previous]

Witch!AU Mark and Jack, and their familiars. Mark has chica of course, and jack has a lil one eye’d hedgehog named Sam. The two in the middle are their “human” forms.

I’d get into backstories and stuff but that’s for another time and place tbh. So for now: Mark is a fire-element witch, but he draws power from the moon. He spends most of his time basking in the moonlight, up on the top of his mountain peak where he lives in near isolation.

Such Gold are opening for Strung Out on their upcoming tour. Support will also come from The Swellers.

Sep 08 Red Seven Austin, TX
Sep 09 House of Rock Corpus Christi, TX
Sep 11 Vinyl Music Hall Pensacola, FL
Sep 12 Double Down Live Gainesville, FL
Sep 13 The State Theatre St. Petersburg, FL
Sep 14 Churchill’s Pub Miami, FL
Sep 15 The Social Orlando, FL
Sep 16 Freebird Café Jacksonville, FL
Sep 18 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA
Sep 21 Firebird St. Louis, MO
Sep 22 The Conservatory Oklahoma City, OK
Sep 23 Trees Dallas, TX
Sep 25 Launchpad Albuquerque, NM
Sep 26 Orpheum Theatre Flagstaff, AZ
Sep 27 Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV
Sep 28 House of Blues San Diego, CA
Sep 29 House of Blues West Hollywood, CA
Sep 30 Velvet Jones Santa Barbara, CA
Oct 02 B Ryders Bakersfield, CA
Oct 03 Slim’s San Francisco, CA
Oct 04 Atrium at The Catalyst Santa Cruz, CA
Oct 05 House of Blues Anaheim, CA