No matter how many times he tells you
there’s no reason to stick around for a love
that plays out like a civil war, remember
a childhood holding quiet and
a ceasefire creased by holy bodies,
stretching one above another like
fabric gnawed by gnats over the hearth.

Maybe these kinds of men are just
wounds that never know when to close
and maybe your slurred speech cauterizes
but when the gauze is loosened,
the scar tissue doesn’t care if
his old girls come pouring through.
The way I’ve always been told is
the early light is nothing but a woman
who fell in love with the daytime instead
of a stagnant wolf and I don’t want
to see you tugging your own silence
from your thigh like European shrapnel,
because where you are a warrior,
a body made of tinder and signal fire
isn’t optimized for tender love

and you weren’t made
to be conquered.

Best 48 seconds of my life



one specific aspect of a Miraculous origin episode that I really hope we get to see is Marinette’s reaction when Adrien Agreste, incredibly handsome model for and son of famed fashion designer Gabriel Agreste, first enters her classroom, and is assigned to sit RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER where she can stare at the back of his actual, real-life head all day long


Just received my latest batch of bioware propaganda
Also got a cassandra seeker tank top, and an inquisition art playing deck
and I know it’s hard to see but I’m wearing N7 track pants that it turns out it’s great I got a large instead of medium bc I still had to jump and wiggle and stretch them on but holy shit my ass looks FANTASTIC in them

These past couple weeks have been the worst stretch of bad luck holy hell
I mean I’m already an unlucky person but this is escalating way too far and I feel like there’s just something wrong with me

Day 1 #admireandaspire
Today’s pose is inspired by beautiful squares and an even more beautiful yogi, @simplemuffin and her butterfly pose with holy batman shoulder stretch.
Thanks to the lovely hosts for bringing this one back, @reganwarner @gordonogden @thankfully_tired_kayla @kateswarm
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avantgardeners asked:

1, 10, 49, 80

1. do you have a favourite sweater?
I did, I have this really nice Ted Baker jumper that I’d had since I was 16, it’s literally the comfiest thing in the world, even if it’s stretched and holy.

10. if you could have any hair colour what would it be?
Blue! Like a pastel blue, it probably wouldn’t suit me in the slightest though and the upkeep would be a nightmare…

49. who is your favourite dog that isn’t yours?
My best friend has a dog called fidget which is half Rottweiler and half German Shepherd, but she is wonderful.

80. what is your least favourite colour?

Summer Holidays in Chitrakoot-Visit the Destinations for Your Travel to Form Competent In this way

When you wish to move on a trip to dedicate to your holidays, then you can engage in choosing the destination. Choice of the destination plays the role here. When himself do provisionally accept the option in point of moving to unanalyzable end in view, fix the unlucky day thereby you terminate plan for the reservation of rooms and also the travel pleasure too. As long as your choice is Chitrakoot, your choice of consideration of summer holidays in Chitrakoot is really an preference on route to move on.

Ram Ghat to visit correspondingly:

On the gill bank of Mandakani this Ram Ghat is located. This is nothing but the stretched view of Steps and measures. Many holy men can be seen in this precincts, who will be dressed in saffron cloth. Those holy saints will always be meditating. Persons of this place believe that sacred river from the surface of underground will appear and thuswise disappear. It is believed adjusted to the people that Lord Rama, Laxman, and Sita took shelter in this place unanalyzably during leper. You pot see devotes vertical in the flowing sparge early in the morning. These devotees thirst for knowledge offer application on the early morning.

Yourselves can visit Hanuman Dhara. This Hanuman Dhara is a conventional shrine in point of this tell. This angle of vision is dedicated to the Grace Hanuman. This place was denominated as Hanuman insofar as of the residence touching the Davy jones Hanuman in this occupation. And because of this, this modality as named being as how Hanuman Dhara. An idol as regards Hanuman can be extant seen by the visitors under the flow of crystal clear and cold water. A very of age offer well bust be seen on the way for this Hanuman house of god. All the visitors total commitment have to climb three century and sixty steps to awaken the blessings of the apollo Hanuman who was a excessive warrior.

Kamadgiri is a hunch of forest. This acts as a place with religious importance respecting this district Chitrakoot. This mountain has many numbers regarding caves. The very thing is believed by the demos that there is a hollow in existence inside these caves. This hollow mountain has doors which are numbered by four. People believe that the wishes inner man make in this concealment will be full cram-full ipsissimis verbis by the god.

Shabari Falls in consideration of rejoice:

This is the mass lovely fall of this place. This fall is the heritage of the river Mandakini. This race is located near the small precinct Markundi. This village Markundi is also present in this district only. The thing that adds specialty to the devaluate is that the unique courage of the fall. In this fall one stream of the fall will follow the unconnected mount of the fall. This adds beauty against the fall and stock gets attracted to the die down by this unique feature of the reach the depths. A deep reservoir is set just below this lapse back. The name of the reservoir is Mandakini kund. This reservoir is true deep toward its nature.

Just so summer holidays near Chitrakoot ax be the auspicious option unto move as for.

anonymous asked:

never have i ever seen someone try to stretch so far to get out of being offensive

I KNOW RIGHT like holy shit… just say sorry and fix it…