Nightmares and Bruises-Playlist

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State of Dreaming- Marina and the Diamonds

If only you knew, my dear, How I live my life in fear.

Young God- Halsey

“Oh, baby girl, don’t get cut on my edges, I’m the king of everything and oh, my tongue is a weapon”.

Daylight- Maroon Five

I never want it to stop, Because I don’t wanna start all over.

Painkiller- Dreamers

Hurts like hell, She’s a painkiller.

In Bloom- Neck Deep

Well you know just what they say "just like father then like son”.

Still Breathing- Green Day

My head’s above the rain and roses, Making my way away, My way to you.

Christie Road- Green Day

If there’s one thing that I need, That makes me feel complete.

Coming Clean- Pierce the Veil (Green Day Cover)

Seventeen and strung out on confusion, Trapped inside a roll of disillusion.

Jasey Rae (Acoustic)- All Time Low

These images that fill my head, Now keep my fingers from making mistakes.

Nicotine- Panic! at the Disco

I’ve lost control and I don’t want it back.

Far Too Young Too Die- Panic! at the Disco

Give me one last kiss while we’re far too young to die.

Gold Steps- Neck Deep

You might be down and out but you’re still breathing.

Check Yes Juliet- We the Kings

They’ll tear us apart, If you give them the chance.

Favorite Record- Fall Out Boy

And I confessed, confessed to you, Riding shotgun underneath the purple skies.

Collar Full- Panic! at the Disco

If you’re gonna be the death of me, that’s how I wanna go.

I think one of my biggest flaws has always been that I see beauty in things that I probably shouldn’t. When I was 15 I met this woman at the trap house with about fifteen and a half teeth left and a scar on her chest from almost dying one too many times. I thought she was an angel, because she had these green eyes that were sad, always so sad, but alive, fierce, there was a fire in there still, after all she had lived through. I thought she was beautiful because of her frizzy mess of hair and cracks in the pavement of her eyelids and crows feet that turned up when she smiled. I saw the scars on her lips, her face, from imagined bugs, and I saw this lifetime spread out before me, a map on her skin. She was beautiful because she told me why when he put a gun to my head I better positioned it to kill me and dared, ‘do it.’ She was beautiful because she helped me grasp that sometimes a lifetime with an end goal of self-destruction doesn’t have to end in burning out and collapsing, we were never as bright as stars, we don’t have to number our days ourselves, our time is up when it’s up, and it’s okay to stick around and see how it ends. I remember her telling me why it was thrilling to put needles in my skin, even though sometimes it took an hour of bleeding to find a vein. She told me why, when I was beaten within an inch of my life, I told him 'hit me again, please.’ Why, despite my unending vanity, I still would put slits in my skin with the razor that, once upon a time, I was using to cut lines of coke with, and fly. I’ve always found devastation beautiful. Empty buildings, broken windows, red eyes and bleeding gums. She asked me, 'Honey, do you think that by destroying yourself, you’ll like yourself as much as you like pretty broken things?’
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