Küçüklüğümden beri uzun yolculukları, cam kenarlarını hep sevdim. Tren garlarında, otobüs terminallerinde, araba bagajlarında ve hatta bavullarda her zaman ufacık bir hüzün buldum. Kutsal bir göreve çıkıyormuşum gibi hazırlandım bu yolculukların neredeyse hepsine; giyeceğim hırkalar, okuyacağım kitaplar ve benim için en önemlisi dinleyeceğim müzikler..
Yolculuk şarkıları kapsamında çok fazla arayış olduğunu bilerek ve istek üzerine bir liste hazırladım.



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  • Sonic: *walks down the street as Mumen Rider slides to a stop in front of him* Hm?
  • Mumen Rider: Stop! You're a wanted criminal who escaped from prison. Stay right there. *Steps off his bike, turning around and bending down to put the kick stand down*
  • Sonic: *slowly arches a brow as he stares* Asss
  • Mumen Rider: *stands up and looks back* What?
  • Sonic: *blinks* Assassin, I said assassin. That's what I am. Shut up, I thought you were trying to arrest me.
  • Mumen Rider: ???

How is this a street spot? Shadow rider Johnny Atencio (@johnnyice_) riding a skatepark hubba in the streets. #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #johnnyatencio

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The other day made me realize that Max Gaertig is one of the greatest street riders ever. This is coming from a guy who actively stays away from using hyperbole to describe things. Cause calling every other rider the best on here would make me no better than a two cent whore. Best is a word reserved for someone maxed out. No pun intended cause I hate puns for the most part too. But Max.. I’ll give him that title cause Max Gaertig is one of the greatest street riders ever.

The hop whip. It’s synonymous with him. It’s a trick that happened maybe close to 20 years ago by Dave Osato, another powerhouse shredder. When Max learned it and revealed to the world how boss he is at it in this Wethepeople section back in 2004, it’s been his since. If is right that means that Ethan Corriere was nine years old when this section dropped. In the course of his life Max has owned the tailwhip. Some would argue that no longer the case but I’d definitely argue better that it is. To go back to the reason I say he’s one of the greatest street riders ever is that more or less every year Max will drop an edit and he’ll completely do something unthinkable regarding the whip. How unthinkable can things be when most of your entirety is based on one major trick. Well in Max’s case it’s pretty unthinkable each time. Like in the new edit. Oppo cab whip. Never even crossed my mind. In this section feeble to whip, well that’s a trick that’s just starting regularize these days. Add halfcab whips like it’s a rollback and I think a fullcab whip at some point? 180 whip out of fakie from smith, double pegs. 180 whip flat from time to time. Manuel to whip down a double set. Backlash whips. There’s a lot more but just youtube his name and it’ll click. Max may not be doing the biggest whips (he certainly does big ones though) but more or he’s definitely got a nitro circus level of trick list regarding them and he’s street rider. 

To pigeonhole him as being only a whip guy is definitely unfair though. Max’s style outside of the whip is still pretty progressive. Like Max did a feeble to bar to manuel 180. That’s like tech line people today are beginning to do but he did it over a decade ago. Over crank also. That’s something that didn’t click back then since it seemed like such a obscure trick then but it’s definitely viable trick today. Plus Max is the feeble the big crusty hubba type of guy too, who also bombs steep rails. He’s the best cause he can do both tech and hesh, a balance a lot of riders lack. Fearlessness and disciplne. Yin and yang. All that duality stuff where to be the master you have tread the fine line in between and understand both. They made Star Wars off that whole theme. Whips maybe his forte but Max isn’t lacking outside is of that is what I’m trying to say. He did brakeless nosemanuel in here and I’m not sure what came out first, ‘Can I Eat’ or ‘Etc.’ but both are 2004 so Steven Hamilton is completely fresh at this point. I don’t know if it’s correlated with Max trying it but regardless its unheard of in this point in time. Max is creative and technical. Another duality Max has mastered. That super high smith to bar is a trick that best represents all that. Like he gets up there and you’re thinking oh ok a super high smith then on the way down he throws a bar and your just like whoa. 

You know that old quote, the person who stays in there focuses on their own lane and wins the race, cause if you take the time to wonder what everyone else is doing you lose focus on the end goal. That’s something resonates me with Max’s riding. It seems all unphased by the outside happening and trends of BMX. In that way Max has developed a style that is entirely unique to himself and once again incredibly progressive. He’s not a young rookie anymore but because he isn’t really competing to stay one, he’s above it all and his riding shows. Like the sprocket chunk. It’s another Max move thats fairly not too popular but he’s made most of it throughout the years. Even super long hangover tooths on big rails. He does the most. I think the strangest aspect of Max’s riding is that it hasn’t changed at all really. It’s just been upgraded multiple times and even today he hasn’t slowed down in any conventional sense, Max is still on point.

Max is I think one of those pivotal riders who just fly underneath the radar of mainstream BMX. Which is totally understandable cause foreign riders who decide to live in their home countries will always have a harder time to find success within BMX but also Max doesn’t come off as the guy whose too worried about that. Pretty much has the same sponsors he’s always had. Same regular guy look. A lot of foreign riders make themselves more accessible to the English speaking audience that constitutes most of BMX but I don’t think I ever heard him speak English or give interviews much. He’s seems like the whole ‘let the riding do the talking’ type of guy which anyone can respect though and in his case, his riding does speak a lot. 

Max Gaertig

Serge by Folk Implosion

WeThePeople - ETC (2004)

Edited by Thomas Fritscher

You know, Kamen Rider fans talk a lot about ‘gritty realism’.

Nitoh Kousuke is the most realistic to our time Kamen Rider.

Because he is a university graduate, and he is living in a tent on the streets.


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