Check out this number from The Dolly Sisters this is NOTORIOUS for inspiring Dita Von Teese’s Powder Puff Compact Number. If you have a quick eye you can see some similar costumes from both Dita and the Vonturage <3


So I finally got my photos from Strip Strip Hooray!!! I had a great time as usual I arrived super early with my hetero life partner Leah

We ate dinner inline because we’re hardcore and then everyone else started arriving! We had some film crew come over and interview us for a documentary about Dita (possibly a new show) Then we waited in line and thought we saw Lady Gaga still not sure about that one lol. We got in before almost everyone and were front and center as usual!! The Show started and Dita preformed her Martini Glass act and I got to undo her corset laces in the front while she was performing!! Thats every show at the HOB I have gotten to keep her corset laces! Then Murray came out on stage and heckled Leah for only being 19 and then for the rest of the show she was pretty much Murrays go to gal (we even got a selfie while Murray was still MCing) They played the dance off game and played Turn Down for What and Leah and I promptly lost our shit and went buck in the front row.

Catherine D'Lish also let me motorboat her on stage while she was performing and I got to hold on to her glove for a little while (which burlesque dancers NEVER do.)

After the show was over I met ELVIRA FREAKING ELVIRA! I dont even know shes amazing and so so so so so sweet ah!! Then I got to go in for my Meet and Greet with Dita! She told me she always looks forward to seeing me in the front row! And we discussed her documentary and then I took my photo with her and she even let Leah take a photo with us! I thanked her for such a great performance and hands down flat out THE BEST Strip Strip Hooray run Ive been too!! <3 I ended up buying some AMAZING pasties I can’t wait to wear! It was the perfect night and a great way to experience the last run of Strip Strip Hooray!!! <3