Best 48 seconds of my life



do u ever just go through the before and after tags on insta or something and just get so inspired and happy cos these ppl are living their lives and doing things for themselves and are posting positive comments abt themselves and their progress and their future hopes

WOD 5-16-16

Had PT today! 1 hour- 25min massage and stretching, 35 min pilates

Holy moly they worked me today. My legs and arms feel like jello and my core aches from ab work. BUT it felt good to get some exercise in. I can’t wait until I can really get back in the gym and doing yoga and doing pilates and running and hiking and being allowed to be active

This physical therapy stuff is just a tease. 

Field work

Today was my 3rd day in the field.  I drive for a total of roughly 10 hours and do about 40 minutes of work… I saw a black bear cross the highway, I was surprised to find I was standing 3 feet away from a 4 foot long snake, had a few cutie beetles land on me, had a deer run past me roughly 15 meters away, saw a bunch of cool birds that I hadn’t seen before, and took a 2 hour long hike in a cool state park on a perfect day.  I wanted to stab my eyes out on the last 2 hour stretch of driving, but holy cow what a great way to spend a day/call a work day.

there was this old guy that walked past me while I was on my hike and he had a little sun hat on and like fishing/outdoorsy clothes on and his shirt was tucked into his pants that were pulled up pretty high over his big belly and he had white hair/beard and he just smiled and said, “this is what a perfect day looks like”. Made me so happy because it was exactly what I was thinking.

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Jacob verse- This family is full of nerds and they love board games. Skye is obviously QUEEN of Battleship. Ward is the master of Boggle. Jacob dominates at Operation (Ward is unbelievably proud of his boy's steady heads). And there is no one that can come close to Ana in Uno.

OK but you forgot the Friday Night Tradition game. Like Ana and Jacob DO NOT go out on Friday nights and it is NOT date night. That game is of course, Monopoly.

The Ward family LOVES Monopoly. Like Skye has bought every edition, even the weird electric one that’s like no fun because no making it rain or sticking a 500 in her cleavage to watch her children gag. Skye’s a big believer in fucking with her kids.

The game will start at 7 o’clock Friday night after dinner, but it will stretch into 5 or 6 am because holy shit the Ward family is evenly matched. Like Ana has all the railroads and utilities, Skye has Boardwalk and Park Place not to mention the first line from Start while Ward and Jacob take up opposing ends starting from Jail.

Skye will attempt to bargain a railroad or two off of her daughter, but she fails stupendously. She can’t even get a utility off of her. Ward will break out the short sleeve shirt when Skye puts up hotels, but fails as does Skye’s popping a button or two on her flannel because Ward is not giving Virginia Avenue.

Eventually the game has to end in a tie because once they all stayed 36 hours straight and no one went to school on Monday. It was a real mess.

This is beautiful
“I heard the other night, while speaking to my dearest of friends in Lebanon, the sounds of the true Muslim singing of his love to God. Tears came to my eyes, for the song of love came deep from his heart, while the rooftops became a holy space of being that stretched beyond time and space. I blended with the sound, the formlessness of myself became one with the music of the seeker’s heart.
Long, long ago, the music returned, while the silent sounds of the desert sang to me. I felt the great Arabian stallion beneath me and the Winds of Change blowing through my robes. Time stood still and the Sun of Tabriz warmed my heart as once before his love formed the cornerstone of my life and the poetry of my words. Truly, I say to you that he who loves God is my Brother. Copyright Stephen A. Brown 5/21/16” #mystic #magick #gnostic #esotericwisdom #esoteric #poetry #poem by gifted_n_sight777


The dark sky that stretched itself over Gotham mirrored the mood of the city. Crime, sirens and the smell of dirt graced the streets. Jean walked through an empty alley, her cigarette placed between her lips as she took a deep drag. Perhaps she should have gone home. It was late. But then again, there were no new jobs so she didn’t have to wake up early. Besides, no one was waiting for her at home. So why not wander around a little longer? She already felt like a complete loner so there was nothing to it, really.

Her head snapped up when she heard the scream of a man. Her hand immediately flew to her gun and she hurried down the way, her back now pressed to the brick wall of the alley. She came closer to the noise and eventually hid behind a corner, not sure if it was safe for her to go further. She slowly and carefully took a glimpse around a corner. There were two men and they were beating up another guy who was lying on the ground, grunting in pain. His hair was raven black and he wore a suit. The other men were laughing and continued kicking him. Jean’s instinct took over and she rounded the corner, holding up her gun and firing shots in the air. She did this quite a few times and soon enough the men had disappeared, running away like there was no tomorrow.

Jean lowered her gun and watched the man who now spat blood on the ground. He looked up and she met his gaze.

omg i’m screeaaammkng an episode of the haunting hour is this family at Christmas and the youngest son wishes his “spoiled materialistic” family could be a “real family” again so santa sends a hellspawn demon to burn down their fucking house & at the end Santa arrives in a stretch hummer limo to pick up the demon holy fuck everyone needs to watch this immediately


How To Get More Flexible : 3 Tips To Improve Your Flexibility  


Flexibility is a very important for us if we are training, parkour, acrobatics, sports, or we just want more enjoyment out of our day to day lives. Improved flexibility can prevent injuries and alleviate muscle pains due too poor fleibility.

First, we need to always have our body’s warmed up before stretching.

Second, a great way too improve flexibilty and strength is too perform active stretching. Example is lifting the leg as high as you can but with control and hold in this position for 10-30 seconds. We can do this in all directions with our legs.

Third, is the holy grail of stretching and is known to be one of the fastest ways to get flexible really fast. It’s called PNF stretching.

**Make sure you never stretch too far where the stretch becomes painful