Companions as Archer gifs

Dogmeat when Sosu is with them

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Strong (to everyone)

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Sosu after gaining entrance to the Institute

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Curie just wants to help

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Piper meant to say a good story, honest!

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Settlers are Preston’s bros, bro

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Hancock, but with chems

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Danse whenever someone mentions super mutants, or ghouls, or synths, in a positive way

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Cait isn’t impressed

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MacCready reliving old times

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Deacon being honest for once

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Deacon going undercover like

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Nick tries, man

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Codsworth justs wants to please everyone

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X6-88 listening to basically any other companion

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Companions react to sole shrinking into a pocket size?

Keeps their tiny Sole safe, thinks they’re absolutely adorable: Codsworth, Curie, Nick, Piper, Preston.

Has no idea how the hell this happened, but fights anyone who tries to hurt tiny Sole: Cait, Danse, Hancock, MacCready, X6-88.

Let’s tiny Sole ride around on their back/shoulder: Dogmeat, Strong.

Makes tiny Sole some hilarious tiny outfits to match his disguises: Deacon.

rudecanadian asked:

Here's a fun idea: F4 companions (Plus Sole) meeting The Lone Wanderer! (Bonus for Lone's reactions to them!)

I had to save this one for last! Good one you thought of! 

Cait: She doesn’t what to believe that Lone been through, they’re tougher than her, a bit older than her, and Lone is able to shut Cait down with a few words… She’s impressed.

Curie: She asks how’s Lone’s health been since they left the vault. When Lone answers with a shrug, she gives them as many stimpacks as she could make.

Codsworth: He’s excited to meet another vault dweller with common sense. And kindness towards robots. 

Danse: He asks Lone how was the brotherhood ten years ago. Lone is disappointed in the Brotherhood now and tells him that they left because of their new leader. He nods, understanding how they feel. 

Deacon: He can’t believe how chill a vault dweller is after all these years out. He hastily jokes about vault dwellers. But Lone’s  bitter laugh makes him shiver. They pat him on the back only joking, and ask if he is the “real” Deacon.  

Hancock: It’s so chill how they aren’t judging him because of his appearance. They don’t stare, they make perfect eye connect when they speak. And they are pretty understanding when they tell him to take less chems, they just recommend it. They will not force it on him.

MacCready: He pokes Lone’s back and whispers “Mungo” but sole points to a belt. “I swear I could had took that off and tanned your hide in front of those other kids.” MacCready’s face goes red but Lone hugs him tightly, welcoming him home.
Piper: She likes Lone. They tell her about their life under a dictatorship in the vault for years and tells her of her success of purifying the water. Piper writes this down excitably.

 Nick: He and Lone share the same interest in Pre-war music. So they sing some songs together while watching the moon rise.    

X6: He’s surprised that Lone doesn’t know a lot about the institute, so he quickly bores lone to death while explaining how important they are this and how they’ll save the commonwealth that. 

Strong: He likes Lone. And they like him. Lone doesn’t try to shoot him right away when they see him.

Dogmeat: ITS THEIR OLD FRIEND! He tackles Lone and attacks their face with licks and nuzzles them. 

BOUNS!SOLE: Sole stares blankly at them and exchange a firm handshake, knowing each other’s struggle of trying to get use to the outside world. But then they look at each other and realize that they are the same, trying to make the world better. So they decide to do it together.

BOUNS!LONE: They aren’t really impressed with each companion, but likes them all just the same. Treat their people right, and they’ll treat them right. Lone is quite fair when dealing with the companions, but they learn to be suspicious  …Watching them

What Kind of Tidy Whites do the FO4 Companions Wear?

Yes I literally am that bored. No I’m not talking about the vanilla game underwear.

MacCready: short boxers with little rocketship prints that he hasn’t changed in a few days. No one will notice.

Strong: Big ass fuck granny panties. Like dayum.

Curie: a teeny little lacy thong that pushes up her buttcheeks. Cutie in the streets, synthy in the sheets.

Nick Valentine: Trunks, classy, grey, synthy, oooh, aaah, fits nicely over those gen-2.5 parts.

Deacon: Black briefs. Tootally checks out his bootay in the mirror on Sundays. Bikini briefs to get freaky.

Preston Garvey: mid-thigh solid color cotton boxers. They’re his lucky pair. They make it not rain.

X6-88: Compression shorts/boxer briefs. So nice. So slick. So fitting on them courser muscles. Like a smooth ass seal.

Dogmeat: why would you put underwear on a dog you sick fuck?

Piper: Standard bikini, looks good on everyone, supportive, practical, always around. Has cute little bows on the front.

Hancock: Jock strap. Don’t even mess with me, you know he does. Helps him get in touch with his “feral” side. He wears the freaky stuff.

Codsworth: Don’t know how you can fit them on but if he were a synth he would be wearing some grandpa, crusty-ass white tidy whities.

Cait: You would think she wears a thong but NO! She wears boy-shorts. Tomboy at heart, still looks sexy af when she be walking around with them.

Danse: Mmm he wears them low-rise briefs enough for those little sculpted bootay cheeks to be hanging out the back. Maxson likes that.

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Could you maybe make a companions react to SS getting really into the Christmas spirit?? Like ugly sweaters and everything. //Yes, I know Christmas is still hella far away but still. ^u^ //

Yes. I will do that. But I don’t know if santa claus is a thing in fo4…so Ima just add that anyways. Because yeah. 


Piper: Gawks at the ugly sweater Sole is wearing and how did they even find that thing? When Sole offers her one she declines nicely, only to have Sole force it on her light a rampaging mad man. 

Preston: Is shocked to see the Castle lit up in christmas lights, small little pictures of…is that a man in a red suit and beard? He asks who that is and when Sole describes the story of Santa Claus he feels his heart drop. “That’s creepy, kids liked that?”

Cait: Is forced to wear the ugly sweat no matter how she protested. And when she tried to take it off Sole store at her with the eyes of a hawk, the kind that had intentions of killing. Cait is a bit scared. Won’t admit it. But yeah, scared. 

Curie: Absolutely loves it, wearing the ugly sweater willingly, sings little hymns with Sole and even goes as far as finding a bunch of sticks and attempts to create a snow man out of them. Instead she’s forced to just draw one on a piece of paper. 

Codsworth: He likes the idea of christmas, but he doesn’t have any specific memories of the holiday since Sole had bought him in the summer and the bombs had dropped in October. He refuses to wear the ugly sweaters though, no matter how much Sole begs. 

Danse: Is in a raging mess when he finds his power armor decorated in lights and covered in red and white paint. He confronts Sole of the problem they have caused and is instead shut up with cake and an ugly sweater. Not by his choice. 

Deacon: Fucking loves it! Loves the lights, the songs, the ugly sweaters! Hell, he even manages to make a little sleigh that Santa would have used. Sole is hugging him for an hour straight for the surprise. 

Hancock: Remembers the day like it were yesterday. Is surprised people still celebrate it in the Commonwealth after so much destruction. But if anyone could make it feel alive and shining, it’s Sole. Though he strays from the ugly sweater. 

MacCready: He likes the songs, doesn’t mind the stories or the weird food. But he hides whenever Sole come out looking for them with that horrendous sweater. Nuh uh, never wearing that. Ever. 

Nick Valentine: The holiday is a bit sore for him. It’s one of those Memories old Nick has that’s clearer than most. Old Nick and Jenny are in the kitchen drinking egg nog and snuggling, listening to some old songs. It hurts a little bit, but it brings a smile to his face to see Sole so excited and willing to celebrate after what’s happened to them. He tries to use them as a reminder of how he should act around the holiday. 

X6-88: Doesn’t understand the need to celebrate this odd holiday. When Sole tries to explain it to him he finds that it’s just a waste of time. He claims so too as well. But Sole in the end has him in one of those ugly sweaters, that he actually doesn’t mind surprisingly, and helps put up the lights. 

Strong: Doesn’t care, even lets Sole put on a very large sweater. It’s hot and he doesn’t like it but one look from Sole and he’s still. He doesn’t even dare lift the edges. 

Dogmeat: Has a little doggy sweater on and fake antlers on the top of his head. Sole has even gone as far as dapping a little paint on the tip of his nose. Not enough to hurt him but an amount clear enough as to suggest what it means. Dogmeat loves the holiday. Sole always gets him treats that day. 

agdragonfulday asked:

How do you think the fo4 companions would react to arriving to the new Vegas strip?

Cait: She’s trying her luck at gambling! After losing half of her caps, she punches the other gamblers and is dragged out by sole. She’s banned. XD

Curie: Walking around vault 21. She’s amazed how they preserve a vault but disappointed they used it for gambling.  
Codsworth: Talking to Yes-man. He likes him, so polite, all these young bots going around being rude, at least he’s kind.

Danse: Trying to make amends with the NCR there. He’s  allowed to stay but if they catch him spying, it’ll be another bloody war. 

Deacon: Putting bets with Hancock on who’s gonna get the strange prostitute. They say that she’s into something rough that makes men and women cry. 

Hancock: He’s making bets with Deacon about the strange prostitute. He’s hopping that he’ll lose but still interested about her reputation.

MacCready: He’ s taking Duncan to meet the NCR and explore vault 21. Then once Duncan is in a hotel suite, he tries his luck with gambling. And pissing off the other gamblers, he wins all the games. HA! 

Nick: He’s just talking to Victor, trying to get to know Mr.House but he’s just spending his sweet time with Victor. They play caravan for a bit and walk around.

Piper: What do you think? Trying to get dirt on some of the higher classes. Like the White Gloves. The courier has to drag her out if she wants to be eaten. She writes everything the courier tells her about some of the White Gloves’ secrets, thinking about an article for Diamond city to read. But courier smacks her hand and tells her to go gamble. Don’t be nosy. 

Strong: He doesn’t understand why the NCR keep giving him strange looks. So he walks out of the strip, annoyed.

Dogmeat: He runs around, and around. And around the strip, the many lights excite him!.

coylycoquettish asked:

What pranks would the companions play on Sole? Assuming Sole is a prankster themselves and dished out more than they got served?

Cait: Slips a whoopy cushion into Sole’s chair before they sit down. She laughs as a long “pbtttttt” comes from Sole.

Curie: Doesn’t fully understand pranks, but she tries. She hides one of Sole’s shirts and giggles like crazy when Sole can’t find it.

Piper: She writes a fake article, sending Sole on a wild goose chase. When Sole reaches the end of the chase, they’re ambushed by Piper throwing a water balloon at them. A full out water ballon fight commences in sanctuary.

Maccready: After Sole had stolen his hat, Maccready needed revenge. While Sole was showering, he stole all of their clothes and put them high up in a tree. Sole was pissed to say the least.

Danse: He thinks he’s so fucking clever when he puts a small rock in the power core slot of Sole’s Power armor. Sole quickly figures out what’s wrong with the armor.

Deacon: A prank war between Sole and Deacon had been raging for a few days. He puts a bunch of Blamco Mac and cheese in Sole’s shoes so when they step into them, they’ll be greeted with a mushy surprise. He laughs to the point of tears when his prank goes as planned and Sole is yelling “DEACON!!!”

Preston: The classic water bucket above the door prank. He smiles like a child when sole falls for it.

Hancock:He swaps their Chema for fake ones and chuckles when sole still acts high.

Strong, Nick, and X6-88:They think pranking is pointless.

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