Today in May

An inspirational meme
perspirational dream
she’s an objective adjective
torque underload overdrive
she’s recommended by four in five
streetcorner streetsweeper icing
fashionably distressed in dress
running races with the elks unless
a ten talon eagle dances the marengo
When yesterday become tomorrow
batter dipped joy replaces sorrow
funnel cakes and beer await

Until then we will kiss the carpet
and call the night day

I will decrease the property value of your heart
like a murder or a bad paint job

I am cracked tiles and loud neighbors

I am the reason you stand empty
no one looking to call you home.

I am a fixer upper
a project

You’ll want to repair my broken parts
but you won’t have the funds

I’m that car you take to get inspected
knowing I wont pass
but you can drive on a rejection sticker for 60 days.
and you’ve got places to be

I am four years of college
and $30,000 of debt to show for it

I am the part-time, entry-level job
you’re overqualified for
I help you pay the rent,
but not much else.

I am routine
I am repetitive.
I am a prison.

Being with me means
“just getting by”

I am the silence between cars on a freeway
when you ask me what I want
I will stare back at you with an empty mouth
because I’m built out of the words and wants of others
I only exist because of the roar of someone else’s engine

I don’t know if these breaths are mine
or yours
or his
or the just exhaust from a broken muffler

And more than anything else
I am sorry.

I am so sorry

Because I am all of these things,
I am every scraped knee and broken heart
etched elaborately into my armor

there is a reason I inked
the chambers in my chest
into the skin of my forearm

I feel everything
all at once
and it never stops

but, I hide it well

I bury the heart on my sleeve
in work
in words
in boys
and beaches

I saddle on more than I can carry
and call myself strong.

I’ve learned from experience
that if you lift the same weight every day
your muscles are taught tolerance.

I grew biceps and a backbone
under the weight of all of this

I am a lighthouse
built to resist storms
but placed on crumbling cliff sides
balancing on the edge of oceans
falling in love with battering ram waves
sending my light out into the darkness
as if to say
“stay away
I will sink you”

There is no home inside my harbor
I’ve been without a keeper for far too long
my lamp will burn out eventually
ships will crash into my sides
splintering upon impact

Don’t say I didn’t warn you
all I’ve ever done is warn you

But you still say I’m a cherry tree
growing out of the sidewalk
my roots grow deep into the concrete
soaking up nutrients from the soil far beneath the city

Blossoms burst from my hands in springtime
and you think I’m the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen
but my beauty only last a week or two at a time
only to be brought down by a strong gust or heavy rain

And you’ll even think it’s beautiful
when I form pink puddles in the streets
but a streetsweeper will come by soon
and I’ll be left bare for the rest of the seasons

But if you can count on anything
it’s the consistency of a calendar year
and if you can wait out the winter
I promise my thaw will be just as beautiful as last year


brenda snyder

Here’s that heavy as fuck poem I’ve been working on for awhile now. 

Read it two weeks ago at my home open mic and that really helped me with the delivery and finishing touches. I’m pretty proud of this one, so feel free to share it. 

South Africa’s Armsel Striker is a 12-gauge shotgun that was mainly designed for both riot control and combat.  This model, considered by some to be one of the top shotguns in history, was designed by Hilton Walker back in 1983.  Once production began, the shotgun gained notoriety and became a huge success.  The Armsel Striker was not without its flaws.  The magazine for Armsel Striker was bulky and the shotgun was noted for its slow reload time.  As a result, Walker redesigned the Striker in the late 1980s.  He removed the cylinder rotation mechanism and added an auto cartridge ejection system.  The newly redesigned model was known as the ‘Protecta’.

Features of the Armsel Striker

The action of the Armsel Striker is very similar to a revolver, using a magazine that rotates.  The redesign features a cocking leaver (which is located on the right side of the barrel).  The redesign also corrected the slow and cumbersome firing mechanism by removing the clockwork winding mechanism and replacing the ejector rod with an automatic ejection system.  The cocking lever replaces the rod and winds the drum automatically.

History and Specifications on the Armsel Striker

  • Place of Origin:  South Africa
  • Type:  Combat shotgun; riot control weapon
  • Weight:  Just over 9.25 lbs. empty
  • Length:  31.18 inches (or) 20 inches with 12 inch barrel (stock folded)
  • Cartridge:  12 gauge
  • Action:  Rotating Cylinder

Variants of the Initial Armsel Striker

  • Armsel Protecta
  • Armsel Protecta Bulldog
  • Sentinel Arms Striker-12
  • Cobray/SWD Streetsweeper
  • Cobray/SWD Ladies Home Companion

Those in the United States seeking a Striker may find it difficult to attain as this weapon is considered a destructive device.   The Sentinel Arms Striker-12 – an improved copy of the original Armsel Striker – is fully licensed and produced by the Sentinel Arms Company and marketed to the US.


The one failure of Rhodesia.