Hidden Years #1  -  Strongbow and Lashpaw


by Wendy and Richard Pini

This is my favorite of the Hidden Years of Elfquest. It’s beautifully drawn and the colours are amazing. In this part almost nobody speaks, it’s all about the relationship between Strongbow and Lashpaw, his wolffriend. They speak through motion and facial expressions and movement. This is literally a show and don’t tell.



Two new sketches I made tonight. 1: Sauron as Mairon with his devilish good looks and charm. I imagine him much like a Persian prince, with lots of makeup, jewelry and self loving! It’s only a first try, I’m far from happy with it, but it was very fun!😁 2: Beleg again, because I wanted to make a similar portrait of him as I did Turin, but I’m still not sure about the digital part!