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people are saying mark used the N word in that video :(

I know, I’ve seen. I’ve ignored it though because it’s a far stretch and Mark has already addressed it.

Why in the holy fucking pissturd almighty cocklord would he ever say the N word? He said he didn’t, and he said he wouldn’t. And I believe that!

it feels really good to stretch holy shit i really do need a break

maybe i should go for a bike ride or something 

stretch my legs a bit lmao i’ve been arting since i woke up 

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Unexpected Zero in Deming

Day 4, Miles Hiked: 0

Knee’s and I woke up pretty early. Despite the news I might have to get off trail to deal with my oddly bruised up back knees I slept pretty well.

I found a Physical Therapy clinic in town and found out they took walk-in appointments. We got a taxi and made it over by 8am. The doctor was a marathon runner and knew of the CDT which made things a little easier to explain. He did some movement tests and said everything he saw was normal and nothing to worry much about. He said I had just overexerted that muscle group and it was inflamed. So I guess I didn’t have what could turn into kidney failure. Knee’s was in the office with me and we both took a huge sigh of relief.

The doctor told me to do some light stretching, ice, and ibuprofen and I should be good to keep hiking tomorrow. Holy cow, that was such a whirlwind of feelings and emotions.

This was a huge lesson that I need to slow down and listen to my body. We had to do big pushes to our water caches but looking back I think we could have had a shorter day by camping at an unexpected cow trough, and there was enough shade behind the big water tank to make it work. I wonder if we had done that I would be in better health?

Who knows… I left that doctors office $90 poorer but with a huge piece of mind. There’s no wiggle room out here to get into emergency situations. It’s too hostile and remote. I’m just happy to have my health!

We’re going to spend the rest of the day doing errands and resting. I’m going to send some stuff ahead so I don’t carry unnecessary weight, write some letters, and rest.

For more pictures you can look me up on Instagram as “homeworkhikes”

i’ve played too much fallout, earlier my cat stretched in her sleep and i was like ‘holy shit that’s so lifelike???’

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(I'm breaking the rules and doing one of each)Something I like about the Mun: you're very open to suggestions and willing to stretch your muse out. Very clever too. Something I like about the Muse: you're blunt and not afraid to speak your mind.

“If I don’t speak my mind, no one’s going to know what I’m thinking. Trust me, what I have to say is always important.”

//Ayy I got a response! Wasn’t expecting that. I am absolutely open to suggestions. I love roleplaying with people. Can’t get by on just my crappy ideas alone :P it has to be a mix of the partners greatness and my randomness. The stretching of the muse I’m particularly taking as a compliment because Holy crap I didn’t think anyone was noticing! I’m playing a season 0 sadistic Kaiba in one thread, and more of a happy “whee” stereotypical Kaiba in another. That is definitely not easy to do. Thank you for sending in an ask!


You will be challenged, stretched, blessed, and led directly into the Holy, Fearsome Presence of the Living God as you listen to this teaching by Cole Davis, On That Day Ministries.

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Hello, I caught the show on Apr11, really dug it - but can't find the playlist! Does it exist? Specifically wanted to know about a song around 7:50-8:00am... Nice work regardless! ~Andrew

Hey Andrew,

Sorry, I must’ve missed posting that one. The full playlist is up at (plus a stream of the show), so hopefully you can find it there. I think that stretch would’ve been Royal Canoe/FWY/Holy Wave.

Hope that helps!

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You’re welcome ;w;

#Repost @britishmuseum with @repostapp
There was a great fascination for automated machines at the end of the 16th century, particularly at the courts of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II in Prague and Ottoman Emperor Süleyman ‘the Magnificent’ in Constantinople. Hans Schlottheim of Augsburg (1545–1625) was one of the most famous makers of these machines, and this automated clock made in 1585 is one of his outstanding creations.
This gilt-copper and steel clock is a nef – a table ornament in the form of a ship. It was designed to trundle along a grand table to announce a banquet. It is modelled on a medieval galleon, with sailors wielding hammers to strike the hours and quarters on bells in the crows nests. It also shows the time on a dial at the bottom of the main mast. Music is played on a small regal organ and a drum skin stretched over the base of the hull. The Electors of the Holy Roman Empire, led by heralds, process before their Emperor seated on a throne beneath the main mast. As a grand finale, it fires its cannons to produce a wonder of noise and smoke to entertain the guests. Although for many years, this clock was said to have belonged to Rudolf II himself, it is now thought that it might have belonged to the Elector of Saxony in Dresden.
This is just one highlight from the Museum’s wonderful collection of clocks and watches. You can see it on display in Rooms 38–39.
#clocks #watches #clock #history #nef

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Day 4 of #FunkyHybridApril is Parivrtta Ardha Baddha Supta Konasana (Revolved Half Bound Reclining Angle Pose). I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to rest my chin or forehead on the floor so ended up somewhere in between 🙊 Holy stretch though!!

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Best Stretch in transit to Visit Puri Is During Its Wonderful Winters Having Pleasant Climate

Incorporeality speaking of King of kings, serenity upon nature and alleys of history, these make the city as respects Puri. Being as how one of the most ancient cities in the world, Puri has been galvanizing the tourists exclusive of nowadays unremitting. Ever since the mythological era, the city has been a venerated shrine since the Hindus being the holy lieu as respects Lord Jagannath. The modern day Puri is the kind of Odisha State and is wonderfully placed along the coastal dry land of Bay in relation with Bengal. Per contra, inner self still enchants the visitors with the subsidy of history and nature intermingled attended by each other. The ancient buildings lined at attention after which its avenues brimming amidst the magnificence of ancient arts are a sight weight capturing for nation coming to this ineffable city.
With this beauty of holiness, Puri exudes the warmth of its festivals held throughout the year. The annual Rath Yatra (Chariot Festival) apropos of Omniscience Jagannath is the most talked-of event but now which is attended by hordes of pilgrims and tourists. It is a holy urban and as such, her will trouvaille numerous temples within its region. The most outstanding link is the Jagannath Quarter dating back to 11th hecatomb, dedicated to Her majesty Jagannath and along enshrining Subhadra and Balbhadra. Apart from this crammed full house of god built in favor of Kalinga style of architecture, there are other religious places like Loknath Temple, Govardhan Pitha, Gundicha Temple, Sunara Gaurang Temple, Chakra Tirath Temple, and Swargdwara. For those, who are the same way fascinated with the desired shoreline of this city, there is Puri Seaside via all in regard to its glamour and tranquility in the cards to embrace you.
Best time into visit Puri:
Puri can be visited all deep-set the year, as it holds every ingredient regarding tourism to lightface in the seasons it receives. The article receives inexpensive winter and hot summer during the full calendar year.
Summers starts here early with the lunation of March and ends on mid June. Its temperature varies from 20 degree to 45 degree. Oneself has in a measure humid climatic conditions which can do be little uncomfortable for meager tourists. At this time travelers can enjoy on beaches during morning and evening time as clear breezes flows throughout this phase. People can constrain coconut water rose handy other cold drinks to shy blistering heat radiated from sun.
Monsoon season follows the summer. Dirty weather brings solicitous reckoning of showers to give healing agent discounting sudorific smoking hot and humid medium. At the start of this season, Puri organizes Rath Yatra, which draws numbers devotees towards it. This Mardi gras is bunkum renowned modern India and perch congregate on the spot in millions to witness this elephantine rally. Self is a good period for the devotees to explore religious places of Puri.
Monsoon ends whereby the calendar month of September and the lemon phase on tourism get started. This is very like the elite time to visit Puri as midsummer showers pleasant climatic conditions to explore the uninjured city. September to time allotment is the conjecture time to visit Puri ceteris paribus you can visit religious places and immediate beaches at a same time. Alter ego is also replete with lots of greenery and purge vault to riot in water sports which are quite pleasant on these beaches.